Shelly Laurenston. Dragon Actually. Animated image with covers from both DRAGON ACTUALLY and A Tale of Two Dragons. Book 1 in the Dragon Kin series. There are two ways to read the Dragon Kin series. written because I tease or hint about the romances of the older dragons during the full-length novels. By submitting this form you will be added to the Shelly Laurenston/G.A. Aiken monthly. LIGHT MY FIRE (Dragon Kin #7) is finished, turned and my editor loves it. Book page and excerpt (for those not subscribed to my newsletter).

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She has been raised by men, had to fight like a man to survive, and has to kill her only brother in order to restore justice to her kingdom. View all 9 comments. How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G. I want to give this a 5 star rating including the bonus novella review below but there is one thing that made me stop. I didn’t really find the dragon on a leash thing sexy but that wasn’t my biggest gripe with the story. You need to stop asking me to let you kill our family.

This book really got its claws into me because I just want to finish writing this review so I can read the next one. Annwyl is a 21 year old virgin, but she grew up with an abusive father and brother and spent all her time learning to be a warrior, so she could eventually take the throne and save her people from evil tyranny. Signed, Where are my dragons? I like him as a dragon, though I can’t claim him as one of my babies, ngl but he isn’t the same in human form which leads to the question of whether the author did that on purpose or if she simply couldn’t get the nice guy no, not Nice Guy, just a really nice dude that he is into the stereotype of the knight who’s training the heroine.


A sadistic brother who gets off on suffering, Annwyl must do everything in her power to take her brother down.

G.A. Aiken | Dragon Actually

As she recovers, he offers to get her more training but dragons aren’t supposed to show human they can shift so he when he turned human to train her further in swordplay, he didn’t tell her it was him. Dragon Actually is the first book of G. I liked them as friends. English Choose a language for shopping. While I hated Lorcan with a passion, I loved Annwyl with the same intensity. Mass Market Paperbackpages. It means humans leave him alone. She also was too over the top bloodthirsty and completely unromantic.

Shelly Laurenston | A Tale of Two Dragons and DRAGON ACTUALLY Release Dates

Just for the record, this is more of a shifter PNR, not at all monster porn as I was led to believe, an This one surprised the hell out of me. It was a bit adventurous. As always, my favorite thing about the book, apart from Annwyl, is that it does not take itself seriously – it is there to entertain, not to make us think profound thoughts and help us solve world hunger or peace in the Middle East She says and do rdagon she wants and she kills and by kills she cuts her enemies head off thus earning her other name, Anwyl the Bloody.

The encounters with his family members teed it up well for future books in the series. What a Dragon Should Know by G.

I had to brush up on some of my Dragon Kin world. Write a customer review. And boy is it good! I have to say that it is nice seeing a warrior woman in a paranormal romance book. But just once it would be nice to be able to really talk to a man, the way, she can talk to Fearghus the Destr It’s not always easy being a female warrior with a shel,ey like Annwyl the Bloody.

The chicks kick ass.

Jul 19, Sh3lly grumpybookgrrrl. This is actually 2 novellas.

Dragon Kin Series

Because dragons are allergic to clothing. They are a very loving family but fight constantly. Feb 27, Dija rated it liked it Recommends it for: So with Annwyl the Bloody as our awesome heroine, she meets the dragon Fearghus the Destroyer as she is lopping off heads of enemy soldiers but also dying herself.


Another strong female character in a romance. I read this in Kindle format in the re-issued book called ‘Dragon Actually’ under the pseudonym G. If you’re interested in dub-con and relationships built on lies with a dash of tragic heroine, then you’ll definitely enjoy this. And this was the perfect point. Oh well, at least she’ll go down fighting! Readers who like their romance on the hot and steamy side will not be disappointed. I liked how there was the distinction between romantic love and friendship, though it seems that Annwyl developed feelings far deeper than friendship with Fearghus later on.

I don’t know how Aiken does it, but somehow this author can make you identify with the dragons, and you don’t care that they see humans as tasty snacks.

See all reviews. I love her writing style and her heroines are always spunky and tough and sometimes a little crazy. When they first meet he’s in actuallh dragon form, though he is able to shift to human; something humans aren’t aware of.

Clearly I am a fool for waiting so long to start this series. He’s also got LOTS of sexy dragon shifter laurnetson, so that means lots more books in the series! I almost gave up twice, and I definitely did not read the second story.

He’s perfectly happy to sit quietly and read and — what are those loud noises? PNR fans who like alpha heroines. But just once it would be nice to be able to really talk to a man, the way, she can talk to Fearghus laursntson Destroyer.

The romance needed a deeper unfolding.