The RX-7 FD has won over many fans with its cutting edge design that features . Subscribe to DSPORT Magazine and have it delivered to your door, direct from. Unless you enjoy spending countless hours working on your engine and.

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DSPORT Magazine ยป 86FEST in Print

This allows our powdercoatings to adhere better to the steel bodies. Other than steel components, we also use aluminum alloys.

So many people wanted to purchase TEIN suspension kits right away!!! A recent addition to our factory is this Laser Cutting Machine, capable of cutting steel up to 16mm thick using a carbon dioxide laser beam.

Lower brackets, after any necessary welding, go through shot blasting prior to any surface coatings. Again, we have to limit what we magqzine show the public.

We had just over 40 guests for our tour on January 19th. A series of some of our many lathes used to machine many types of our suspension components. In fact, there are some machines developed specifically by TEIN engineers solely for our own use.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Dspory, due to bad weather the event was canceled. Vital for our piston shafts is our high-resolution inspection machine. These steel pucks will end up becoming our pillowball cases for strut type upper mounts.


If defects are found, we must discard the shaft.

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We use tubing of various sizes to make damper shell cases to lower brackets for full-length adjustable dampers. Here, threads being cut for piston valve assembly.

The tour went faster than expected, and considering the factory was in full swing when we had it, it was difficult to hang around the machinery for very long with TEIN staff trying to navigate around us.

I got to speak with several of them and they were all impressed with our manufacturing. Our Materials Yard, where we keep inventory of parts to prepare for manufacturing our suspension.

Aluminum billets are cut into smaller billet blanks using either our band saw or circular saw. We felt bad for our guests, though.

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After final assembly, kits are packaged up and shipped out! So why not show them?! Such small parts require great detail, which this machine can do consistently.

Overall, it looked to magazind a fun experience for our guests. So it sounded like a prime opportunity to have TEIN show the public our factory.

Semi finished piston rods that have just been gun drilled for damping adjustable suspension applications. It is capable of detecting even the slightest flaw xsport the piston shaft surface.


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magazinw For aluminum damper shell cases, we use an A grade extruded tube, however. Both comments and pings are currently closed. It also runs nearly non-stop!!! Still a few more steps to being completed sub assemblies.

We stock three grades of aluminum billets, each one to be used depending on the application and use.

Fortunately we were able to showcase a lot of our machinery and even some prototypes. We were hoping our tour would make up for that missed event! So, to show that to the magazien may be detrimental to us since we do not want such information to be released to the public. Fsport a fast and efficient process! Some of our components are machined from billet blanks, which we cut from larger bar stock, using various grades of steel and aluminum depending on the product requirements.

A sampling of some of the suspension components our lathes can process, from prototype to finished product. The second floor of our factory handles our surface coating stages.