Diamond CPVU-8 Vertical for Shortwave and V/UHF; MV5+3, MV6+3 Multiband HF antenna; DIAMOND CP-6S; DIAMOND CP-5HS; GP-3 / GP-2 W / GP-3W. Diamond Antenna CP5H antennas are 5-band (40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meter) trap vertical antennas with trap radials. Their light weight ( lbs.). 7/14/21/28/50MHz (40m/20m/15m/10m/6m) 29MHz FM Max. power rating: W SSB (7MHz), W SSB (14/21MHz), W SSB (28/29/50MHz) Impedance.

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I assembled the antenna, just as it was taken down leaving all the radials as they were and a quick tune around showed no difference to the tune from 2.

I choose the CP-5HS on the reputation of their antennas quality. The radiator is grounded, thus preventing static discharge. I narrowed my options to Cushcraft, Comet and Diamond. Register for a free QRZ account. Add to shopping cart. Gain on 2m is 2. Requires a simple coax tuner for operation, the built in tuners usually work well, in some cases a tuner extender e.

Like any such antenna it requires a good counterpoise radials, conducting surface.

Diamond CP5H any thoughts? | QRZ Forums

Thoughts or past experience is appreciated. If I had this to do over again, I would definitely try a Dipole first. The early quality control issues were put to bed and the antenna was taken down in April and has remained in its box until it was pressed into action for a Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society Foundation Course operating practice and demonstration. K6FIJan 17, Includes solder lugs on one end for easy connection to ground post.


Diamond CP5H any thoughts? Nothing great but it does prove that the antenna works. Following that effort and over this past weekend, I did manage to make a couple of contacts.

Diamond CP-5HS Antenna

I will look into the R G4ILOJan 18, I worked all continents with diamond CP-5H in 6, 10, 15 and 20 meters phone end cw in this bands the range is good. Keep up the good work, Diamond. For operation on HF no further radials are required! A wire antenna withe the same principle is the Diamond BB-6W.

So 80 is no great loss. So it would be worth getting some stuff to try to prevent that, when you assemble it. This reduces the influence of the mast to resonance of the radials, which in turn eases the tuning of the radials. Email Subscription You cp-5gs not subscribed to this review.

Both signal reports were just above the noise level, so performance isn’t spectacular, especially since I’m only running watts. Already have many European contacts in the log including 40m.

The resonance frequencies are adjusted for each band separately except 10 and 12m, which influence each other slightly and might require a tuner. So nice and stable and it did a great job for the day, lots of band activity and little band noise due to a good location away from electrical noise sources, ADSL etc.


The antenna works on all bands as a quarter wave vertical. Includes a radial kit of PVC coated copper wire one radial per band.

On some bands a simple tuner is required, the built-in tuners of many rigs are usually sufficient.

Whether the price agrees with the performance remains to be seen. Uses PVC coated braided copper wire 1. Was a bit scared purchasing a vertical trap, but living in base housing means space restricted.

Various shortwave antennas for HF

One item I did not see mention was what hight should this be mounted to. Xp-5hs have the older discontinued Diamond m CP6 and is not finiky at all, easy to install and logs DX quite easily I was shocked by the fit and finish of the antenna when I’ve receive it.

Simple installation, no alignment required. I was VERY pleased.

Diamond CP-5HS Antenna | My new Diamond CP-5HS vertical fiveā€¦ | Flickr

A small antenna for radio amateurs with space restrictions. Might I suggest a Cushcraft? Appreciate the feedback and I will check out the Hustler. Includes mast clamps 30 to 62mm and PL connector.