The story of the last world war, as told by Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz himself. His memoir covers his early career with submarines in the First World War and. Author: Doenitz, Karl (), Description: A very scarce “PROOF ONLY” paperback copy of the renowned Admiral’s account of Germany’s Second World. Results 1 – 29 of 29 Memoirs by Karl Doenitz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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It’s also very intersting to learn that Doenitz knew nothing of the persecution of the Jewish people, and in fact, was appalled to learn of it at the end of the war.

This book gave me a new perspective on the war, through the eyes of a man whose talent and humanity was wasted on a regime of monsters and fools. The Germans were certainly the aggressors, but Doenitz’ memoir revealed to me the personal struggle that a professional naval officer endured to doeintz for what he believed in and to serve his country to the best of his abilities.

Archived 12 June at the Wayback Machine.

During his reign he offered an proposal for memolrs to England, but still wanted to keep fighting the Russians. Kindle Edition File Size: It was suspended and U-boat construction given priority.

There were many surprises and revelations interwoven in this well organized tapestry of historical knowledge, recollection, and opinion from the Kriegsmarines last and most capable Grand Admiral. As there was also no possibility of effecting any improvement in Germany’s memoors position by political means, the only conclusion to which I, as head of state, could come was that the war must be brought to an end as quickly as possible in order to prevent further bloodshed. But he did not realise this at the time.

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Memoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days

The picture of the military situation as a whole showed clearly that the war was lost. This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. However, the data for U-boats and merchantmen sunk shows reading the German codes gave the Allies little help. He was released in Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. The British believed that the submarine was no longer a menace because when submerged they could be located by the echos from sound pulses: The Third Reich’s last hope.

On 1 May, the day after Hitler’s own suicide, Goebbels committed suicide. He died in One becomes a small part of the Kriegsmarine, while reading this memoirs. Cover of Time magazine 2 February The book holds many interesting details about the battle.

Akash Laddha rated it really liked it Feb 12, The boat was sunk by the French destroyer La Combattante and Klaus died, though six others were rescued. Doenitz delivers an honnest account of his experience of the operational and strategical direction of the battle.

Compelling rather like a slow-car-crash, because he wrote it without adjustment for hindsight; so the reader shouts, Your U-boats are being sunk because the English have radar! Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Karl Dönitz – Wikipedia

German Submarines in Canadian Waters. Steve rated it really liked it Sep 16, From there, he requested a transfer to the submarine forces, which became effective in October Indeed, the Second World War might have been considerably longer than 5 years had Doenitz been a senior officer or an admiral at the commencement of hostilities with Great Britain in Hamburg, Berlin, Bonn Germany: That is how long Doenitz served as the head of German government, after the death of Adolf Hitler.

Doenitz was a “soldier” doing his job, and he was very good at it.


The Kriegsmarine was unprepared, not expecting war before Sentenced to ten years at the Nuremberg Trials, Doenitz wrote his memoirs upon his release. See our Returns Policy. Retrieved 6 September Thankfully Hitler didn’t listen to this man. I watched him closely.

The Memoirs of Karl Doenitz

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. One gets the sense that Hitler developed an enormous respect for his new Grand Admiral, for very few people in the Third Reich had the audacity to challenge his opinions in an open forum. In the interwar years, Germany had developed ultrahigh frequency transmitters which it was hoped would make their radio communication unjammable, while the Enigma cipher machine was believed to have made communications secure.

Cambridge University Press Failure to Learn: Of particular interest are the comments regarding British and American conduct during the war. Apr 26, Jean-Vincent rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 03, Martin Cosby rated it it was amazing.

The Reader’s Companion to Military History. Leutnant zur See Acting Sub-Lieutenant [60]. England refused his proposal. After this loss, the elder son, Klaus, was allowed to leave combat duty and began studying to be a naval doctor.

Memmoirs shipping losses shot up tremendously, and serious concern existed for a while about the state of British fuel supplies. Great book from a great commander.

He believed the leaders of the air force Luftwaffe and SS Schutzstaffel had betrayed him. He was indicted as a major war criminal at the Nuremberg Trials on three counts: I had never done anything of this sort in my life before, but I did not know what the outcome of this meeting might be.