Eat Me. Linda Jaivin, Author Broadway Books $20 (p) ISBN Helen a feminist university lecturer and Philippa a writer of a novel-in-progress called Eat Me. Linda Jaivin is the author of eight books, including the bestseller Eat Me – a romp through the lives of four Sydney women and their erotic. Making fun of both cliches about single women and conventions for erotica, Eat Me follows their love lives and the stories they tell one another about them.

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I would have enjoyed the book more had there actually been a plot and something to sink my teeth into. So, what I would do is just work on the research, think about it, begin some research notebooks, begin thinking, but my head was mostly in the Infernal Optimist. Jan 08, Katie M. Linda Yes, and if you started to do it and run into problems, take workshops or get advice. So, I have a little bit of fun with that book, because I realized I had to think about why he thought it was the most immoral book.

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Want to Read saving…. I mean how do you fight them? I can say, however, Caveat emptor: You can sign up to receive our weekly newsletterfollow us on Twitteror like us on Facebook. Highly amusing, sections of the story are completely over the top, and there is certainly nothing held back.


I did tons of research around every aspect of the story behind A Most Immoral Woman. There are four lady friends, and they all date around, deal with new boyfriends, exes, overlapping dating, etc. How did that idea come about to start off with? Eat Me is basically erotica disguised as a novel – from the descrip you’d think there was a plot line, but as in porn movies, there isn’t much of one.

OK this book pre-dates Sex and the City and as such maybe it may have been challenging once; now it seems so dated and incredibly boring. Julia, Chantal, Helen, and Phillipa are the best In this eye-popping first novel–a bestseller in both the United States and Australia–Linda Jaivin invites readers to overhear what women really talk about when they talk about sex.

Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Email mail. She out libertined him by a mile. And if you read a lot you will know what good writing is. I just was completely fascinated. We were supposed to pick something, read it, and write about it. Furthermore, if a grape is lodged so far up your vagina that you cannot extract it, maybe that’s a hint to not try it a second time. Additionally, there was this whole convoluted plot line towards the end, a book inside a book, that was just unnecessary.

So, what period of time lapsed between that light bulb moment, and when you actually put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? OK, I admit I was forewarned that this book was definitely on the edge and erotica played heavy, but nothing could prepare me for Eat Me.


The is the only erotica book I’ve read My teacher wrote on the top of that essay when she handed it back that it was very well written and had I ever thought about becoming a writer. Best-selling author of Eat Me and is located at https: I went to Taiwan to continue my study of Chinese. I had the old biography on my bookshelf, by Cyril Pearl. I had an idea this was actually a job, the librarian who got to read all the new books and choose which ones went to the library.

He kept very detailed diaries. Jul 29, Michele Bolay rated it it was ok.

Eat Me (Linda Jaivin) – book review

The Monkey and the Dragon. A bit raunchy and scandalous in a fun kind of way. No trivia or quizzes yet. Not everybody is going to be a great writer.