A short description of the DISLIN features is given in Overview while a detailed description is available in the online manual and in the alphabetical list of all. This manual describes the data plotting library DISLIN written in the programming languages Fortran and C. The name DISLIN is an abbreviation for. DISLIN PDF Manual – DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces.

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Do not save the worksheet! You must read the user manual before continuing experiments.

Manuals | Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

Helmut suggested the following – this morning. This is because of other program settings.

You are a life saver. Don’t forget to show log. I’ll fix it now.

manyal Email Required, but never shown. Therefore it is necessary to follow exactly what I write. The problem is that dlink only takes as an argument the name of the main program.

DISLIN PDF Manual Free Download

What does the dlink command look like in this case? It seems that the Microsoft linker does not find this library. Thanks a lot and best regards Franco. Uninstalled everything using Windows uninstallthen deleted Smath directory and other directories linked to Smath I guess. If you do so, you might get around the function saving bug since functions will not be exposed to SMath directlyand more importantly, to incorporate all the formatting options into a settings menu instead of typing them one-by-one.


You should note which version you have, and use the matching as to bit-ness version of IFort. I have still problem due to my ignorance of the new Image region to visualize it in Smath.

I see that you are building in a folder that is under Program Files x Maybe you installed only the bit disin. Looks like we just might get the right plotting tool in SMath. Sign up using Email and Password. Wanna join the discussion?! Does this note about libcmt mean something? The library interface is ugly. VladimirF Those first two commands in the original post work perfectly for programs without any attached modules.

Compiler says it cannot find -ldislin despite everything being in the dislin folder, the libraries being installed correctly, and dlink having manial linked in the past. Moreover I do not find any log. Thanks to Andrey for the explanation.

Tested only with Win x I bought the really excellent manual whihc explains how to install the libraries.

Look at the contents. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. I am assuming dslin I will ask Helmut – but the libraries are 32 bit only. You cannot create polls in this forum. I fixed it, here is the solution if anyone needs it: You cannot post new topics in this forum.

Reinstalled again downloading the last release from the site That will cause all sorts of difficult to understand problems due to Windows restrictions. You mean to uninstall all Smath even if I am using actually an updated version of Smath portable.


Now you can press F9.

The order of calling functions is important. When attempting to link, there are then undefined references to the module. I reran the ifort and the lib command I also ran set lib and the janual are all shown on the attached png dielin. I’m just using Visual Studiowhere I don’t have such a problem. Set the additional library to the c: There is a bug in SMath Studio I think, we must wait until Andrey say something about saving function names with points. I get a stack of errors like this one.

Thank you for your hard work and time spent.

Downloading DISLIN Documentation

Smath Studio Desktop has stopped working. I forgot to say that you should not save the file! Aside note, crash occours if the output directory doesn’t exists; Best regards, Davide If you like my plugins please consider making a donation to SMath Studio. I am using Intel Dislni 15 – so I swapped to the m version of the library and it worked perfectly.


One of them – double majual. Davide Carpi Aside note, crash occours if the output directory doesn’t exists; You have to disable the auto recalculation, open the worksheet, change the directories, and then you can run the example provided by Viacheslav. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Restart SMath Studio if functions unavailable.