What if I have a question that is not answered here or in the manual? Installation Questions. How is dms installed? Should AMBERHOME be. This tutorial introduces DOCK Score in DOCK6 and describes the preparation of input Please see the DOCK6 manual for futher details. If you have installed DOCK6, this script can be found in the bin directory. . To select other options, please read the DOCK 6 Manual.

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The FAD protocol requires less time than the FLX or LAS protocols because anchor starting positions are restricted to the known crystallographic positions, thus fewer anchor starting orientations are used.

DOCK 6: Impact of New Features and Current Docking Performance

Previous versions of Doc6 5. As a congeneric series Figure 12aall ligands in the group tend to be compatible with all receptors in the group see Supporting Information Figure S We can open the output box file in chimera to make sure the box is in the right place.

Taken together, these observations could suggest that mutations that confer drug resistance in HIV reverse transcriptase might be more easily identified from non-viable pairings than from cross-docking outcomes, although additional studies need to be performed. A similar but less drastic trend is observed for the LAS docking protocol, where the RMSD restraint minimizer has a slightly higher docking success at The overall major advance in the docking algorithm described in this work was not due to any one change, but rather a series of complimentary and independent incremental improvements that employed a range of orthogonal test sets and tools.

One common metric for evaluating the outcome of an enrichment experiment is to use receiver operating characteristic ROC curves. Overall, the diagonal success rate — derived from docking cognate receptor-ligand pairs — is consistently higher than the matrix success rate for any given family Table 5.


Again, further questions will be asked when you run the program. In the case of carbonic anhydrase and lysozyme, the docking outcomes are dominated by scoring failures The overall matrix docking success is computed by dividing the number of docking successes blue squares by the number of viable docking calculations N 2 minus the number of gray squares.

You only need one of the monomers to perform docking. Cluster majual in the end of the spheres file is a combination of all the clusters.

Molina E, de Truchis P. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Now we will write up a script for submitting your dock job to Seawulf. To measure the effect of receptor mutations in DOCK, we consider the drug darunavir with both wild type and mutant protease.

The RGD protocol, however, results in a slight increase in docking success rate with increasing number of rotatable bonds Figure 9agreen circleslikely due to the fact that as ligand size increases, there are fewer feasible binding orientations without steric clashes.

In any event, these observations are likely not unique to DOCK and should be explored further.

DOCK tutorial with Streptavidin – Rizzo_Lab

To illustrate the low variability in receptor backbone conformation, a representative overlay of 15 receptors from the EGFR family of proteins is shown in Figure The method has been shown to be a powerful approach for applications in virtual screening [ 2122 ] and in understanding important drug targets. Then open Chimera on your laptop to open the files. For this tutorial, we will use something similar to the following:.

Table 2 Comparison of different numbers of anchors to assess pose reproduction in SB The new RMSD metric contributes to the accurate reporting of DOCK successes and failures Manul S2and it has also been co-opted to serve as a scoring function or applied to molecular dynamics simulations.

An important assumption in cross-docking is that the aligned ligand pose in each receptor provides a physically reasonable RMSD reference for evaluating success or failure of off-diagonal elements.


2012 DOCK tutorial with Streptavidin

Our initial testing demonstrated that the torsion mamual cannot always satisfactorily resolve clashes between a ligand and receptor. Docking Forensic Tools Careful analysis of the docking process and outcomes, particularly the docking failures, is a means of discovering problems in or limitations of the DOCK codebase, input parameters, or structure preparation protocols.

An alternative way to generate the “monotonic” receptor file is to open the receptor. Keep most of the answers as the default values except for:. A key point from the present studies is that docking accuracy should be assessed in multiple ways e.

Cross-docking Methods The second key experiment, cross-docking, is an additional method for evaluating the pose reproduction ability of docking programs under different conditions. New input parameters have provided users more control over the number and identity of anchors that are used for docking Figure 6Table 2which may lead to faster, more efficient docking under doci6 present anchor-and-grow strategy. Hydrogens and protein atoms hidden for clarity. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Forli S, Olson AJ.

Thus, one potential strategy dokc6 reduce calculation time without reducing the success rate would be to use fewer anchors. Using this approach, the internal energy function could be called efficiently within the energy minimizer at every stage during anchor-and-grow.

It is important to emphasize that enrichment, per sedoes not require that docked poses be correct in terms of their experimental binding geometry, only that actives be rank ordered earlier than decoys for any given protocol. Principally among them is a new de novo design strategy which co-opts the existing anchor-and-grow manuql to assemble new molecules from fragments of pre-existing molecules.