Heinrich von Ofterdingen ; Die Lehrlinge zu Sais has 24 ratings and 1 review. Novalis (* 2. Mai auf Schloss Oberwiederstedt; März in Weißen. Die Lehrlinge zu Sais (German Edition) [Novalis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Novalis: Die Lehrlinge zu Sais Edition Holzinger. Die Lehrlinge zu Sais (German Edition) [Novalis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Novalis: Die Lehrlinge zu Sais Taschenbuch Berliner.

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The aggregate of which–what sets us in motion–man terms nature, and therefore nature stands in an immediate relation to the limbs of our body, which relation we term the senses.

For them nature possesses the varied plenitude of an infinite spirit, all the more so while the cleverest and most quick-witted of their fellow men is busy springing on them his ingenious feints and sallies, encounters and diversions, puffed-up ideas and eccentric notions.

Thought is but a dream of feeling, a vanished feeling; a being of dim, pale-gray cast.

The Philosophical Worldview Artist: A Translation of “Die Lehrlinge zu Sais” by Novalis

They follow the trail of the natural philosophers in order to gather up any such jewels as the lehhrlinge may have inadvertently let fall in the course of their innocently exuberant progress; to their love the ever-empathetic poet pledges himself, and he seeks by means of his song to transplant this love, this germinating seed of the golden age, to other climes and epochs. How fortunate would our cities, lapped by the sea or some mighty river, then fancy themselves; while every headwater would be rendered love’s sanctuary and the abode of men of skill and genius.

This longing constitutes a mysterious impulse radiating outwards in all directions from lehrlijge focal point situated within the infinite depths of our innermost selves. How many a human being stands on the brink of the heady flow and hears not the lullaby of these maternal waters; and enjoys not the enchanting play of their infinite undulations!

I am, moreover, less skillful than the others, and the treasures of nature seem more reluctant to zi themselves up to my discovery. Once upon a time, well towards evening, there lived the youngest of young men. First, he passed through a savage, mountainous country; the road was traversed by mists and clouds; storms raged incessantly; then, he happened upon some unsightly deserts of red-hot sand; and the farther he wandered, in like proportion was his soul transformed; time slowed down for him and lehrlingge inner tumult subsided; he became calmer, and the violent agitation within him by degrees became a gentle, albeit firm, urge to press on, an urge that absorbed his entire soul.

MarcWinter rated it it was amazing May 14, With the help of these acquired insights he will fashion himself leehrlinge system of the application of these means to every individual–a system founded on experiment, analysis, and comparison; he will go so far as to adopt this system as a kind of second nature, and then set about his singularly rewarding business with enthusiasm.

His parents lamented and shed tears; Rosebud remained in her chamber and wept lehrlingge.

Gedichte / Die Lehrlinge Zu Sais

He was most virtuous, but also odd beyond all measure. An intimacy of association with beasts, plants, rocks, tempests, sea-billows needs must give fair warning of the existence of man to these objects; and this forewarning, transformation and dissolution of the divine and the human into refractory forces constitutes the spirit of of that terrible, omnivorous power known as nature; and does not each and every thing that one beholds amount, in effect, to an immense ruin of former glories, to the leftovers of some grisly repast?


A person who was born blind will never learn to see, however much one would like to tell him of light and color and shapes beyond his reach. Dis your first kiss lehrlinve whole new world will open up to you; with that kiss, life will rush into your enraptured heart from a thousand points of the compass. For is it not true that stones and forests hearken to music and, tamed thereby, acquiesce in its will like so many beasts of burden?

He who understands it, and knows how to analyze it by way of the most involved and rigorous chains of thought, is nature’s eternal master. And now the surrounding country became more fertile and varied, the air mild and blue, the road more smoothly paved; green thickets tempted him with winsome shadows, but he could not understand their language; nor did they even seem to saiis, and yet they filled his heart with shades of green and a cool, silent essence. Under their hands, the companionable Nature of old has expired, leaving behind only her lifeless, twitching remains; whereas lehlringe the poet, as if by the agency of some ingenious wine, endowed her with new life; he has given ear to her divinely animate fancies and exalted her above the level of quotidian existence, lehrlihge has ascended to heaven, danced and prophesied, welcomed every guest, and squandered the treasures of her joyous spirit.

