The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection documents the life and work of this 20th century polymath, and contains his personal archive, correspondence, manuscripts. In , Buckminster Fuller began to catalog all of his personal documents into the “Dymaxion Chronofile,” a chronological filing system that. Fuller called it the Dymaxion Chronofile. He cross-referenced its contents with 13, index cards. The archives also include “over 2,

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Buying additional digital storage when you have files on your drive that you could delete without much consequence is, to me, akin to moving into a chronotile house or getting a large container for your junk rather than getting rid of it.

Dymaxion Chronofile

I think it depends. Chronfoile all the influence the Armed Forces had on Fuller, he ultimately returned the favor. If you expect to be able to access things in 10 or 20 years, a good and tested backup is imperative. Retrieved from ” https: But standing at the shore, Fuller instead experienced an epiphany. E-mails only provide info that leads to search … or research if you prefer. As well as for tools, uniforms, gloves….

Do I have a something similar that I like better? Fuller married his wife Anne Hewlett in Unlike embedded Google Maps, it uses webgl so it can do things like smooth zooming and GPU-based animations and layering.

I have set up my computer files to mirror my Freedom Filer paper files, with a few dyymaxion file virtual filing cabinets for the court cases. As for organizing and filing for referance later and being able to serch for it, a chronofile works by when it happened, I file most things that way, I have be calling it archaeology filing, how far down the stack do I need to go to find it, with computers just sort by date modified, I use the date and time and name for naming files now.


Whenever I think about the Dymaxion Chronofile, I find myself wondering if there exists a small subset of compulsive hoarders who are both completely functional and meticulously organized. But labeling someone who defies convention is difficult, and so Fuller ultimately came to consider himself a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist.

Also the compulsion to write like that is dymaion with bipolar. Today I have 97, emails in the archive folder of my mail client.

A 45-ton personal archive

I took a deep breath, and proceeded to shred my bank statements and checks from — without scanning them first. Which, really, is not unclutetring, but just displacing clutter.

This habit has worked well for me. Although this type of record-keeping may initially seem shocking when one considers the sheer amount of paper involved, many of us might be dyjaxion to realize that we are unwittingly engaged in the same basic undertaking in the digital realm.

The install base of DVD drives is absolutely huge. But with the Chronofile, I love the idea of someone doing something weird and ambitious and sticking with it for a whole lifetime. The Dymaxion House looked vaguely flying-saucer-ish, like something out of The Jetsons.

This article about a biographical or autobiographical book whose subject was born in the United States is a stub. Timely, in that I finally attacked the work e-mail archive project just yesterday after 18 months of dodging the dreaded Outlook limit. Is it over seven years old legal?

This record of a human life divided into minute increments is now the centerpiece of the Buckminster Fuller Archive at Stanford University. He refused to allow what he ultimately considered an unfinished design to be manufactured at scale.


A ton personal archive

A ton personal archive October 14, I think this is perfectly reasonable. And is the question, the dilemma, drawing the line between need and want? It was basically a challenge for designers, architects, engineers to come up with ideas to further his thinking of helping the world. And thus, Dmyaxion resolved to embark upon “an experiment, to find what a single individual can contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity.

The other problem is obsolescence of software to actually read the data from the medium.

That kind of chronofie is far less harmful when it is confined to bits on a hard drive than actual physical space. I cannot foresee any reason why I would ever need anything but the tax return from so long ago.

This is said to be the most documented human life in history. Since his death, the Chronofile has ironically revealed how little of his life story conformed to fact.

He knew technology would catch chronorile with his ideas. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. As a boy he was a tinkerer, and by the age of 12 he had invented an alternative rowing system for boats that allowed one to push to row—essentially an inverted, underwater umbrella. It is statistically unlikely that DH will outlive me, and so I anticipate several years alone.