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International Journal of Climatologyv. There are forms for patient charts, editall, information sheets, office signs, and forms for use by practice administration.

Chessf Mann-Kendall test Sneyers, is the most appropriate method for analyzing climate change trends Goossens and Berger, In addition, the statistically significant correlations between temperature extremes and precipitation indices for the two stations and SST in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans were positive. Public notice edital biblioteca nacional. Computer science graduate program selection for the master program the chair of the computer science graduate program ppgcc of the institute of.

These results indicate a trend of increase for both the maximum and minimum temperature in the Bebedouro-PE station. In fact, a quantum computer with n qubits can support up to 2 n different states simultaneously.

Maintain a copy of this form with the insurance policy. In this context, the objective of this study is to 2007 new information on the trends of climatic extremes, dependent on rainfall and air temperature, for the SHPP lake region, through the analysis of 207 change indices. Conclusions From the results obtained, for the two analyzed stations, it is not possible to affirm that the construction of the Sobradinho Hydroelectric Plant SHPP and, the consequent formation of its artificial lake, altered the local microclimate.

Since the temporal trends of the extreme precipitation indices presented few values with statistical significance, and the temporal trends of the extreme indices of air temperature presented some contrary results for the two stations studied. Up to 40 researchers can take part in each workshop as described below.

Trends in Temperature and Rainfall Extremes near the Artificial Sobradinho Lake, Brazil

The considerable edktal and temporal variability of the precipitation justifies the fact that few indices have significant values in the Bebedouro-PE station and no 207 at the Mandacaru-BA station. The increase in maximum and minimum temperatures in the region of study corroborates with the projections of the IPCC which has identified that minimum temperatures have increased faster than maximum temperatures. Indicating that an increase in the SST of these three regions can imply an increase in the diurnal temperature range.


The SHPP is located km from the mouth of the river. Abstract The formation of artificial lake due construction of a hydroelectric plant causes irreversible environmental impacts. The construction of a hydroelectric plant and the consequent formation of an artificial lake cause irreversible environmental impacts. Table 5 shows the correlations between the trends of the indices of climatic extremes for the station of Mandacaru-BA and the regions of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

When comparing weak and intense precipitation events in NEB semiarid, Costa et al. The author suggests that the decline may have been caused by the ENSO and the Atlantic dipole interannual variability. This test consists of verifying if two samples x 1Climate Research Branch Environment Canada: Pettitt test The Pettitt test was used to locate an abrupt change in the mean of the data series.

Climate ChangeSynthesis Report. Pdf plugins for wordpress dynamic and secure plugins for.

These results agree with those found by Lima et al. Oas entrepreneurship scholarship oas kgeb scholarship.

Family and friends 2 class book pdf

On windows, acrobat supports twain scanner drivers and windows image. There is also a downward trend of editxl days, as shown by the trend value edita, the TX10p index. Influence of land use change on sediment yield: By applying the Pettitt test, it was possible to obtain the point at which the abrupt change occurred in the time series last column of Tables 2 and 3.

However, for TR index Fig. It allows the selection of citizens from third countries, in accordance with article 14 of the research fellowships regulation of the foundation for science cnesf technology, ip Guidelines on analysis of extremes in a changing climate in support of informed decisions for adaptation.

Water resource models in the Edutal Basin: In this study, it was chosen three times the standard deviation of the value for that calendar day in the entire series because the temperature variability is small; 3 The generalized data plot was used within RclimDex to visually inspect data to further identify outliers and a variety of other problems that may cause error or bias in analyzing changes in the seasonal cycle or variance of the data; and 4 to detect artificial shifts that could exist in a time series it was used in the RHtestsV3 Wang and Yang, Each potential outlier can be evaluated using information from the days before and after the event along with expert knowledge about the local climate Klein Tank et al.


Carlos Antonio Costa dos Santos, carlos. The results obtained from the rainfall trends for the Mandacaru-BA station Table 3 did not present statistical significance for any index, however, in general, it is possible to observe decrease trends, as well as in Bebedouro – PE station. According to Sneyersit is considered that in the case of stability of a time series, the succession of independently occurring values, and the probability distribution must always remain the same simple random seriesthus it is tested the hypothesis H 0: Extreme climatic events in the region of the artificial Sobradinho Lake can cause severe damage not only in the agricultural sector but also to the regional economy.

For precipitation dependent indices, as well as for Bebedouro station, only the CDD index presented positive correlations for the four regions of the Pacific Ocean, indicating an increase in consecutive dry days for the area of the Mandacaru-BA station.

Mauricio Portugal Ribeiro – Portugal Ribeiro Advogados

Analyses are performed using historical data series, comparing the periods before and after the filling of the lake, to evaluate the environmental impact caused by the formation of artificial lakes on the microclimate of a region. Annales Geophysicalv. The values of the slope T i of the time series obtained by the Sen-Slope test are also presented in these two tables, as well as the value of the statistical test K tits p-value and the year of possible abrupt change in the time series, calculated by the Pettitt test.

Final results will be announced through a list sorted by the obtained score sent to candidates by email application deadline and submission. The active meteorological systems VCAN and instabilities associated with the cold fronts responsible for the rainy season chesc the study region do not depend on the Atlantic Dipole to develop.

Edital up 2015 pdf form

For indices dependent on rainfall, only CDD showed a significant correlation. Trends in total and extreme South American rainfall and links with sea surface temperature.

Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. This drainage basin has great altitude variation, from a minimum of m to a maximum of m, and an average of m, within a range of 1, m Fig.

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