It may well account for our by no means inconsequential belief in the indolence and intransigence of leurlinge bodies. The auspicious native aptitude of such a natural temperament must, through unremitting diligence from youth onwards, through solitude and silence for garrulity does not sit well on constancy of attention lehrlonge such a one lehrlinfe, I say, be supported and instructed by a humble, childlike demeanor and indefatigable patience. Mai auf Schloss Oberwiederstedt; To be sure, this voice issued from our teacher, for it is within his ken to concentrate those currents that everywhere and in everything are diffused.

No one’s mind is obliged to take a nap, and while not aais minds are equally awake, yet all of them are obliged to respond to stimuli and not to rest in a state of suffocated torpor. His heart throbbed in infinite longing, and the sweetest xu pervaded him in this abode of eternal seasons. From solitude flee joy and desire alike: The perceptions of his senses crowded together in massive, variegated images: He knew not whither his yearnings impelled him.

But he hardly knows that we belong together, and that none of us can survive in the absence of the others. By degrees, his inner tumult subsides; did upwards, over the dark, mutually-breaking waves, there seems to soar a spirit of peace, whose advent is heralded by a new valor, and a serene loftiness of perspective, in the youth’s soul.

No sooner had he grown up, than he began to roam about; surveyed other countries, other seas, new atmospheres, foreign stars, unfamiliar plants, beasts, people; descended into caves; discerned the execution of an architectural plan in the mud-banks and variegated strata of the earth, and in the molding of clay into curious rock-formations. This understanding is the endowment of the natural historian, of the prophet of the ages, who, being well-versed in nature’s narrative, and well- acquainted with the world, that higher theater of natural history, perceives and sagely preaches the gospel of its significances.


With creative violence they set in motion these vibrations, these images of all world-phenomena; and with justice it could be said of them that the life of the universe was a never-ending conversation among a thousand voices; for in their speech lehrpinge forces, all forms of activity, seemed to be united in the most inconceivable fashion. It is as though they are intended to show me the way to the place where the maiden whom my soul longs for lies in deepest sleep.

Do the fairest flowers not actually blossom in the presence of the beloved, and do they not saia in the privilege of thus adorning saus Want to Read saving….

Refresh and try again. The artist quite properly gives pride of place to activity, inasmuch as his essence consists in acting and engendering through knowing and willing, and his art consists in employing everything as his own instrument, and in contriving to imitate nature in his own fashion; and hence, activity becomes the governing principle of his world, and his world his art.

He would behold the stars and plot their courses and positions in the sand. Thus, just as one shall discover neither the smallest kernel diie solid bodies, nor the most elementary thread, for all vastness is lost amidst the infinity that lies both beyond and behind it, so too is it with respect to the various classes of bodies and forces; here, too, one alights upon new classes, new structures, new phenomena ad infinitum.

The rest complained of terrible agonies and sorrows, and bewailed the loss of the ancient, glorious life in the bosom of nature, when they were united by a common freedom, and each of them received according to his lehrllinge needs. You must make her your vassal. The Novices at Sais 1. Nikonneunzig rated it it was amazing Aug 12, They strove to regain their freedom, their old-established relations. Now, there are those to whom this endless pursuit of the ramifications of nature seems to be hardly worth the effort; and, moreover, to amount to a perilous undertaking devoid of profit and issue.

Thus, everything is to us a massive text whose key is in our possession, and nothing can catch us off our guard; for we have preemptively come to understand the operation of the whole massive clockwork.

So, too, have our inner selves only gradually splintered into their present manifold faculties, and with uninterrupted practice this splintering shall likewise continue apace. He was forever worrying, time and again, about nothing; he passed his days in silence; he would sit by himself when others were frolicking and gay, and abandon himself to curious preoccupations.

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