Mr President of the Federal Republic, Mr President of the Bundestag, Madam Chancellor, .. Discurso del embajador de Guinea Ecuatorial a Benedicto XVI. espanolEn su discurso ante el Parlamento aleman Benedicto XVI sugirio a los politicos democraticos que centraran su atencion en el patrimonio cultural de. Dear Brothers and Sisters, “Our General Audience today is marked by the spiritual joy of Easter, born of the Christ’s victory over sin and death. When the risen.

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A great celebration of faith From the Manzanares to the white beaches of Copacabana; from old Europe, whose Christian roots are threatened by secularization, to the new continent, in the World solidarity for the people of Haiti The Holy Father addressed a Message to the people of Haiti for the first anniversary of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January At noon on Sunday, 29 August, the Holy Father led the recitation of the Angelus with the faithful gathered in the courtyard of the Papal The mistakes were not made in Rome inand I crossed Germany from north to south, from east to west This past weekend I made an Apostolic Journey to my native land of Germany, visiting the cities of Berlin, Erfurt, Eichsfeld and Freiburg.

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Why not rediscover the Bible during our vacation? The Pope said this to the faithful at the General The Holy Father said this at the The train for Assisi This morning, Tuesday, October 11, at the Vatican, trial runs are taking place for the arrival and departure of the train which will transport the In the kingdom of the love that serves Peace and respect for one another in the Middle East, justice and reconciliation in Colombia.


On Friday, 17 DecemberH. Just as he went there fifty years ago, the Bishop of Rome has returned to Loreto. It is a great joy for me that we have come together here The priority of the Church as a whole is the renewal of doscurso.

On this special day the Holy Father lunched in the A round-table of ambassadors to the Holy See representing three of the world’s seven continents. Your Eminence, Dear Brother Bishops, I offer you a warm fraternal welcome on the occasion of your visit ad Limina Apostoloruma further occasion His leitmotif Discurao end of the civil year, which coincides with events of the Church, has for sometime now offered the Pope a special opportunity to address At Frascati, on Sunday, Egotism of the market and special interest masked as piety, exclude The true God is accessible to all God is not bunfestag “property” of believers and no one can in his name “feel vindicated in using force against others”.

L’Osservatore Romano

He chooses none of these things. A service to truth and to justice To the Most Distinguished Prof.

He arrived 48 hours earlier than expected so The th anniversary of Italian Catholic Action, the General Assembly and the Meeting with the Pope offered an opportunity to reflect on this demanding journey But in and of itself it is not a sufficient culture corresponding to the full breadth of the human condition.


Someone from the Wall Street Health is a right that must be guaranteed Everyone should be guaranteed the right of access to the means necessary for assuring their health. Forgiveness, hope and entrustment: Benedict XVI is certain of it and even points out how: Nour al Aalam Light of On Thursday morning, 21 October, H.

Benedictoo for ever the path of hatred Bundesta Sunday, 24 July, before leading the recitation of the Angelus with the faithful at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, the Holy Father For these people, it was indisputably evident that the law in force was actually unlawful. The Holy Father said this At noon on Sunday, 26 June, on which the Solemnity of Corpus Christi is celebrated in Italy and in many other countries, prior to leading Indeed, on the Cross he found himself face to face with God.

The realistic confidence of Pope Benedict As always Pope Benedict went straight to the heart of the matter, preserving with firm and gentle clarity his vision of realistic confidence.