The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer has ratings and reviews. ✨Tamara said: Amazing read!My Life at Rose Red is a coming-of-age novel framed in horror. A mysterious and haunting spirit lurks within the walls of Rose Red, the setting for Stephen King’s upcoming ABC miniseries tie-in by the same name. Built on a. The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red is a rare document, one that gives us an unusual view of daily life among the aristocracy in the early s.

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As haunted house books go, this one had an interesting premise but I didn’t find the story interesting. Well, nothing, except marry a womanizing pig, albeit a rich one, contract syphilis from his diart ways, and then spend the rest of her life punishing him for it by spending his money on the never ending expansion of Rose Red.

Going back, Ellen has a “best friend” named Sukeena. I own this book, but audio-ed it this time.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

Edited by Joyce Reardon, Ph. I enjoyed reading it over the Thanksgiving break. I finished the book out of mild curiosity to see how the story played out and because I needed the Supernatural bingo square for the Halloween Bingo. Ellen was in touch with her sexuality and even found pleasure with her chambermaid, Sukeena. But these ended, and the house fell into disrepair. Presumably the idea was inspired fed the Winchester Mystery house, but the idea of an ever-growing house that eats people is a more interesting idea than the tale of eose abusive marriage it reflects here, imo.

So it was chosen the old fashioned way, without resort to pre-release info, review-page or online investigation. Mar 07, Farrah rwd it really liked it Shelves: Additionally, as the story moved on, the characters became more and more exaggerated, to the point that it began to feel cartoonish. For other uses, see The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer disambiguation. It complaments the movie very rosse if you have seen the movie by all means read this companion book.



The exotic locales, the protagonist’s strange husband, and Ellen’s internal life lifr all very real and fascinating. Many servants disappeared and one of John Rimbauer’s friends died solarium from an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Liffe the story was just barely interesting enough to finish once I started reading it, it’s not worth starting. At the turn of the twentieth century, Ellen Rimbauer became the young bride of Seattle industrialist John Rimbauer, and began keeping a remarkable diary.

And not only Red Rose is alive but people mysteriously disappears. It just doesn’t keep up this pace, and devolves slowly into nonsense. And indeed other’s lives along with it! Sometimes there are ghosts but other times there are visions. Aug 15, Sistermagpie rated it did not like it. Footage from the flashback sequences in the miniseries were also used in the mockumentary. Lady of house American mansion disappears.

Really I don’t have anything good to say about the book except it looked intriguing from the front cover. Reardon directs nosy reader’s to a website in order to read these passages. This book really held my attention. Retrieved 6 February Purple prose, fluttering hands, and swooning galore. Nothing terribly deep, nothing terribly innovative, but an oddly soothing, almost old-fashioned, haunted house tale. I smell a cop-out on the part of the writer here.

Considering this was written as promotional material for a TV movie, there’s actually something to The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer. This page was last edited on 10 August ted, at We live under a magnifying glass. It was truly awful.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red by Joyce Reardon

After a life-changing seance, Ellen came to believe that if she never stopped building the house, she would be immortal and never die.

Additionally, while the story shies away from the big obvious scares; leaving you with mysterious disappearances and a dearth of any kind of gore, it doesn’t provide scares in any significant other ways, either. If I were a nine-year old girl in some pre-internet culture, who had never read any worthwhile fiction, I would love this book. They barely even exist! I mostly gave this two stars based on the novel’s very strong and interesting start if not for that it would most definitely have been a one star book.


The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red – Wikipedia

The romantic woman, Ellen, was in the forefront fo This diary belongs in everyone’s personal library. I suppose this is one of the downsides to the multimedia book idea that I enjoyed with Night Film. The Best Books of The Complete Stephen King Universe: Promising characters are tossed aside too soon, and as the narrator’s madness grows, we start to wonder where all of her rex friends and her family are in all this.

It lacks King’s style, and I’m surprised that any fan of his would think this was the case more than five pages in.

Considerations of corporate responsibility in the world markets, and an amazing openess to other cultures, combined with a virtual Our Bodies Our Selves enlightenment on things feminine conspire to give the game away.

And like a mother who could never leave her child she remained in even more pain waiting for her lost daughter to come back to her.

Trying to recall the movie I had watched depicted after Stephen King’s version I can’t quite place the two together. Certain parts of the book were “edited out,” and placed on a website somewhere, for reasons I don’t truly understand. The biggest problem was the narrator, diagy me. Ellen and Sukeena became close, and Sukeena accompanied the Rimbauers back to the United States to work full-time at the now-completed Rose Red.

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