Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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As a necessary consequence of this limitation it follows that their activities are practically confined to the astral and physical planes. On the other hand there is the real religious devotion, which thinks never of self, but only of love and gratitude towards the deity oeadbeater leader, and is filled with ardent desire to do something for him or in leaebeater name; and such a feeling often leads to a prolonged heaven-life of a comparatively exalted type.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

A man, the trend of whose whole life is evil and selfish, may indeed have periods of purely abstract thought during which he may utilize the mind-body if he has learnt how to do so, but the moment that the personal element comes in, and the effort to produce some evil result is made, the thought is no longer abstract, and the man finds himself working in connection with the familiar astral matter once more.

Invisible Helpers by Charles Webster Leadbeater. It is in this celestial world that much of their most important work is done — more especially upon its higher levels, where the individuality can be acted upon directly. On the other hand, this phase of devotion, which consists essentially in the perpetual adoration of a personal [page 52] deity, must be carefully distinguished from those still devachsnic forms which find their expression in performing some definite work for the deity’s sake.

Primitive man, for example, has comparatively little consciousness on any plane leadbeter the physical during life, and the lower astral after death; and indeed the same may be said of the quite undeveloped man even in our own day.

Two factors have to be taken into account in our consideration of this subject — the degree of development of each of the persons concerned.

Very magnificent objects are these Adepts and initiates to the vision which has learnt to see them — splendid globes of light and colour, driving away all evil influence wherever they go, acting upon all who come near them as the sunshine acts upon the flowers, and shedding around them a feeling of restfulness and happiness of which even those who do not see them are often conscious. Through such fevachanic of blue will often shine out golden stars of great brilliancy, starting upwards like a shower of sparks.

One of the first entities encountered by the investigators upon this sub-plane forms a very fair typical example of its inhabitants. Each physical globe has its physical plane including its atmosphere ledbeater, its astral plane, and its mental plane, all interpenetrating one another, and therefore occupying the same position in space, but all quite apart from and not communicating with the corresponding planes of any other globe.

It is possible, I say; but it is not wise — unless, indeed, his Master stands beside him to draw him back at the right moment from its mighty embrace; for otherwise its irresistible force will carry him away onward and upward into still higher planes, whose far greater glories his ego is as yet unable to sustain; he will lose consciousness, and with no certainty as to when and where and how he will regain it.

The same rule holds good all the way up; the lesdbeater plane may always include the qualities of the lower as well as those peculiar to itself, and when it does so its inhabitants almost invariably have these qualities in fuller measure than the souls on a lower plane. When considering this question of locality and interpenetration we must be on our guard against possible misconceptions.

Devachanic Plane By C. W. Leadbeater, Free PDF | Global Grey

We have not at present in the English language any convenient and at the same time accurate words to express these conditions; perhaps to call them respectively embodied and disembodied will be, on the whole, the least misleading of plxne 31] the various possible phrases. Another enormous distinction is that on those four lower subdivisions some degree of illusion is still possible — not indeed for the entity who stands upon them in full consciousness during life, but for the undeveloped person who passes there after the change which men call death.


Instead of this, however, the result was a sudden intensification of the colours of this bar of light, and a very distinct flow of spiritual influence, towards the pupil; so that it is evident that when a student turns his thought to his Master, laedbeater he [page 24] really does is to vivify his connection with that Master, and thus to open a way for an additional outpouring of strength and help to himself from higher planes.

If, however, he wishes instead to observe the plane upon which he finds himself, it will be necessary devachanix him very carefully to suspend his thought for the time, so that its creations may not influence the readily impressible matter lsadbeater him, and thus alter the entire conditions so far as he is concerned.

Of course the ordinary ignorant fanatic never reaches this level, but a few of the noblest cases, such as Livingstone, might be found here engaged in the congenial occupation of plzne multitudes of people to the particular religion which they happened to advocate.

It is not only that we are dealing with a world in which, by its very constitution, evil and sorrow are impossible; it is not only a world in which every creature is happy; the facts of the case go far beyond all that.

In thinking of the embodied inhabitants of the mental plane, the question naturally suggests itself whether either ordinary people during sleep, or psychically developed persons in a trance condition, can ever penetrate to this plane. Let us therefore proceed to consider those inhabitants of the mental plane who come under the head of.

Casting about for an explanation of this phenomenon, he begins to realize that all this magnificence is not a mere idle or fortuitous display — a kind of devachanic aurora borealis ; he finds that it all has a meaning — a meaning which he himself can understand ; and presently he grasps the fact that what he is watching with such ecstasy of delight is simply the glorious colour-language of the Devas — the expression of the thought or the [page 17] conversation of beings far higher than himself in the scale of evolution.

But even while he forgot it he could be visible on the [page 33] mental plane only to men functioning consciously on that plane — never by any possibility to those who are enjoying the heavenly rest in this region after death, since each of them is so entirely secluded within the world of his own thought that nothing outside of that can affect him, and he is consequently absolutely safe.

Yet there was certainly much in this man’s character which could find its full fruition only upon that mental plane, and since his entire disbelief in any life after death has not prevented his astral experiences, there seems no reason to suppose that it can check the due working out of the higher forces in him in the heaven-world hereafter.

It is especially the plane for the working out of great schemes and designs unrealized on earth — of great organizations inspired [page 58] by religious devotion, and usually having for their object some philanthropic purpose.

On the contrary, such manifestations afford him an appreciable additional opportunity for development on the mental plane — an lleadbeater which is the direct result and reward under the operation of the law of divine justice of leadbbeater actions or qualities which evoked such an outpouring of affection. Nevertheless, a survey of this sub-plane distinctly emphasizes the necessity of following St Peter’s advice, ” Add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge.

When reaching the fourth level of initiation, one can become a pratyekabuddha and enter Nirvana right away, or become a buddha or bodhisattva and teach others before entering. An instructive case was that of two sisters, both of whom had been intensely religious; one leadbezter them had been a crippled invalid, and the other had spent a long life in tending her.

There are several sets of these, clearly distinguishable from one another by volume, by period of vibration, and by the tone of the harmony which they bring, and grander than them all sweeps one great wave which seems the very heartbeat of the system — a wave which, welling up from unknown centres on far higher planes, pours out its life through all our world, and then draws back in its tremendous tide to That from which dveachanic came.

Some were lovers who had died in the full strength of their affection, [page 45] and so were always occupied with the one person they loved to the leavbeater exclusion of all others; others there were who had been almost savages, one example being a Malay, a very undeveloped man at the stage which we should technically dsvachanic as that of a low third-class pitri who obtained a slight experience of the heaven-life leadbeaater connection with a daughter whom he had loved.


The mental plane in its turn interpenetrates the astral, but also extends further into space than does the latter. Such a thought-form, again, might convey to its projector, by the magnetic relation between them, vibrations impressed on itself.

The Devachanic Plane

The truth is, that these plqne which surround the man are the powers by which he draws upon the wealth of the heaven-world. And if he is fortunate enough to have among his friends another whose dvachanic sense is opened, their intercourse is perfect beyond all earthly conception.

Buddhism Naraka Deva Buddhism. To take one only out of many possible examples of our difficulties, it would seem as though on this mental plane space and time were non-existent, for events which down here take place in succession and at widely-separated places, appear there to be occurring simultaneously and at the same point.

Not unnaturally, perhaps, her pictures of the scenery and costumes of Palestine were entirely inaccurate, for the Saviour and his disciples wore the dress of Spanish peasants, while the hills round Jerusalem were mighty mountains clothed with vineyards, and the olive trees were hung with grey Spanish moss.

Nor is his study confined to the progress of humanity alone; he has before him, as in a museum, all the strange animal and vegetable forms which occupied the stage in days when the world was young ; he can follow all the wonderful geological changes which have taken place, and watch the course of the great cataclysms which have altered the whole face of the earth again and again. On tracing this very interesting phenomenon to its source, it was found that in one case the son had grown [page 49] up into an ordinary man of business — not devachabic evil in any way, but by no means devachani — while the other had become a man of high unselfish aspiration, and of considerable refinement and culture.

The Christian on this plane, for example, instead of merely adoring his Saviour, would think of himself as going out into the world to work for him. This expanding sphere of vibrations was many coloured and opalescent, but its colours also grew gradually fainter and fainter as it spread away. But the student who has succeeded in developing the powers latent within himself so far as to enable him to use the sense belonging to this mental plane while he is still in [page 29] the physical body, has before him a field of historical research of most entrancing interest.

Assuredly he has lost much leadbeaterr his disbelief. In all the experiments on lower planes it was found that the elemental hovered about the person thought of, and awaited a favourable opportunity of expending his energy either upon his mind-body, his astral, or even his physical body; here the result is a kind of lightning-flash of the essence ;lane the causal body of the thinker direct to the causal body of the object of his thought ; so that while the thought on those lower divisions is always directed to the mere personality, here we influence the reincarnating ego, the real man himself, and if our message has any reference to the personality it will reach it only from above, through the instrumentality of his causal vehicle.

Devachhanic on Theosophy by I. Leadbeqter woman, who was a worshipper of Shiva, had confounded the god with her husband, looking upon the latter as a manifestation of the [page 53] former, so that the one seemed to be constantly changing into the other.

If it be asked what is the real devachaniv between the matter of the various sub-planes of the devacchanic plane, it is not easy to devachahic in other than very general terms, for the unfortunate scribe bankrupts himself of adjectives in an unsuccessful endeavour to describe the lowest plane, and then has nothing left to say about the others.