), the first issue of Bulgarski bukvar by Kaliandzh ( Odessa, ) Bukvar / sŭstaven ot P. K. i S. T. Bobrikov, Georgiĭ Ivanovich, b. uPKBEHO-CnOBEHCKT4 ‘ EiSZI(E}AP & { 3A III PA3PEA ocHoBHr4X HAPOAHHX IIIKOJIA CPE,\ilCKI4 KAP,IOBI-(I4 1 l’i3fl AtbE CPnCXE. EDUKA – IV Citanka · EDUKA – IV Citanka | SRPSKI – KNJIŽEVNOST | From – July 4, AM . 01 – Bukvar – Kreativni Centar.

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She is very creative, positive, innovative, motivated for work, she cherishes collective spirit and cooperation, she is a team player, she likes exploring, she gladly accepts challenged, she is persistent and always smiling.

Besides tournaments bukvaar preschoolers, amateurs, tournaments of children up to 10, 14, 18 years old, the tournament of the Serbian Army is held and the tournament of IT companies.

It is also specific because of the enormous opportunities it provides to its students through a large number of different extracurricular activities and competitions involving all interested students. She is edyka winner of more awards: He thinks that it is necessary to encourage children, provide them with new sources of information outside the classroom, enable them to hear, feel and touch the science in order to be scientifically buvkar and ready to cope with the new technologies of the 21st century.

TV, DVD, video bim, library, billboards, puppet show houses Every year her students go to the regional competition from where they come with diplomas.

Her classroom is decorated according to the size of the student, and each corner is equipped with a teaching tool: He has vset a scene with them in many theatrical plays, considering acting one of the most important therapeutical skills. She has her own blog through which she shares her children with her works and preparation for teaching, and her works have won awards and are based on the knowledge of “Creative Schools” and “Creative Time”.


He is the author of numerous professional papers and articles published in the educational journal “Educational Technology” and “Educational Review”. It is always available and ready to help and make an extra effort. Learn more about the different options. She initiated a series of activities that modernized the work of the primary school. Konkurs za Najbolje edukatore za He is the author of the blog Creative Magic, where he demonstrates and documents the results of his work.

He is constantly improving in the field of mathematics, informatics, and inclusion. For those who can not join us, we have also enabled the broadcast and you can follow it on the site of the Chess Federation of Serbia. He is the author of bukvaf and integration, correlation, occupation – integrative teaching, which came from experiential work in the classroom. Visualizing lessons, turning everything into a game, a brain or a puzzle.

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Leads children to various events, such as the Science Festival in Belgrade or the Info Tesla Bukvad, and often organizes humanitarian actions with children. As a great lover of new technologies, by which he implements some of his classes, he is approaching the contemporary way of life and learning of his students.

Even after thirty years of work experience she still wants to gain new knowledge. In his work with students he shows that the classroom is the whole world. Uvek je dostupna i za potrebe dodatnog i dopunskog rada. Publishing quality and relevant content you curate on a regular basis will develop your bukvaar visibility and traffic.

  ISO 15663 2 PDF

She is the author of blogs where she eduks her experiences from the eeduka It uses different pedagogical methods, styles and teaching methods adapted to students with disabilities. Besides a magazine on electronics, she has formed a library on her own initiative, which is used by both students and their parents. Every working day represents a challenge for her.

It can motivate and organize students, so children are happy to go to her classes. Changes happen in her work every day.

O njenom odeljenju buvkar je emisija na temu inkluzivnog obrazovanja, prva na tu temu u Srbiji. You can follow the tournaments of children up to 14 years via the following linkand the tournament of children under 18 years through the following address. Sa poslednjom generacijom ucenika istovremeno je edkua dve predstave: The course combines the NTC system a program developed in the branch of MENSA for Serbia, which crosses medical knowledge with problems and knowledge from the educational and teaching practice with a holistic approach and thus develops functional knowledge in children, the speed of thinking, concluding and concentration.


She is the co-author of four seminars for teachers one is online. She advocates for the ambiance learning. I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account.