Just a quick update after finishing 12 of my planned 25 EarthTainers. Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II WaterMizer Edition. Here is the link: pdf Raybo Here is a link that might be useful: EarthTainer II. Here is a link that might be useful: Rev EarthTainer Construction Guide .. The EarthTainer II improved design now uses a shorter Aeration.

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The New EarthTainer III “Convertible” Guide Now Available – Tomatoville┬« Gardening Forums

So I erred on the conservative side to make the 1″ mound over the wicking basket to compensate for the settling that will naturally occur.

Do you think I need more clarity in the Guide, and if so, I will add these above details in the next Rev. As the weight of the 3. Have a great invention to help with gardening? Originally Posted by les matzek ray two evanley spaced bolts on euther side would give much more support there would very little sageing if the bolts where about 1 inch up from the bottom of the earthtainer with the potting mix, regards.

Suburban Vegetable Gardner Loading San Antonio, Texas Posts: Welcome to my blog. If I had never seen the instructions for your first versions, I might assume no cutout over the wicking basket. Do you have any idea how far a 3.

Are you the self-reliant type that prefers Building It Yourself vs. Have a ezrthtainer invention to help with gardening? Find More Posts by amideutch. I put the fertilizer strip down the middle and plant a row of daikon radish on either side. I hope in about 5 years of trials, to get it down pat.


The wicking action permeates through the landscape fabric just fine, and earhtainer goal is to contain the root system from growing down into the water reservoir.

Suburban Vegetable Gardner

I hope the eggplants enjoy the extra room. Ray, I love the new design! I see a lot of posts about the use of Earth Tainers for tomato plants, but can they be used for other vegetables as well?

I had to find out the hard way. Another Myth-Busters Challenge for next Season! All times are GMT I also might not catch the importance of the mounding and packing of the wicking basket.

Posted by Jack at 4: Posted by Jack at 1: Zucchini are very prolific plants and one plant should produce enough to feed my whole family. Find More Posts by dice.

There is no way for pressure above the fabric to compress the container mix in the basket without pushing the fabric down into it too. My mission is to share my success and challenges in my sub-urban vegetable garden. Other vegetables success stories in the Earthtainer: Like the double wall also, Most important has been the adaption of a commonly available Pea Fence, which has the proper aspect ratio for the 31 gallon EarthTainer.


My experience as a tech writer tells me this. Sunday, March 14, Too Much Zucchini. Visit Dewayne mater’s homepage! Check out this link for some great instructions on how to make a self watering earthtainer.

I have asked for totes for Christmas. The cage folds flat at the end of the Season for easy storage So, here it is in finished form. I may try to use the inside of the lid of the tote next time. Find More Posts by mdvpc. Last edited by dice; November 28, at Find More Posts by sprtsguy This additional paragraph would give you a chance to really emphasize the point.

While explaining the mounding over the wicking basket is a good idea, I think people who miss that will probably get away with it, simply because any landscape fabric that will absorb water will also stretch when pressure is applied to it while it is wet. They consist of a 4×4 square foot garden, 2 self watering container gardens, a “dirt patch” garden, herb garden and right now one Meyer lemon tree.

Maybe i’ll build 2 of the tubs and oxygenate one of them to see any differences there might be. No slits at all in the landscape fabric, other than to skirt around the filler tube.

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