First published in , Do or Die served the Corps through two world wars, training America’s elite soldiers and special agents in the art of. Do Or Die: A Supplementary Manual on Individual Combat [A.J. Drexel-Biddle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The timeless techniques. Results 1 – 30 of 56 Do or Die by Biddle, Drexel and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles Do or Die: A Supplementary Manual: A. J. Biddle.

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The best of these knife fighters are recorded to have been Gauls, who had been made slaves, as cie gladiators w r ere in ancient Rome. Eight years ago his doctor told him he would have to give up this strenuous schedule, or at least cut down on it, Biddle disagreed strongly. It breaks the knee-joint.

Owing to the gracious personal interest taken by each of these particularly Mile officers, die writer was at all times accorded every advan- l. Notwithstand- ing, tlie infinitely superior stance and mediod of the truly scien- tific knife vo traces directly back to Roman Amphitheatre days; then the dagger duellist fought to the death.

His daughter, Cordelia Drexel Biddle, worked x.j.biddle Kyle Crichton father of Robert Crichton to write a novel based on her family in The timeless techniques of the infantryman are demonstrated in this classic manual of hand-to-hand combat, which teaches soldiers how to win fights using bayonet fencing, knife fighting, jiu-jitsu, savate and boxing. He will submit to your authority. Not only must the infantryman create his own opportunities, but he must be im- bued more than ever with an aggressive spirit and a confidence hi hi” own superiority, because he must depend on his own huh ruefulness in battle.


Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle Sr.

In either position to which you then arrive by straightening up, with your still dke hand clasp you have your opponent in an imprisoned position through the twists of his arm which have been brought about through your own movements.

However, if you find a 1st edition in good condition, it is worth a lot on the collector’s market.

Deflecting path of bullet is the second phase. As in sword fencing or boxing the feet must not be too far apart to impede rapid movement in fencing, shifting front, or rear pacing, or side stepping. The career of Colonel Biddle, novel and varied, excites the imagination and challenges the adjective.

Read more Read a.j.bjddle.

He should come dirough a bayonet charge with blood on the blade hut with the rifle unsullied and a.j.bivdle. Colonel Biddle held the right one out and told its story.

Point and Butt from Square Guard Commands: With the shift he won the heavyweight champion- ship of the world over the late James J.

Hand Shakes To subjugate a man with the hand shake and with the decep- tion necessary in Jiu-Jitsu, take an especially tight grasp of his right hand and elevate it and slip the left hand underneath his right arm to a grasp on Lhe top of his left shoulder I Figure This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Smith, United Stales Marines.

An Interview with Col.

Do or Die (1944) A J Biddle

At the same moment, he lifts his right foot an inch from the ground and replaces it. The attacker follows this with a slash into die throat. Physical and spiritual development soon became Colonel Bid- dle’s mission in life. It is so graphically illustrated in Fig- ure 22 that a detailed description seems unnecessary. Paladin Press November 1, Language: Immediately pull him quickly forward so that his head is down.


His love of contact sports dates hack to the years when he won numerous amateur boxing titles, fighting as a heavyweight.

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Do or Die () A J Biddle : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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Hand cutting is a practically unknown art to the underhand or overhand dagger fighter, and the straight knife-hold stance of the skilled duellist places the underhand or overhand dagger fighter at a disad- vantage.

Look at the lineage this man produced. In any event, the throat is recommended as the ultimate target, although feints are more effectively executed to the body. Ducking or parrying are both too slow. M Whal was worse, though — it was a rusty blade. There are various 52 methods of wielding the knife in the many respective countries where the dagger is publicly and generally recognized as a standard weapon, and the overhand guard and stroke and the underhand guard and stroke are separately characteristic to particular races and are standardized and correct.

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