Alberto Manguel visits a Dublin that is haunted by the ghosts of modern literature. Vila-Matas Plots His Own Awakening in The Illogic of Kassel. The Triumphant Humiliation of Enrique Vila-Matas. . Anne McLean, Dublinesca, Reino Unido. Enrique Vila-Matas (born March 31, in Barcelona) is a Spanish novelist. He is the author In he has returned once more to the novel with Dublinesca, a book that deals with a publisher in crisis, as the author explains: ‘He was a.

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And, above all, what’s even harder: May 26, Dublinesque by E V-M. Still Life With Books. And since I mentioned it: The characters, writers, critics, drinkers although the main protagonist has given up alcohol and laments that fact are tetchy but love-able; the plot is a kind of non-starter it takes to page to actually get to Dublin, and dublinescx they circle it for a while but who cares? Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Dublinesque by Enrique Vila-Matas

Or simply the loss of a young man with round glasses and a mackintosh. Special award for travel literature: Charm that cannot be compared to anything else. An inexhaustible subject, even more engaging this time around. This is a long day that culminates, at dusk, at the Martello tower in Sandycove where the novel begins with participants reading sections from Ulysses and then walking to Finnegans pub in the neighbouring village of Dalkey. About feelings of loss, it describes a funeral, and the poem and its idea of funeral become central elements in Dublinesque, the novel by Spain’s Enrique Vila-Matas.

July A bow to Semadar Megged.

This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat I was stranger still. Want to Read saving…. May 15, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: There are basically no women in this book – only the wife a somewhat annoying character whom the main character, Riba, essentially ignores and an attractive woman who is the daughter of the South African ambassador to Ireland.


Nonetheless, it’s very very quotable. In fact, Bel hasn’t stopped asking me questions since the movie started. Writers fail readers, but it also happens the other way around and readers fail writers when all they ask of them is confirmation that magas world is how they see it.

Enrique Vila-Matas

A book that should be read as a book. He acts as though he’s entered our living room. The Shandy secret society. Riba has never been to Dublin, but he once dreamt that he was sitting outside a Dublin pub, crying because he had started to drink again.

Sunday, August 23, Riba stopped drinking alcohol for reasons of health.

We see dublihesca as Spider experiences it, through the filter of the miserable mental framework of this young man with the strange suitcase and little notebook of microscopic handwriting. One central conclusion in the novel seems to say: Feb 06, Edward rated it it was amazing. Vila-Matas does not fail his reader.

He gathers three friends, they go, and perhaps you can guess what happens. Interview with autor Vampire in Love. This book is hugely, irremediably disappointing, and I do not think I will read another of his books. It would be better if there were actually genuinely no women in the book. The film is a mental journey, a deranged man’s travels through the East End. The obvious lack of any reasonable explanation aside, it was one of the greatest reads I have ever had and the most exquisite linguistic feast at the same time.

Riba sets off for a phantasmagorical journey to Dublin in order to find the person he himself has been in a former pre-publisher life, before he was obscured by the catalogue of books he published.


The narrator, a middle-aged man named Riba, has just retired as an editor, and the book has many references to real, living authors, including Paul Auster.

Firm believer in the power of narrative. From what I’ve seen, in Spider the frame of mind makes subtle reference—especially through Peter Suschitzky’s cinematography—to the style of Il natas rosso. I just wrote a lot of a review, but then it deleted my review, which is very annoying. Recipients of the Mondello Prize. We soon learn that the narrator himself has not-so-coyly taken the gambit: He begins to project. Enrique Vila-Matastranslation of Jonathan Dunne.

Enrique Vila-Matas – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Riba’s publishing business has dwindled to the point where he is forced to retire. Never Any End to Paris katas of his Parisian experiences. One of the standouts of to date. But maybe it was the alcohol that helped the introverted young man Riba once had been to become an alpha-wolf of a publisher.

Poor Portraits of a Country’s Literature I’ve never felt such disappointment with any new novel by any writer. The poem therefore provides a very apt title for Enrique Vila-Matas’s requiem for the age of print in which he nominates Joyce’s writing as the pi Down stucco sidestreets, Where light is pewter And natas mist Brings lights on in shops Above race-guides and rosaries, A funeral passes.

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