– site about jetbooks ™ – ebook readers from Ectaco, Inc. Here you 2 Years standby; SD card slot: Expandable up to 2 GB; Font Size: 16pt – 32pt. Ectaco has quietly released its second generation Jetbook Color e-Reader today and the most exciting aspect about it is that it is using e-Ink. When Ectaco announced last Fall that they were releasing a new Jetbook Color 2 ereader this Spring, I was excited to read that it would have a.

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It would be the same thing as saying back in that eInk was around for almost a decade and no one really was using it, hence it had no future. But by comparison, the Amazon Kindle DX is only slightly smaller and lighter The stylus registers as a magnetic flux on the panel, thus transmitting your intended marks. For the extaco market, the Wi-Fi radio can be disabled by the manufacturer so kids can’t jehbook around in class. I thought the new one was on the right side, because the colors seemed brighter to me.

When we plugged in a USB drive, the light on the drive indicated it was connected, but we had no way to access the files. It would still have 3 pixels that cause a white overtone and 1 black pixel.

It works exactly the same as the E-ink screen on any other ereader, only thanks to the color filter you see RGBW instead of black and white. Up close, letters appeared jagged rather than crisp. This small publishing company provides much of the accepted textbook material for New York State.

If you prefer expedited delivery please select one of the options below: But if I didn’t tell you that the new screen was on the left, would you have been able to tell?


During our testing, the Ectaco JetBook Color froze up twice and had to be reset.

Either way, you’d be better off than with the JetBook Color. All coolor are delivered by a courier service in business days.

If you focus jrtbook the grey, you probably are right, both look the same. The Jetbook Color 2 is basically the same hardware as the first generation device and the main difference is the screen and the faster performance because of it.

It is as gray as the screen on the Jetbook 2.

Ectaco Jetbook Color 2 Now Available

All orders are delivered by a courier service in business days. Easy to read in direct sunlight; Supports a wide range of file formats; Interesting educational tools preloaded.

The e-reader itself features a 9. Inmypjs 8 May, Learn how your comment data is processed. The main difference between the ordinary jetBook and the jetBook LITE is the fact that the accumulators are replaced by usual AA batteries which does not only make it possible to reduce the price, but to also economize energy used by the screen.

Navigation is fairly straightforward, in the sense that you tap the stylus, or maneuver with the buttons at the bottom to select the big squares. We added more Asian languages: Unfortunately, the product you have selected is currently not available. That particular screen size was chosen because it is about the same size as a Japanese paperback. It’s my belief that the problem is the color filter that is on top the E-ink screen. Notify me of new posts by email.

The JetBook Color has a basic music player and a few preloaded tunes, including Beethoven’s “For Elise” with incorrect spelling. Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. The one and only electronic voice translator specially designed to learn and communicate in Chinese! I currently have the Kindle DXG and will keep it, warts and all, until something decent comes out.

The Jetbook Color 2 Shows Why Color E-ink Screens Are a Dead End

Ida 24 June, Once again, early days. We can’t see this being useful for taking notes during class at all. The use of the colors Magenta redCyan bleuYellow and Black. My Library features a selection of preloaded educational materials, including a full selection of AMSCO publisher text books. And other companies are jumping on the wagon already.


Other than entering a password for the Wi-Fi connection and Sudoku which comes preloadedwe could find no use for the ultra-tiny onscreen keyboard cokor right.

Red, black, and white. This model is available in the following colors: And ever since that screen was developed, everyone has copied it. Are you still by the official statement that color E-ink is not gonna happen?

8 best JetBook Color 2 ECTACO images on Pinterest | 2 colours, Color 2 and Class books

While color on an E Ink cklor is unique, we could not see the difference enough to warrant much fanfare. I think it turns an otherwise white screen into a gray screen. You can prepare for the SATs, do math and spelling problems, or try advanced physics. Thank you very much in jehbook When we popped in a microSD card, an icon in the top bar indicated it was inserted, but again we had no way to access that content if it was not in an appropriately labeled folder.

Ah yes, black on grey. Menus often appeared ghosted in the background of the screen, presumably because the screen never times out. Dave 14 May, With the success experienced in Eastern Europe, we’ve decided to release the jetBook Color worldwide so everyone can enjoy an eReading device with tons of functionality and a jetbbook display that’s safe on the eyes.