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On the contrary I am proud to say that we make freely available our technical and scientific know-how. The Five Phases of the Study The long term planning study has been divided into 5 different phases for each of the sectors to be analyzed.

San Francisco 48 Information networks and national Policy 3. Die Kosten sind unterschiedlich und beim jeweiligen Mldebogen zu erfragen. The conceptions are not coumensurable and the limit between formal and informal in- formation may sometimes be vague. I would like to assure the Israelis in elv audience that we view their place in the infrastructure of our Society and their contribution to Research and Development and to managerial decision-making as a vital one, which has meldwbogen fullest support.

Computers are gradually assuming importance as one of the most Indispensable modern tools for enhancing efficiency and speed in various operations and their number in the country has already exceeded two hundred.

At present the system is based on manual methods. Tho Japanese centre has another disadvantage because there the documentation is being done only in the Japanese language and is thuB not easily accessible to those resear- chers who do not know this language. Allocation of funds to information retrieval is customarily expressed as an arbitrary percentage of the meldeobgen budget.


The Israel Society of Special Libraries and Information Centres is to be congratulated on the organization of the Conference, which for jeldebogen a young organization Is no mean undertaking. Such computer retrieved information, which gives only the titles of the arti- cles, is often insignificant and gives lots of noise.

Creativity is traditionally measured by the production of scientific papers or by the assessment of his peers. A cautious investigation without disturbing interference of the informal flow of in- formation could perhaps give interesting results how Information really is transfer- red in some typical cases. If the balance is disturbed, the users nor- mally take necessary steps.


Scientists, who act informally, speak more freely about their work and plans, progress and mistakes. There are a number of plans by various organisations and institutions, both government and private, to install several third generation computers during the next few years, 4 Use of Computers for Information Processing A brief account Is given below of the result of a survey conducted by the authors on the application of computers to various library routines and documenta- tion work In the country.

To solve this problem, I would suggest that atleast one library in a country should acquire all current publications issued locally either by legal deposit or informational exchange. Third, there is need for an improvement in mechanisms for foster- ing coordination and cooperation within and among information systems organizations.

Das muss kein Widerspruch sein. Human resources It is generally believed that tile judgment of a scientist increases with age while creativity declines after peaking at an age which is typical for the discipline 0.

Nazi-Deutsch Nazi German: An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich

Additional investigation, however, has shown that the quality and number of users to be served has grown more rapidly than the services available. Sum up, prepare comprehensive report Oct. Sicherheitstraining auf der Rennstrecke? After having received the various contributions, the rather tedious task of moulding them dvl a uniform report followed.

Meldebogeh position outside Africa and Asia i. Today, aa I have already pointed out, we ara atill in tha pioneering ataga. This inter- national program was initiated by ICSU.

dlv meldebogen download

But most important, there was little awareness among information workers of the new trends and of the fact that responses to the needs of a techno- logist or an applied scientist differ from interaction with a scientist in an academic environment where time and cost benefits are not as important.

There are additional factors which play a role and in view of their applicability to developing countries in general, and those which are geographically remote from Centers of Science and Technology in particular, they seem worthy of men- tion. The Origin of Informal Information and Its Conversion to Formal Information A common reason to establish Informal Information Is that the formal channels do not correspond to the actual demands of the scientists.

This will help the L k TIS to use the output tapes by developing a matrix in computer memory to recognise the INIS character set to produce INIS Atomindex at local level, to compile retro- spective subject bibliographies and produce documentation lists. It is often difficult to estimate the relevancy of formal information for one’s own woi’k.


However, it is a modest effort to provide a base for the future growth, 5.

Informal channels generally give more selective information than formal channels. Since there are now many computerized data banks in existence statistical data of this kind dlg necessary if money is not to bo wasted in searching banks which offer little probability of success.

Of special Interest are the contact channels between the scientists, because these contacts very often deal with infor- mal scientific information. Informal infor- mation can probably Include a lot of different channels, which have a small audi- ence and sometimes can be expensive to use.

Whether it be UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization – with its declared aim of disseminating Information on technological Innovations originating In various countries and assisting In the practical application of this Information, or UNISIST – Universal System for Information In Science and Technology, a flexible network based on voluntary cooperation of existing and future Information services, or other organizations, we look ahead to their development into a functional tool of International cooperation In the flrld of Information services.

On the other hand, in dealings between meldrbogen which are net sinks of information, an attempt will be made to equate the cost of information received to that given. It la proposed that each oountry should establish a governmental agency at the national level to guide, stimulate and oonduot the development of information resources and that these agencies should adhere to the principles and goals of UNISIST.

Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass der Teilnehmer sein mdldebogen Gespann mitbringt. However, most cooperative international research and other programs seldom include in the plans, procedures, and pro- grams for the orderly dissemination of the generated information. A high degree of education will lead to rather few contacts inside the own research group but to many contacts with scientists outside the group.

Opportunities for information exchange and consultation with colleagues are thus severely restricted. Science Journal, 5A, llo.

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