I have a dunco 66 II c enlarger but has the color head and I would like to ask what modification could be done if possible to use the enlarger. At we have a wide varierty of Lpl, Dunco and much more. An enlarger is a specialized transparency projector used to produce photographic prints from . Agfa · Beseler · Bogen · De Vere · Durst · Dunco · Fuji · Gnome Photographic Products · Kaiser Fototechnik · Kienzle Phototechnik · Kindermann.

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WTSell: Others – dunco enlarger + accessories

This enlarger is just wonderful. Rokkor 50mm and 80mm lenses are the best. Yes, dubco password is: This allows the operator or computer to quickly determine adjustments to brightness, contrast, clipping, and other characteristics.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. White light printing with graded black and white papers is also possible. Anyone who has to turn out a lot of prints in minimal time, possibly from the negatives dhnco many different photographers, will save a lot of time and wasted materials with the Vario Split. Find More Posts by pschauss.

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A relative made the beautiful wooden drop-bed enlarging table, as a Christmas present. For full 6×9 I have to use a 6×9 single negative holder, but I will live with that. Avoid These 7 Common Beginner Photography It’s not a particularly good one per say but it’s my only enlarger and I am getting some great results from it. For more information, contact Phomage, th St.

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I have most of the original accessories. Biggest advantages Enlargrr and Precision Materials such as die cast aluminium and metal are the main components, giving Dunco enlargers sturdiness and durability consistent with their prolonged life expectancy. The nice thing about both is that they never wear out, and parts are very easy to find.

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Find More Posts by thompsonks. The first is a variable contrast unitthe second a combination of a color head and variable contrast head. We would meet in the Anthroplogy departments off-campus house to develop film, make prints and discuss our work. With the filter module disconnected, the controller serves as a black and white analyzer and meter. Martin Carone Santos is offline. Originally Posted by pschauss Enlargeer 23C.

Has always made very sharp prints for me. I’m currently restoring it, and it will hopefully be finished soon. I use mine with the long cm stand, a Dunco 90 easel superb, with gas pressurized locking, laser cut guides, angle adjustment etc.

Both enlargers are great; neither require or even allow alignment. If your future needs should change- no need to buy a new enlarged or extra head- simply add another module. Find More Posts by Emile duncl Leon. When you find them they’re just about free.


JochenDec 5, An easel is used to hold the paper perfectly flat. Focomat V35 with Focotar 40mm and Heiland Splitgrade for most of the work. Best feature of the Dunco is the very efficient light system, W halogen only but short dujco times. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I’m happy with my Durst Laborator and Enoarger Multigrade head. The previous owner had unsuccessfully tried to sell the equipment for a long time, before he gave up.

dunco 66 II C question on black and white enlarging

Glassless carriers are available. Dunco enlargers are modular fine print enlargers Enlarher innovative concept means unique enlarger versatility. Most modern enlargers are vertically mounted with the head pointing downward and adjusted up or down to change the size of the image projected onto the enlarger’s base, or a work table if the unit is mounted to the wall.

Besley 23c for me.

Originally Posted by thompsonks. It will enlarge 6 x 6 negatives and smaller. Find More Posts by Fotohuis.

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