Reviews of Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan, published in by Viking Anjum Hasan’s Difficult Pleasures is a collection of thirteen short stories, set in. Anjum Hasan’s Difficult Pleasures has been picked up by the excellent Brass Monkeys Books, an Australian-owned publishing house that has. ng to Anjum Hasan speak of her book, Difficult Pleasures, a collection of short stories published by Penguin. Anjum was in conversation with.

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Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan

These are stories you’d want to come back to on a rainy day and reread them again and again. The issue at hand is not about language, but rather on the role of the unsaid in relations between people who appear to have closed off all possibilities of re-engagement. She prefers to remain in her familiar space, and even as her art receives the attention of an expert scout, she feels comfortable in her self-enclosed world.

We can learn a thing or two from them.

Though a few stories failed to move, the others more than made up for them. An economist with an extremely busy itineray, Banerjee has no time to spare.

Content Marketing That Works. Filed under BooksReviews. December 31, Man nabbed in WGH for killing, eating monkey There are POVs ranging from that of a kid to an adult. And how acceptance eventually finds it’s place. It becomes too quick sometimes to express emotions in a short story. Some stories were dufficult gems, others just petered out blandly. Oct 16, Vasav Dave rated it it was amazing.

But even then, Lunatic In My Head is yet to be bettered. Prev Post KSU yet to receive influx panel letter. Notify me of new posts via email. Nov 13, Nishant Jha rated it did not like it.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In “Good Housekeeping,” hasaan example, the prose conjures a difficult-to-forget scene, full of unusual light: To me, very few authors can capture the ‘need to escape and the longing to belong’ as well as Anjum Hasan.


Book review of Anjum Hasan’s Difficult Pleasures

Anjum Hasan is one of the smartest contemporary Indian writers. Cong protests slow rescue operation in Meghalaya coal m Lists with This Book. Jun 13, Sushovan rated it really liked it.

Up until now there has not been a single story that gave me the feeling of wanting to know more; I was mostly disinterested. The two stories that had children as protagonists was a ankum too infuriating for me and as usual I was ranting mentally against “adults”. This book is strongly recommended if you have loved short stories of Jhumpa Lahiri.

The author has portrayed the emotions of these children beautifully. The back dfificult was lit by generous golden slabs of the rare English sun.

Anjum Hasan launches Difficult Pleasures in city – The Shillong Times

Leave a comment Filed under BooksReviews. Why do they do it? Some inspire and others leave you with a shudder. At the beginning of the story, he is contemplating settling down in Paris after a life of hectic touring in the coveted cities of the world, and it is at this juncture that his ordered lifestyle meets an unexpected roadblock: Apr 09, KhepiAri rated it really liked it.

This site uses cookies. No one seems to be telling these stories; they are dream-like. I am disappointed; after an out-of-the-world-experience with ‘Lunatic In My Head’ by the same author my expectations were sky-high and they came tumbling down with ‘Difficult Pleasures’ as I flipped the last page and slammed this book shut.

Completely baseless and senseless collection of short-stories! Janice Pariat announced that she would be launching her book in Shillong next month. Stories hasaj for the most part explore the dangerous territory in relationships, anhum before the roof collapses under the weight of the monsoon rain. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The need for performance, called upon by the European scout Frieda and its complete lack in Mrs Ali is the ironic counterpoint that Hasan invests in so much, and it is this mapping of the world and the individual at odds that stands out, making the story so fresh and invigorating.


Feb 17, Meetu rated it it was amazing. Like with most collections of shorts, especially when there’s only nasan, this one has its ups and downs. This is especially commendable because the characters vary in age, socio-economic class, mindset, location and many other factors. We get a small share of the proceeds — every little bit will help us continue bringing you the content you like!

When reading ‘Lunatic In My Head’ I found my thoughts and ideas reflected in her writing; probably, an assumption I safely made, the author and I trace our roots to the same city and are presently settled in the same city and I could actually sense, see and f I am disappointed; after an out-of-the-world-experience with ‘Lunatic In My Head’ by the same author my expectations were sky-high and they came tumbling down with ‘Difficult Pleasures’ as I flipped the last page and slammed this book shut.

A collection of thirteen short stories and I found it difficult to seek any pleasure by reading ‘Difficult Pleasures’. Jan 02, Nbanner rated it really liked it. The bordered, army-ed entity called India is given fascinating dimensions through the thirteen stories she has penned here. And my attempt to use this form to explore the many different kinds of urban lives that I’m curious about. Jan 30, Sayantan Ghosh rated it liked it.

She isn’t excellent, but good enough to make me want to pick up her other books.

I found uasan incomplete! Oct 26, Smita Sahay rated it really liked it. Collection of thirteen short stories of destructive nostalgia, passive sadness, domestic revenge, menacing menopause, first love, happy adultery, parent-child relationship and pleasure of course.