However, he we want to consider The Duchess of Malfi as a Revenge Tragedy, we need to know what we mean by revenge tragedy and its major conventions. Duchess of Malfi Answer: The revenge play or revenge tragedy is a tragedy in which a murder victim is avenged, often by a younger kinsmen. ‘DUCHESS OF MALFI’ AS A REVENGE TRAGEDY | The main aim of this work is to point out series of revenge that occurs in the text and find.

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However, The Duchess of Malfi contains full of such terrifying, hair-raising situations from the beginning to the end. In this play we see madness of these mad people.

There should obviously be a desire for revenge. Horrors in The Duchess of Malfi: The last two acts of the play have an abundance of them. In particular, a third scene is very significant because the premises for the plot’s development are set in it. The sorrowful answers which the echo makes to Antonio’s words are the result of a natural phenomenon. For example, in 5. The plot should involve physical horrors, such as poisoning and torture. However, hue is some psychological interest too present in it.

The tgagedy hero is a descendant of earlier comedic male characters who were rogues, but he is a sign of the times in that during this period he supplanted the traditional romantic hero in many of the age’s theatrical productions. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

This is probably because his goal is to have sex rather than to cuckold.


Revenge tragedy, a kind of tragedy popular in England from the s to the s. Taking their cue from the activities and ideas that prevailed in the Restoration Court, the Restoration playwrights fashioned a character type who could be successful in an uncertain society by outwitting others without being hampered by an outmoded morality.


However, the Latin playwright, Seneca, is considered to be one who established the revenge play tradition. She also wins the battle of the sexes, played out in the arena of wit in which his aim is seduction and hers is matrimony.

“The Duchess of Malfi” as a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

The last horror comes when Julia is poisoned in a most cold-blooded manner. The character of the rake-hero is a product of Restoration society.

Duchess of Malfi ;is it a melodrama raise to the level of a tragedy? A ‘typical’ Jacobean revenge tragedy contains conventions: She resourcefully pursues Wilmore and wins him. Helena aspires to the control of the situations in displaying an equal ability to revene other characters and determine plot as when she disguises herself as a boy and disrupts the relationship between Angelica and Tragrdy. Bosola confesses that he sees an image of the Duchess.

It can be seen that how he works for ferdinand and cardinal and acts as a spy to the duchess but fails to get the wishful rewards. In the act where the Duchess, her children, and her maid are executed many devices are used by the author for the aim of creating cuchess which is a common taint of Senecan revenge tragedy.

Log In Sign Up. He doesn’t present and of the conventional hosts and objectives portents found in typical revenge plays.

It’s a tradition of Elizabethan revenge tragedy to show madness on the stage. JavaScript is our friend. Revenge runs throughout The Duchess of Malfi.

We have seen that there was a love affair between the Duchess and Antonio and at last they marry and they produce three children. By doing modification, he is able to make the play more reasonable to the audience. Still, just be careful when you make bold statements. Wit is also a comic and clever way to woo a member of the opposite sex. Witty repartee is often operative in these plays, used as a x to ridicule and reveal the flaws of others as well as an aid in attaining one’s own goals.


Duchesd narrative should incorporate ghosts, skulls and madness. Another aspect of a revenge tragedy is that the persons malfl in the revenge ultimately feels remorse for what they have done and in most cases it leads to their damnation.

The name Revenge Tragedy arose from the Senecan tradition of making revenge the motive force for the action that leads to the tragedy. Also, the marriage of revegne high born lady is supposed to be subject to political arrangement but trayedy to personal whim. The characteristics of Revenge Tragedy are: Wilmore, the rake-hero of The Roverexemplifies many of these traits, but he differs in significant ways. The spectacle of waxen images of the dead bodies of Antonio and children presented before the Duchess is another horrid scene.

There should be Italianate or Southern European settings. Order should be restored at the end of the play. Bosola then attacks reevenge Cardinal, but is himself attacked by Ferdinand. The revenge tragedy genre of English literature generally refers to a body of dramatic works written from the mid- s to the early s, from the Elizabethan to the Caroline period.

By Ogbuanya Chinyere Judith. Horrors and violence predominated in the Senecan tragedies.

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