This building, located in Utrecht, Netherlands was designed by OMA – Rem Koolhaas. The building was completed in Situated in the centre of the University Campus the Uithof, just outside the centre of Utrecht, this building is most famous for its use of concrete. The concrete. Koolhaas and the team at OMA envisioned the Educatorium as a factory for learning with the processes of socialization, learning, and examination related.

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One of the most unique aspects of Educatorium, which can be attributed to almost all the work of Koolhaas, is the fluidity in the concept of the program is a fluid concept that aligns not on one level, but on a multiplicity of levels in which the activity occurs above, below, and in the midst of what normal floor plates are considered.

The sloped planes of the entrance plateau function like an urban plaza or mixing chamber. Conducted over 14 years, the plan aims to transform the development of activities in the existing building,for a campus based on the American model community.

Email required Address never made public. Another interesting feature is the egg-shaped cabin used for audiovisual pass. The latter led to the rays of light-colored roof rej reflects light and power to the reading tables.

Educatorium, Utrecht: an example of a sustainable building

The dissociation of the two materials allows each material to work with maximum efficiency, the concrete slabs 20cm thick covering 21 metros. It occupies a corner site on the edge of the field. GlassCement. Understood as the encapsulation of the entire university experience in one building, Koolhaas and Educatorihm team Educatorium conceptualized as a factory for learning in both the traditional formalistic approach as for the casual student or student exchanges.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The examination halls are founded above the mixing chamber in a two-story block. The two architects have done a building that wants to reduce energy consumption and emission koolbaas carbon dioxide, and to provide good indoor thermal and visual conditions through control of natural lighting and heating-air conditioning.


Two curving walls enclose the room, one solid, educatoriu of glass.

On the roof of the largest auditorium, reinforcement steel bars protruding from the concrete slab. The cafe is located under the floor of the auditorium. A concept that is associated with two pieces of paper that are folded and connected together, creating an internal and external level at a time.

Planes interlock to create a single trajectory in which the entire university experience – socialization, learning, examination – is encapsulated. The building is conceived as a new center of gravity for the Uithof University Campus, east of UtrechtNetherlands.

In section the two planes appear fighting each other, a rigid plane and the other fluid a suggestion as to the programmatic, spatial, and social juxtapositions happening within. Photography of Andrew Kroll. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Through collaborations with different brands including Repossi, Galleries Lafayette, Knoll, and Prada his activity extends to product design, temporary installations, and the art direction of videos and publications.

The choice of leaving the structure of cement in sight and the use of a smaller amount of this material, with a thickness of 20 cm instead of 60 cm, provide an aesthetics of the building and confirm that sustainable construction can be synonymous Good architecture. The word was a made up name Educatorium intended to connote a learning center, and a place to promote higher education.

Educatorium (OMA – Rem Koolhaas) | On The Move – Denmark

To study the sustainability of the project, Koolhaas has enjoyed the cooperation of the architect Cristophe Cornubert WCO that specializes in sustainable alternatives re the disposal of materials harmful to the environment.

Utrecht, Netherlands Project Year: On The Move — Denmark.

The exam rooms are developed in a more conventional manner. The Utrecht Educatorium di Utrecht is the great experimenter Rem Koolhaas’ demonstration that investigation of form koolhaxs be combined with environmental sustainability in a building. Hillel House at Drexel University, Philadelphia. The inclined planes of the plateau input play the role of urban square or mixing chamber. The building is made of two ren which fold to accommodate a range of distinct programs, including an outdoor plaza, two lecture halls, cafeteria and exam halls.


Village Centre in Sanhe China.

Homes for all in Copenhagen. Defying conventional Cartesian geometry, this wave of concrete is the main device Educatorium organization that encompasses classrooms. Also show, by a great experimenter Rem Koolhaas, the possibility of combining formal search with an environmental sustainability of the building.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Two curved walls enclose the room, one solid, another glass. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The building design is the search for a synthetic landscape that opens up to individual choice.

The flow of air inside the building is obtained with a balanced ventilation system is based on traveling through the soil and cable outlets air of self-adjustment.

In both cases the concrete slabs of the floor arises a sense of fluidity, some more obvious than others, the floor becomes a wall or ceiling, in one motion.

Educatorium | OMA

The building spans 11, m2 and includes two auditoriums and seating people, three rooms for exams, some study rooms and a dining room for people. If a diagram of the center is observed, it is seen that the building size and complexity is a little deep structure, ie, all the big spaces are accessed in six levels deep.

The two halls are accessed through the large entrance ramp area.

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