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The plasma versions of these traditional vesk weapons use the same popular naming convention as other plasma weapons. Instead of representing some physical geography, the map represents the social space of the encounter.

Diaspora SRD

It only requires that the downtime exists. Artillery lasers are heavy weapons designed to be effective against wrd targets such as Vehicles and enemy bunkers. A ship that travels at speeds two V-shifts lower is conserving r-mass to maximize effective travel range. The Sequence outlines the order of combat, and is presented both in outline and with detailed explanations. Is it a shoot out in zrd airport?

Is there a difference in tech level between two sides? If Beams were not doaspora, then there must be a trained crew member available to man the beams in this phase: Weapons of the same type are of similar size and have similar mechanical properties. It does not imply anything about how much time it takes to ply the space lanes—presumably the combination of V-shift and Trade value on the ship describe how it makes its money.

There are many Skills from which characters can choose, most of which represents a specific area of learned knowledge.

Aspects on the zones can indicate the other people involved. Plasma pistols fire a line of ionized plasma out to a relatively short range. As these rolls are persistent through the phase, it can be handy to note them on the ship card or use a coloured or sided die set to the result.


If it is not free-taggable, he may remove it with a maneuver against himself at target zero. Following an overburn, srv ship has an effective V-shift 0 until it can re-supply. Fueling almost all interactions in Diaspora is the fate point economy. Basic melee weapons can be easily used by almost anyone and generally require no special training. Ships may elect to spend their time speculating, which introduces the potential for greater gains and greater losses!

Ultrathin daggers have sharp, double-edged blades. The words only applicable directly when a single character acts. Though persistent, defensive rolls are distinct from offensive rolls and should be recorded separately.

Weapons – Starjammer SRD

If this is the wrd time the character has been hit in this session, the damage is to both Health and Composure stress tracks as per the First Blood section below. Weapons are generally listed in their associated categories, which group weapons that function and deal damage similarly and which sometimes have special rules that apply to ard such weapons such as laser or plasma weapons.

The thinness and lightness of daggers make them easy to carry or conceal. The caller shall assign each player, including himself, one or two systems.

Tethering need not be physical, and any viable picture may be used to describe it: I’m most familiar with Swords and Wizardry. Cryo weapons generate blasts of supercooled gas that can damage or incapacitate a target. These may be useless successes. In some contexts the shifting of gravity can lead to interesting play environments. Combat occurs in phases. And remember, if you forced the Consequence you can tag it once for free! Only cartridges of ammunition and melee weapons that deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage can be made out of special materials.


Intimate zones are often objectives you want to get someone to reveal valuable information, and so you want to maneuver them into intimate, trusting conversation.

What games do you know of that have free, and legal, SRD’s and PDF’s? : rpg

Hammer heads can be custom-made with designs or logos imprinted on the surface. The traditional fiaspora of the vesk, the doshko is composed of one to four triangular blades arranged in a row and attached to a long haft. Creativity can be rewarded, djaspora when the benefits come at the level of role-playing, rather than at the level of the specific combat sub-games. There are several rewards to the inclusion of the referee in this process.

Not all weapons and ammunition have all the entries listed here. Combat in Diaspora is lethal. Weapons fall into subgroups that indicate how a given weapon deals damage. Cheaper and less elegant than a ripper dueling sword, a fangblade is closer to an industrial chainsaw, with a toothed, motor-driven chain wrapped around its blade.

Laser weapons emit highly Focused beams of light that deal fire damage. Rules These rules can be viewed in greater detail here.

When you want an action to succeed but have the degree of success or failure determine diasora long it took, the referee should set the difficulty and the base time needed to resolve picked from the Time Track in the sidebar. If you can bring more people into the hobby, thats far more valuable than you spending a tenner.

During set-up in the detection phase, any two ships or more in the same band may but need not be in formation, if the players controlling the ships so choose.

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