So even if you can’t get inside the drum, there’s still a lot you can “I use a three- microphone technique on bass drum,”. Of all acoustic instruments, drums and percussion instruments seem the most elusive to capture with a compelling sound. Pop recordings are. First is the dynamic mic, which will often be used on the snare, bass drum and sometimes on the toms. A dynamic mic functions just like a.

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Graham — Great post, as always! Plexyglazz on January 13, at 8: Aside from phase-coherency challenges, AB is a powerful technique, with a large palette of sonic colors. One problem often encountered when miking the bass drum comes if the drum is fitted with a full front head. Record a little bit and listen back to that one mic. This has to happen because you are combining an identical wave at different times.

You tune and prep each drum for its optimum tone instead of for volumeand then you simply bring up the quieter parts in the mix until a proper balance is achieved. So nice to find someone with a few genuine thoughts on this topic. This approach, like mid-side, is mikihg likely to succeed in a small or untreated space, because the microphones will mostly hear reflected sounds.

Tecnniques just bought a stereo x-y condenser.

The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method

Moving the mic away from this point will introduce more ‘air’ or ambience into the sound and moving it closer, if using a dynamic mic, will introduce low-end as a result of what’s called the ‘proximity effect’. New drum heads beater and resonant are a must to getting the best tones out of your kit. Low and high frequencies as well as dynamic range are also better judged at this level. Aaron Moore on March 31, at 3: Good luck for the next!


Dar — The 2nd OH is above and slightly back from the floor tom and yes that put it slightly underneath the cymbal there. So by accident, stereo drums were begat.

Glyn Johns,… Studio Geekery: Bigger is usually better, especially concerning ceiling height. This post explains the advantages of stereo miking and the four most common recording techniques.

13 correct ways to mic up a drum kit | MusicRadar

A dynamic mic functions just like a speaker, only in reverse, with the movement of the diaphragm in turn moving a coil in relation to a magnet, creating an electrical signal.

That will usually work better than being in the middle of a cube when it comes to getting smooth, natural sounding reverberation. Alamo Audio Concepts on June 29, at Oliver on March 7, at 2: But move things techniaues, experiment, change it up. drim

The second microphone is located a little above, beyond, and behind the floor tom. Tune your kit so that everything sounds in balance when you play in the room. Once the two microphones mioing locked into position — with capsules 17cm apart, at o— the single stand can easily be raised, lowered, or angled tefhniques tune the array to best suit the size of the kit, the sound of the room, and the desired amount of ambience in the recorded track.

Will be used according to our Privacy Policy. However, depending upon the budget, large diaphragm condensers can sometimes be used. Lorcan Howard on June 4, at 8: Biplab Poddar on June 1, at 3: Like a good foundation of a house, if the drum kit sounds good while in relative balance, then any alternative mixing ideas like loud snare and kick drum mixes will work well.


Experiment here, as varying this distance will raise or lower the ambience of the final drum sound.

tcehniques Gonna test this tomorrow and three new songs. This power supplies a small amplifier inside the mic that increases the signal picked up by the movement of a diaphragm, this time a capacitor. Alexandre on September 12, at 3: The two capsules are typically pointed toward the left and right sides of the kit.

The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method – Recording Revolution

When miking the toms, the choices are varied – the most popular being dynamic mics or small condensers. Space There is exactly percent of available space in any recording. I also try to get a quiet and distortion-free recording. The Shure applications team can provide more information on this, please contact them directly via e mail at support shure.

Glad you found it helpful. Jon on July 24, at 6: Retrieved April 30,from Recording Revolution: Hi Dan—glad you liked the article, and thanks for your question.

Travis Whitmore on January 10, at In the digital domain the waveform can be inverted after it is recorded for the same effect. Here are a rechniques insights on miking and recording drums. Of course, it would take a book to describe every available microphone, so we limited ourselves to using three similar large-diaphragm condensers during our demos samples mikinf posted at moderndrummer.

Graham on January 10, at 4:

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