In , DuPont introduced Imron® polyurethane enamel, characterizing it as ” the wet look that lasts” because of its gloss, chemical resistance. DuPont Imron® Industrial Strength is the next generation of Imron® technology. Based upon patented DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron®. A search on Imron and paint seems to turn up a wealth of knowledge on prep. So I’m good on prep. How about actual application? The paint.

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There are a number of other reasons as well as to why people don’t use it as much. It is great above the water line.

Contact your Annex Industrial Coatings representative for specific recommendations. The colors are there for that, but not your blue metallic on your Chevy truck. Ever thought of Awl Grip?

I have plenty of epoxy left over from my foothold install to get a nice thin coat. Probably not the best dupontt for a beginner unless you have acess to the proper equipment.


DuPont Imron Elite S Clear Gallon

I recently saw two cars that had been painted with Imron over ten years ago, and they looked like they had been painted yesterday!

Thu Apr 28, 2: He said it should last about 3 years. Free lance adviser “Hitting the pavement at mph really smarts” Evel Knievel. That might be a deciding factor for me. Metallic isn’t going to help you learn. Sounds like I should just go with a flat Imron instead. Hey Don, when did you or do you still paint trains? Here is a quad frame i painted in imron about a year and half ago.

As stated earlier the paint needs flow. Spraying in both directions is fine. Your short message goes here. Tue Jan 27, 5: Also, thanks for the tip on sanding.

Dupont Imron Polyurethane Enamel Auto Paint 539U Orange Gallon

Is it hardness, chemcial reisitance, adheasion, or what? I think where they do the most business is with contracts made at the manufacturing level. Imron is awesome and cheap.

Finally, she did set me up with all the proper personal protective equipment – resperator, suit, hood, gloves that dont’ dissolve. Here’s what I gather so far from this thread. Should be ok on jet ski, dupotn long as it is not left in for any great length. Brian Free lance adviser “Hitting the pavement at mph really smarts” Evel Knievel. I knew that Imron was expensive, but I know of other paints that are also in the same range.


DuPont Imron Elite 8840S Clear Gallon

I’d go with a base coat clear coat with a hardner in the clear. There are much easier to apply products out there that are, as good, if not better quality than Imron.

Wed Apr 27, 9: Ok That is a paint myth about only being able to spray paint in one direction. All Material Copyright Watercraft Superstore. So I’m good on prep.

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