La distribución de ambas especies se determinó mediante observaciones da CHESF de que saguis (Callithrix jacchus) e macacos-prego (Sapajus sp.). Tendências de Extremos de Temperatura e Precipitação nas Proximidades do Lago Artificial . Francisco Hydroelectric Company (CHESF), between. and Research Project / (Edital CAPES. Pró-Alertas. The next Forum will be held in March in (%), CHESF (%), Eletrosul (%) and Camargo Correa (%). ‐content/uploads/Edital-‐‐TOR-‐Gestao-‐

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However, Felton et al reported disheveled pelage textures more similar to C. Peruvian red uakaris are often thought to be flooded-forest specialists Kinzey,but recent work by Eedital and Aquino showed that most records of this subspecies come from terra firme forest. Relationships between forest fragments and howler monkeys Alouatta palliata mexicana in southern Veracruz, Mexico. Uma quarta possibilidade seria de um conflito intragrupal no grupo 2.

The working hypothesis proposes that the demography and life history characteristics of owl monkeys will be ediral associated with spatial factors environmental units different in gallery forest and forest islands and abiotic precipitation and temperature.

Edital 147 – UFRR

Human Bertiella studeri Family Anoplocephalidae infection of probable Southeast Asian origin in Mauritian children and an adult. Black uakaris are known to migrate seasonally to other areas, following the seasonal variation in fruit availability Boubli Hunting pressure on A.

The interviews consisted of questions about where groups had been seen, the color of their pelage and the type of vocalization. A new species of Dipetalonema Filarioidea: Conclusions These new C.

Vigilance in whitefaced capuchins Cebus capucinus in Costa Rica. Some parasites of the howler monkey of Northern Argentina. Influence of fruit availability on ecological overlap among four Neotropical primates at Tinigua National Park, Colombia. This primate was also associated with the plant species Welfia regia and Prioria copaifera and the animals were often syntopic with Cebus capucinus.

Four variables were included in statistical models predicting the presence-absence in forest islands: We measured tree height and DBH only from trees where the groups were first seen. This highly frugivorous primate invests their foraging effort in areas with a high fruit supply of chexf species, and they consume high energy fruits in an opportunistic way. Additionally, study groups of the same subspecies under different environmental conditions contributes to understanding the phenotypic plasticity of the subspecies, which can be used to assess potential effects on different populations under anthropic fragmentation cbesf their distribution.

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Her research was funded by an education grant to C. Villacis Del Castillo1,3 and Antonio J. This approach is invasive and not repeatable. Acessada em 19 de novembro de Nine agonistic interactions were observed during the encounters between G1 and G3 a rate of almost one interaction every two encounters. Socioecology of wild bearded capuchin monkeys Sapajus libidinosus: A strategy for mitigating highway impacts on wildlife. Neotropical Primates 20 1June 56 simple features of the technique, i.

Although density compensation has been studied most extensively in island and fragmented avifaunas Diamond, ; Wright, ; Feeley and Terborgh, and its underpinnings have been debated Faeth,some evidence of such responses exists for Amazonian primate communities, with increased abundance of small and mid-sized primates in response to the hunting-induced decline of large-bodied species Peres and Dolman, During the study, A.

Acknowledgments We are grateful to John Terborgh for his insight and thoughtful review, Rachel Rosin for her extensive assistance with the project, and to the sm sources of funding for field data collection: The following is a summary of her thesis.

De acordo com Ferrari et al. Studies of the ecology of closely related sympatric species represent a challenge, since these relationships are not commonly found in deital habitats and their ecological relationships are not always evident.

Under high hunting pressure, tree species most reliant on large frugivores may experience substantially reduced recruitment, which can dramatically 30 alter forest regeneration processes at the community level Wright et al. Distribution and morphology of Clara cells in common marmosets Callithrix jacchus. Morfeu, Caraya, and a juvenile probably Amanda stay about 4 m from G1, whereas Adela carrying the infant in her belly and the other juvenile probably Feli are further away 2 m from their group mates.

A female marmoset Jenny, born by AI, has been a subject of embryo collection study, and ecital normal embryos repeatedly results will be described elsewhere. Route-based travel and shared routes in sympatric spider and woolly monkeys: Sympatry of Alouatta caraya and A.


Semen collection and analysis in the conservation of endangered nonhuman primates. The lands surrounding the reserve are dominated by human use, with forests converted for farming, mining, and urban expansion. More interviews with the native communities living north of the Mayo River may result in more data on the historical distribution range of the species, and the importance of the lowland forests near the Mayo River for this population. Preliminary observations on the behavior and ecology of the Peruvian night monkey Aotus miconax: Based on the information obtained, we selected three study localities on the southern slope of the central mountain range la Cordillera Cahuapanas for field studies Localities 1, 3 and 4 – Fig.

Increased population densities of smaller-bodied species may, however, favor the smaller-seeded plants which they consume, given limited dispersal distances of larger-seeded counterparts whose dispersers are hunted Wright et al.

Population densities are often high in forest fragments and resource availability is frequently altered. This is likely due to two factors. Groups usually had adult males, adult females, subadults and from immature animals for the 76 groups. Methods Animals We used common marmoset monkeys as subjects. The principal economic activities in the zone are cattle ranching and small scale lumbering.

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Parques Nacionales Naturales In this study this species seemed quite habituated to human beings, since during the majority of observations 0212 continued their activities without being disturbed by our presence. Bowler M, and Dq, R. No Rio de Janeiro, os muriquis-do-sul ocorrem em, pelo menos, sete UCs: All forest Neotropical Primates 20 1June 14 types above m a. Hybridization in large-bodied New World primates. This change in appearance was also observed for C.