This reading discusses advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented programming, which is a well-adopted programming style that uses interacting objects. OOAD is a technical method of analyzing and designing an or disadvantages you may consider when implementing OOAD into your own. Benefits of Object-Oriented Approach. Object-oriented databases make the promise of reduced maintenance, code reusability, real world modeling, and.

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It revolves disarvantages everything in the program being an ‘object’ and how it reacts to other ‘ … objects’. The analysis phase generates object-model diagrams, state diagrams, event-flow diagrams, and data-flow diagrams.

advantages and disadvantages of class diagrams in OOAD

Managers and programmers may also confused style with substance, forgoing information for the sake of a better-looking program, and abandon more traditional – if better working – design processes. Feel free to ask questions on our Oracle forum. It is easy to understand easier to maintain Code can be reuse in new applications Limitations Now you tell me this: Object-oriented system promise to be far more reliable than traditional systems, primarily because new behaviors can be “built” from existing objects.

Some developers and managers today believe that OOAD simply means defining classes, objects, and methods. The disadvantage and advantage is of oriented approach are many.

Object-oriented system tend to model the real world in a more complete fashion than do traditional methods. Object modelling develops the static structure of the software system in terms of objects. Now, we will look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of structured analysis approach and object-oriented analysis approach.

Object-oriented Development is not a technology – Although many advocates are religious in their fervor for object-oriented systems, remember that all the “HOOPLA” is directed at the object-oriented approach to problem solving, and not to any specific disaddvantages.


It can be a formal vision document, a written requirements statementinterviews with stakeholders or other interested parties, and other methods.

Other will say that the object-oriented method is only for graphical workstation systems, and that there is no pressing need for object-oriented system within mainstream business systems. These include missed deadlines, schedule slippage, and project failures. This different approach to architecture may work better with different management and scheduling techniques.

OOAD is often adopted because of the promise of increased productivity coupled with a shortened development schedule. Students enroll in classes.

This is due to expectations that Disadvabtages will reduce the complexity of programs and will provide architectural modularity.

The disadvantages of object oriented analysis and design

Finally, one of the disadvantages of object oriented analysis and design is that developers may ooa some education about OOAD, but not enough. The object model represents the artifacts of the system. No doubt that the potential benefits and advantages of OOAD are real. For example, the year Y2K problem may have been eliminated by identifying a date object within a system and accessing this object when you needed to date an operation.

OOAD – Object Oriented Analysis

Object-oriented analysis and design is a method of software design and programming. This may actually result in bigger problems. All legitimate Oracle experts publish their Oracle qualifications.

Cannot find qualified programmers and DBA’s When one investigates the general acceptance of object-oriented systems in the commercial marketplace, you generally find that most managers would like to see an object technology approach, but they do not have the time to train their staffs in object-oriented methods.


The functional model shows the processes that are performed within an object and how the data changes as it moves between methods.

The model is based on objects, rather than on data and processing. The goals are to reduce software development timereduce the time and resources required to support existing programs and applications, increase program code reuse, and from a business perspective to provide a competitive advantage to those organizations that implement it.

Some will say that they can reuse much of the object-oriented code that is created for a system, but many say there is no more code reusability in object-oriented systems than in traditional systems.

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This poses a problem in design, particularly if errors crop up or requirements change. Merge this question into. There is also the abandonment of traditional design processes, and not enough time is spent on the training of developers and programmers in this new approach.

However, these are just promises and in the real world some users find that the object-oriented benefits are not as compelling as they originally believed. This a … pproach is old and is not preferred Object Oriented Analysis Whereas in Object Oriented Analysis, the focus is more on capturing the real world objects in disadvantagds current scenario that are of importance to the system.


The initial cost of constructing the system is high, since the whole system needs to be designed at once leaving very little option to add functionality later.