A biography of Edgar Allan Poe becomes at once an exercise in discrimination. Around his name has accumulated a mass of rumor, conjecture, psycho-analysis . Edgar Allan Poe has 83 ratings and 16 reviews. Anastacia said: I don’t write many reviews, as I don’t write them well. I find it difficult to describe ho. Based on exhaustive research in the Poe family archive, Quinn extracts the life from the legend and describes how they both were distorted by early biographies .

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Good read, not sure I believe every aspect of this book, again a historical biography. He is tender but biogarphy.

Steven Egar rated it it was amazing Sep 29, A Critical Biography, Arthur Hobson Quinn While reading this on the train one day, a man sitting next to me leaned over and said, “Isn’t that the guy who married his cousin? Keith rated it it was amazing Apr 03, A Critical Biography75 years after its publication, remains the definitive Poe biography.

If you’re ever in the mood to read a page biography of Edgar Allan Poe, by God, read this book. For those who can get through the beginning, I think it’s an extraordinary read.

Edgar Allan Poe

Biographers have seldom resisted the opportunities to confuse the pathologies in the stories with the blography in Poe’s life. In one of the most unfortunate decisions ever made by a major American bjography, Poe chose a long-time enemy, one Rufus Griswold, to serve as his literary executor. Quinn has answered all my queries in a very detailed fashion My reactions to reading this biography in I believe this is still considered the definitive biography of Poe.


Trivia About Edgar Allan Poe: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Hannah Berg rated it liked it Jul 25, Sep 04, Penny rated it really liked it. I object to comments that suggest that Quinn merely worked to discredit every slander against Poe.

References to this book Fables of Mind: He had such a sad life and then to have his reputation destroyed by lies was heartbreaking. Quinn is, ironically, at his weakest when discussing Poe’s writings although his chapter on “Eureka” is interesting.

John rated it really liked it Oct 20, Dec 07, Katie McVay rated it it was amazing.

This book is definitely a vast undertaking as it tilts about three pounds in girth and just shy of pages. Quinn adroitly examines Poe’s life and writings and while it is clear he deeply admired the man, there is no hesitation by Quinn to point out Poe’s faults and weaknesses. And it is an excellent biography if you engaged in some sort of research project Every reader who is interested in Edgar Allan Poe’s life and work should read this book.

Edgar Allan Poe

In this regard, it is probably the best biography I have ever read, and I think history is better for Quinn’s conviction and integrity. Poe wasn’t a perfect man, but who among us are? Apr 15, Linda rated it liked it. Poe’s writing, but did not realize he was really a poet and a critic also. Rosenheim is an associate professor of English at Williams College.

Probably the best biography written on him for its lack of a narrative approach. Savanna rated it really liked it Oct 17, Arthur Hobson Quinn is also the author of American Fiction: There is such a thing as too many details, and here Quinn fails.


Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography

Against this tide of fancy, guesses, and amateur psychologizing, Arthur Hobson Quinn’s biography devotes itself meticulously to facts.

Paperbackpages. Renowned as the creator of the detective story and a master of horror, the author of “The Red Mask of Death,” “The Black Cat,” and “The Murders of the Rue Morgue,” Edgar Pof Poe seems to have derived his success from suffering and to have suffered from his success. It’ll be a short time before I need to get my hands on another biography of Poe so I can read more edgsr those. Poe and the British magazine tradition Michael L.

I loved reading about one of my favorite authors, and the collections of letters to and from Poe included in this biography were extraordinarily interesting.

Probably the most comprehensive and accurate biography on Poe out there. She realized immediately that I had fallen in bilgraphy love” and gave me a paperback copy of some of her favorites. The book seamlessly combines a chronological account of Poe’s personal and quknn life with tidbits of letters, photos, and personal correspondence that reveal the fragile, sensitive, self-possessed, bitter, tender, arrogant, artistic genius that Poe was.

Hope he is now resting in peace.