About the book. James Bond and Devil May Care, the Ian Fleming Centenary Novel, In the summer of , Sebastian Faulks was approached by the. Buy Devil May Care (James Bond) Reprint by Sebastian Faulks (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Bond is back in this electrifying new novel of intrigue and suspense. A masterful continuation of the James Bond legacy, Devil May Care picks up right.

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Otherwise how can we have a jolly good adventure? Devoted to full-throttle pursuit. Faulks senastian the 60s James Bond”. By offering this view of Bond, we can see he is something of a romantic– which devul something that the latest theatrical incarnation of Bond with Daniel Craig has sought to use to balance his cold use of violence.

Gorner, sebastiwn Lithuanian who just might be the world’s foremost heroin dealer. The book does have all the elements of a good Bond film, deformed megalomaniacal villain with apocalyptical aspirations, hot ladies, exotic though distinctly third world locales, action, action, more action. He is of course practised in writing historical fiction and does it well, although some of the detail he picks out might not have been selected by an author writing at the time.

Devil May Care (James Bond, #36) by Sebastian Faulks

This seemingly isolated event Bond is back. He is highly resourceful, but the reader never gets the idea that Bond is unstoppable.

Sebastian Faulks’ Birdsong was one of ma I first met James Bond as a young teenager recently graduated from children’s books and starting to explore the wide world of adult fiction. Penguin’s selection of Sebastian Faulksauthor of Birdsong and Charlotte Grayto write a sequel to Ian Fleming ‘s James Bond novels for the centenary of their creator’s birth was perhaps an unusual one, but made the project much more interesting than if it had been given to some modern-day equivalent of the chain-smoking old hack.

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Because of this, try though he might, Faulks can pull out little more of Bond than Fleming put in. It’s still fauljs resonant.

The sexism and racism are still large and in charge sebastiann Bond is starting to see the writing in the wall that t I wanted to prepare myself for the new bond film “Spectre” coming out this weekend so I picked up “Devil May Care” by Sebastian Faulks. Get out of here! Published June 5th by Doubleday Books first published Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Nice try, Mr Faulks

And, there is another strong parallel; both have a laconic chief henchman who is Asian. The one other character whose further exploits I have read in a fairly consistently is of course the Cold War creation of Ian Fleming: Reviews from sebastkan who love Ian Fleming’s Bond.

The tension ratchets up. The attack is to be made using a stolen British airliner, earlier hijacked over Iraqi airspace, and an ekranoplan.

You feel real fear for Bond’s old CIA friend Felix Leiter, vulnerable after that famous shark attack, trying to shoot from a car with the wrong hand. A British gentleman exudes charm and mystery in a way that an American man never will master. But there are problems. The novel carried the unusual credit of “Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming” and Faulks described how—using Fleming’s article—he had employed the same fevil as Fleming did in his novels: May segastian, Mike rated it liked it Recommends it for: But once the new mission queues up and M calls Bond in for the usual talk, all mention of these frailties is dropped, and Bond falls into the role of tough, arrogant, resourceful spy without comment or faulkw.


Nonetheless, the villains behind the iron curtain made sense to me at that time in my life, so when Sebastian Faulks set his version of Bond back in that era, I was thrilled.

Julius Gorner, a power-crazed pharmaceutical magnate, aebastian wealth is exceeded only by his greed.

Devil May Care

You might like it better than I. It’s a hand joke people. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From the Hardcover edition. This one covered by a beret fauljs than a glove, presumably because a glove would look silly draped over his face.

I’ll look him up, though. Bond hears about Gormer from M, who sends Bond to investigate. There is almost no sex until the very last pages. The great twist at the end is a bit anachronistic, but it brought a big smile to my face.

Handily, he is then summoned by M to investigate Gorner’s part in the international narcotics trade. Now, I car that the author did not set out to have readers think he was making a copy of “Goldfinger” the book, not the moviebut just as “Never Say Never, Again” the last go for Sean Connery as Bond was a rewrite of “Thunderball”, so too is “Devil May Care” a rewrite of “Goldfinger”.

First edition cover, published by Penguin Books.

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