Eastward to Tartary, Robert Kaplan’s first book to focus on a single region since his bestselling Balkan Ghosts, introduces readers to an. Touted as the sequel to Kaplan’s Balkan Ghosts, which reportedly influenced President Clinton’s early policy thinking on the Balkans, Eastward to Tartary. Eastward to Tartary was written in the blood-letting ethnic civil war context in the former Yugoslavia. The book is described as the author’s “perspective.

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If history is any guide, the Balkans natur All the time I have lived in and contemplated Romania and the Balkans, I have assumed that they were a periphery to Western Europe. Eastward to Tartary reveals a remarkable understanding of the dynamic of the area, and current events are most often an extension of those dynamics he has observed. Kaplan is a correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly and the bestselling author of seven previous books on travel and foreign affairs, translated into many languages, including Balkan Ghosts, The Arabists, The Ends of the Earthand The Coming Anarchy.

Oct 23, Pages Buy.

Through dramatic stories of unforgettable characters, Kaplan illuminates the tragic history of this unstable area that he describes as the new fault line between East and West.

Some events appear rooted in the past of tribal identities and imperial politics while others not.

Eastward to Tartary by Robert D. Kaplan | : Books

For example, in describing the different neighborhoods of Jerusalem he writes: He points out again and again that just because a few blocks of a capital city rock with Western goodies and flashy cars doesn’t mean economic success.

He picked Israel and Turkey as the most vibrant and successful societies of all he visited. As the largest city and port of Azerbaijan, it also boasts a prime location on the Absheron Peninsula, wrapped by the wondrous Caspian Sea. Nov 18, Janet rated it really liked it.


Kaplan presents the failure of Orthodox churches, which were not bulwarks of the democratic opposition to Communism, like the Catholic churches in Poland and Hungary to bring stability. There is a dramatic difference between Budapest and Bucharest.

The last yo is that authority is central to Muslim culture. What I love about travel writing is that it makes me want to go on that journey myself. Kaplan takes us on a spellbinding journey into the heart of a volatile region, stretching from Hungary and Romania to the far shores of the oil-rich Caspian Sea.

I really like his perspective. To view it, click here. Dec 10, Peter Certo rated it liked it. The Kosovo’s Albanians have their own with Albania.

He also meets outspoken academics familiar with their countries and history. For example, Kaplan contrasts the impact of organized crime on the political and economic development of Bulgaria with that on other Soviet-bloc States, relying on information given in a discussion with Bulgarian President Zhelyu Zhelev. Las referencias a la historia menos reciente son escasas y las circunstancias que vive el viajero se ventilan sin excesivos aspavientos.

He tends to focus more attention on the numerous ethnic issues that face many countries in the region. Eastward to Tartary had a lot influence on Clinton and Bush administrations. Although he speaks with a number of former leaders, most of them seem to be more interested in polishing their reputation than providing insights about their countries.

The first question a reader may want to ask about a book published in is whether it still has any relevance in a fast changing world. Selected pages Page 5.


Eastward to Tartary

While there were some familiar places and people, most of what Kaplan writes about here is unfamiliar – What happened, where, to whom, and why. S primary and secondary education go leave out so much history of the world. Kaplan The Coming Anarchy,etc. History and religion are woven in very well.

View all 3 comments. As such it comes across dated and dull. Micheil Saakashvili heeft tijdens zijn presidentschap veel voor Batoemi gedaan, waardoor dit autonome gebied dichter bij het centrale gezag is gekomen. Kaplan served in go Israeli Army – a fact I was unaware of previously but which gave an interesting perspective tagtary his views – then returns to Turkey and crosses over into Georgia, travelling on into Azerbaij The title is something of a misnomer as only the final section of the book travels ‘eastward to Tartary’.

Lists with This Book.

Kaplan takes the readers for a journey through the Middle-East and the Balkans,and reported two major categories of observations and predictions: With histories of religious, tribal, and ethnic distrust and separation, and without a tradition of democratic values and institutions there is little pressure to embrace pluralism and good government, and indeed, no benefit to the politicians for doing so. They comprised two sets of successive wars affecting all the six former Yugoslav Republics.

Expect corruption and incompetence, because that is what you are most likely to find. Other editions – View all Eastward to Tartary: Oct 09, Janez rated it really liked it Shelves: