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Astrakhan ;U.

Observations on adult locusts. Pemberton and Murai have shown that un- mated females give rise to male progeny only. The first stage larva fig.

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Region 72, U. In general, countries only are listed to indicate the geographical area of the records but, where large countries covering a wide range of climatic conditions are divided into states, provinces or other widely known sub-divisions, these are indicated.

The adult beetles are not easily identified, but Werner has reviewed the North American species of Epicautcc. The adults feed on nectar from flowers, but the females require protein for maturation ; this latter requirement has not been followed up but some species probably ingest pollen and others juices from decaying animal matter.


TurkestanU. Post on Sep views. Thus, although the presence of S. Rhodesia 75 76 ; S. There are three larval instars. Ancrstoechus Several species of Awtoechus have been recorded as predators, the best known being A. Rhodesia 78 Acrididae, U. The examination, for natural enemies, of acridoid egg-pods of species which lack a hard earthern envelope requires care, and each pod should be carefully uncovered and examined in situ in the soil. Greathead on the insect elzemieS of Acridoidea Orthoptera protozoa, bacteria and probably viruses.

This assumes that phoresy is not widespread and does not occur in species associated with locusts. The female flies, which in the temperate regions are present over the greater part of the summer, lay between and macrotype eggs. Hence the term egg-predator for the dipterous and coleopterous larvae feeding on egg-pods rather than single eggs.

This method allows entry of the parasite larva to be observed but does not affect the host as much as puncturing the body intersegmental membranes, and is more certain than placing the larva on the host and immobilising it until entry has been effected.

A third species, A. Sur la biologie du Chrysochraon dispar Germ. DagestanArgentina 29 93, 5. The internal parasites of the post-embryonic stages can be studied by dissection of samples and rearing from caged hosts. After any given wetting only a proportion of the larvae pupate, thus ensuring a supply of adults after each rain, when many Acridids are likely to be laying.

Acrididae with particular reference to stridulation. Natural mortality in gregarious populations. Ennemis des oeufs et des oothAques.


The generic classification has been simplified as far as possible so as to draw attention to the relationships, rather than obscure them.

The larvae search for egg- pods, on jordsn they feed, leaving only the froth and the empty chorions of the eggs ; up to 28 larvae per egg-pod were found.


The first instar larva figs. Fconomia ; 33, U. Turkestan ; 32, U. The eggs are minute, spindle-shaped and inconspicuous. KazakhstanS. Amand and Cloyd, ; Smith, La invasion de la langosta a1 Oriente de Bolivia Russia, Turkestan 32, U. Greathead on the insect enemies of Aoridoidea Orthoptera 1. Turkmenistan ; 97,U. Turke- stan jordxn, U. Thus numbers are used to indicate host names in the parasite-host catalogue and parasite names in the host-parasite catalogue.

When the present author has doubts as to the correctness of either the record or the identification, asterisk precedes the record.

Siberia 26,U. Some of the more important insect groups will be discussed below. Greathead on the insext enemies of Acridoidea Orthoptera 51 1 Handbooks for the identijcation of British insects 9 1: