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Galeano wrote Open Veins of Latin America in Uruguay while working as an independent journalist and editor and while employed in the publishing department of the University of the Republic. The book, written ages ago, is still alive and kicking. Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Lw. Memoria del fuoco Memoria del Fuego. It’s part poetry, part political analysis.

There is a religion of objectivity here, so I respect it. Can you imagine the scandal? Eduardo Galeano, we have to break for a moment, but we will be back.

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Giorni e notti di amore e di guerra Dias y noches de amor y de guerra. But as they are Iraqis, we read each day in the newspapers, repeating, 30 people apere, 50 people killed, people killed.

Uruguay was world champion twice, before the first World Cup in two Olympic games: And so, he was a master. It’s strange, being a dictator, eight clean elections won by him.

His works from the laina Memory of Fire to the classic Open Veins of Latin America are a unique blend of history, fiction, journalism and political analysis. Jimmy Carter was also an international observer. Report an issue Please describe the issue If you have noticed an incorrect price, image or just something you’d like to tell us, enter it below. We all want to become soccer players, and I could not, because I was terribly bad in the fields.


And later, we were again world champions inagainst all evidence, because Uruguay is such a small country. Retrieved from ” https: Comincia con i miti precolombiani della creazione e finisce nel You’ve also written Soccer in Sun and Shadow.

How do you do it? Eduardo Galeano, reading from his new book Voices of Wduardo And nowadays our real soccer—I mean, our fduardo playing are not exactly the best in the world. How do you engage in your craft of writing in a time that is so difficult, so desperate right now?

By using this site, you agree to the Amreica of Use and Privacy Policy. For instance, I’m a very bad visitor in museums, ameruca I get bored soon, and I always prefer a live life and in present days. We spend the rest of the hour with one of Latin America’s most acclaimed writers—Eduardo Galeano. You can change region by clicking the flag in the toolbar. Works by Eduardo Galeano. The World Cup is coming up in Germany in a few weeks.

History of Latin America.

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Wars teach us geography. But this was the first scandal.

And the same thing for journalists. Most people doesn’t even know where it is.

I think one of the divorces that has avoided a full integration of human condition is this divorce between our emotions and our ideas. And it would help to understand that latima world is much more than the U.


He moved to Spain, where he began his classic work Memory of Firea three-volume narrative of the history of America, North and South. He said he was not sorry he had written it, but he had lacked the necessary development to write a book on political economy at that stage and criticized the book’s prose as “extremely boring”.

Inat an event in Brazil honoring him on the 43rd anniversary of the book’s publication, Galeano said he no longer felt so connected to it. He was unfamiliar with the language, and to him the heated discussion sounded like some sort of crazy rain.

Libri: Eduardo Galeano | R.

It would take millenniums to forget it. And when I was living here in a period I had been during three, four months, teaching at some university, so on, I was surprised by the fact that the world didn’t exist for the media, for the big media.

For us, wars are not so bad. Your thoughts about the power of journalism and the power of pictures, especially in a time of war? Yeah, there is a concentration of power nowadays on a world scale, in Latin America and everywhere, even here in the States.