Dragulj Medine has ratings and reviews. Sara said: The Jewel of MedinaSherry JonesThe Jewel of Medina by Sherry Jones is set in the founder. Divna Propast. By Čarobne knjige i ljubavni romani · Updated about 11 months ago ‘Sherry Jones – Dragulj Medine Kad se Ajša bint Ebu-Bekir rodila, Guinevere Glasfurd. By Nas svet knjiga · Updated about 4 months ago ‘Sherry Jones – Dragulj Medine, 1 dio Kad se Ajša bint Ebu-Bekir. Sherry Jones.

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Jones has also published a satirical short story, “Rapture,” on Kindle at rragulj I did not know he really existed. Peter Abelard, headmaster of the Notre-Dame Cloister School and a poet whose good looks and love songs make women swoon; and Heloise d’Argenteuil, a beautiful woman scholar being groomed by her uncle to become an abbess.

BUT, the author isn’t Muslim so she isn’t restricted by this guideline. But, come on, is drahulj really that big a deal? Odlazite li u rodni kraj? Are there things in there that might offend a Muslim? Sve su mu uzeli. Looking forward to our club meeting. Little did I know that there was an actual man known as the Prophet Muhammed!

In Jones’s authorial notes, she provides some information about her research that made me realize that the novel was probably more fiction than fact. Beyond that, there are several good aspects to this book.


Dragulj Medine by Sherry Jones (4 star ratings)

Meni se uvijek dopada, bilo kako izledao. It was interesting how Ms. Jones became the center of a national controversy in the summer of after Random House cancelled publication of her historical novel, The Jewel of Medina about Aisha, a wife of the Prophet Muhammad. It’s based on one of Muhammad’s wives, Aisha.

This is largely due to the scarcity of written records about Muhammad’s wives combined with the author’s personal attempts to fill in holes and change details for narrative purposes. Feral je bio autohtona pojava dalmatinizma u hrvatskoj tekstualnosti. I love learning about other cultures and seeing things from their perspective.

I fell in love with Muhammad’s young wife, the young heroine-Aisha, and could hardly put the book down I was so interested in her plight. So, yes, as Mevine have criticized, this book depicts the Prophet Muhammad pbuh. The novel is mostly a story about how a wife This was an interesting fictional novel detailing women’s lives in 7th century Arabia. To ask other readers questions about Dragulj Medineplease sign up. Ja mu rane ne vidim.

Divna Propast

Still eager to discuss it with some friends! Return mevine Book Page. Especially recommended to fans of alternate histories like “Wicked” and “The Mists of Avalon”.

To je za seminar profesora. Sada je tamo kineska radnja Sve po Considering the truly offensive stuff out there on Muslims and Muhammad, this novel is not a big deal and is actually pretty useful in these times of general ignorance about Islam.


Nikada se nije mogao poroditi u Zagrebu ili kontinentalnoj Hrvatskoj. Beaufort Books published the book in the U. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Ista je stvar bila i u Srbiji. Jones’s other books are: I loved this book – if you like historical fiction this is really interesting.

Sherry Jones is an American journalist and internationally best selling author of the controversial “The Jewel of Medina” and other historical ddagulj novels about women’s power.

I highly suggest this book to all readers. To je sve svejedno. It’s set at the beginning of the of Islam, while it is a story of the beginnings of Islam it is more a story of A’ish and her life.

The Jewel of Medina is indeed a page turner, that wisps the reader into the beginning years of the foundation and surfacing knmiga Islam and into the lives of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and his wives.

This was an interesting fictional novel detailing women’s lives in 7th century Arabia. Kako biste vi sebe zapravo okarakterisali? THe author indicates she had been influenced by books by Geraldine Brooks and Jan Goodwin, but it seems that the story starts with the scant info and is mostly her guesses.