Earth: Book One In The Elemental Series [Shauna Granger, Claudia McKinney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shayna and her two best . Shayna and her two best friends have the ability to manipulate and control the four elements of earth, air, water and fire. While learning to hone. Read “Earth Book One in the Elemental Series” by Shauna Granger with Rakuten Kobo. Shayna and her two best friends have the abilities to.

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Shauna Granger has excelled at exploring this. The rituals and the entire aspect of magic was really detailed and well-described.

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Sep 02, Ari rated granver liked it Shelves: You can find me on Facebook: All opinions are my own. Air is the second story to the Elemental Series by Shauna Granger. Shay is a smart, strong and Book two in the Elemental series opens a week before summer break.

It read fast, it was entertaining, it had some mystery and Fairies! They were constantly bantering, and Shay never admitted to liking him, but you know that something was going to happen between the two! I kept saying no, no; please don’t let it be who I think it is! I found the connection shaunq the main characters Shayna, Jodi, Steven and now Jensen holds the story together.

This book is fun, smart, and full of action. As this is the second book in the series I will do my usual and keep things fairly short to try to avoid spoilers about this book as well as the first in the series. This was not a good for a self pubbed book… This was a great book period. Shayna was a brilliant protagonist! This time the group finds themselves trying to help out a young man who is a major outcast and has fallen under the influence of some extremely shauma and dangerous air elementals.


Aug 29, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt so sorry for Jensen.

Jodi is an air elemental, was born during a tornado, and is called Fae. They chase him down the street, and his anger brings them back. I can’t wait to read Water.

She appreciates her friends more and is such a good person at heart. He is such a great friend.

Dreaming In Books: Review: Earth by Shauna Granger

Awww, Mike was sweet. I really enjoy this series.

And it was so frustrating that I almost couldn’t finish it, but I forced myself cause I thought it will get better. As it turns out Shay and her friend Jodi have been seeing fairies their whole life.

Earth : Book One in the Elemental Series

It’s earty the first time I have seen a series named like this, but what Shauna is doing inside the books really sets her apart. I think this could be a very entertaining series to follow. They looked out for one another, and the three were literally unseparable! My only complaint about Air is that there was not enough Jensen in it!

They do their best to not enter into the darker sides of witchcraft and are dismayed when someone starts to use blood sacrifices in earht town. Shauna is doing quite the opposite of what is done in many YA novels-she doesn’t force the romance. May 3, ISBN: Shay is a great characters.

The author’s writing style is more accomplished in this second volume, we can also feel it with the story which is more complex than in the first novel. And Earth is grannger diamond.


Earth : Shauna Granger :

It always makes me giddy. The resolution of the “romance” between Jensen and Shayna was surprisingly mature and sensible. Gets better bg series goes Great series. And once again, the story is told at the perfect pace, not too slow nor too fast. This helped feed the air of mystery surrounding the events happening grajger Jeremy and whatever he’s doing. What more can you expect? She was a bit too bossy, although considering she is the strongest out of all three of them, it’s grangdr, she could treat Steven and Jodi more equally.

All three have powers, all three have magical powers that they use to defeat other beings. These rituals coincide with the arrival of a set of twin brothers to their town the friends have to figure out if they are behind the dark magic. But, is he a good boy or a bad boy? Although, scenes like the one of him and Shayna in the restaurant added so much depth to their relationship.

Sep 10, Lisa rated it did not like it. I loved how they stayed by This yb is going to be really interesting. This time the group finds themselves trying to help out a young man who is Air by Shauna Granger is the second book in her Elemental series.

However, I can see why it was done this way. I loved having Tegan the wee little Earth faerie about. Jodie and Shay are best friends — but have the usual teenage grajger and insecurities over who is prettier.