Get this from a library! Dhammapada, Pali-Sinhala-Tamil-English version. [Amara Hewamadduma; Madhyama Saṃskr̥tika Aramudala (Sri Lanka); Sri Lanka. Dhammapada is one of the greatest literary products of Buddhist literature and philosophy. It is considered by many as Buddha’s own teaching and hence. For the Sinhala scholar and for those who have come to be identified as the work on the Dhammapada (one of the central texts of the Buddhist canon). Thus.

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He made a suggestion to another sknhala. Amazing way to read the bible in telugu language. He then related the cause of his discontent. The illusive nature of worldly happiness and the kind of life one should lead in such a deluded world are shown in these chapters. Thereupon the Buddha explained that the Arahant had not done so with evil dhammapadz but through force of habit from past lives, and on that occasion He uttered this verse.

If aught should be done, let one do it. As the jasmine creeper sheds its withered flowers, even so, O bhikkhus, should you totally cast off lust and hatred.

Some monks who were spending their time in a frontier city led a life of discomfort as the people were busy fortifying their city to guard themselves from bandits.

by Ven Nàrada

The wisdom implicit in these sacred verses is timeless and is universally applicable. The book comes in an attractive slip-case, with an illustration depicting one of the most serene images of the Buddha adorning the cover. Xhammapada he was chafing under the Holy Life he was taken to the Buddha. Better it is to do a good deed, after doing which one does not grieve.


Ignore Case Separate multiple keywords with a space. The bhikkhu who has retired to a lonely abode, who has calmed his mind, who perceives the doctrine clearly, experiences a joy transcending that of men.

Sinhala Jukebox – Featured Artist Pages – Dhammapada Complete Audio CD

The gift of Truth excels all other gifts. The very last verse is alone sufficient for an ideal Bhikkhu for his whole life time. The Buddha patiently endured their reproach and preached to them.

Control, therefore, your own self as a merchant controls a noble steed. Though a racial term here it is applied either to a Buddha or an Arahant — to one who has completed the Way and has won Enlightenment. The Buddha, hearing their story, uttered this verse. This is available in Sinhala and Chinese versions as well. How the Buddha exercises His psychic powers to transform a lust-ridden, mentally sick Bhikkhu to a pure, spiritually dhhammapada individual is evident from the story of prince Nanda, His step-brother, and the verses uttered concerning him.

Dhammapada CD Set – Sinhala. A goddess, who had her abode in the cave, made a false accusation against him in order to drive him away. What is the use of your antelope skin garment? A monk was very calm and quiet and his composed demeanour attracted the attention of the other monks.


A wealthy man retired from the world and attained Arahantship. The Buddha replied that the bond of craving was a thousand times stronger. He saw the woman following the Arahant. A poor ploughman who had for his only possessions his loin cloth and his plough became a monk.

But his mother dissuaded him from doing so. Best among men are the trained who endure abuse.

Thereupon the Buddha advised them to do no evil. By self do you examine yourself.

If you get a prudent companion who is fit to live with you, who behaves well and is wise, you should live with him joyfully and mindfully, overcoming all dangers. His brothers came and sinha,a the Buddha for converting him.

When they were engaged in meditation the Buddha projected an image of Himself before them dhammxpada in admonition uttered these verses. But before long he attained Arahantship. Today with attentiveness I shall completely hold it in check, as a mahout holds in check an elephant in must.