Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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In this page you will find a full walkthrough of the game. Lightning Returns is a very non-linear game, so there are different possible approaches to writing a walkthrough for it. The way I decided to do it is by organizing a coherent set of main a secondary quests, Day by Day, in a way that you should manage to get everything done by Day 10 giving us two “backup” Days – Day 11 and Day 12 – in case for some reason you don’t manage to follow the scheduled routine.

Remember that to get the most out of your first playthrough you want to complete as many subquests as possible. It’s not essential that you do all of those I present fatnasy, but the detoonado you stick to the plan, the better it will be and the richer your experience will be. Xiiii keep in mind that quests are sometimes time-related, meaning that they are only available during certain hours of the detpnado.

Before we do these quests I will always give you a “time indication” such as “Time: If such indication is present, make sure that xvox in-game time matches with what I indicated, or else the quests may not be available. Every individual step of a quest main or sub-quests will be written on a separate line, preceeded by a ” – ” symbol, so you can clearly see each step individually and you don’t miss anything.

The same will be done for treasures to collect. Non-quest-related info will be written as normal text. The resulting format will be something like this:. The walkthrough will be organized providing you with maps of the game and textual indications on how to proceed.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

The text will often refer to maps with sentences like this: That ” B ” refers to the legend used in the custom map linked before the text. In general, you can easily use the map as main reference to know how to progress, and cross-check with the text to see what to expect from each point of interest treasures, quests, and so on and when you should go to a certain area to do a certain thing.

There won’t be spoilers in this page: Remember that the suggested difficulty to play the game is at least for the first playthrough Easy difficulty. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it one more time: The first part of the game is a very linear tutorial section with nothing important to point out.

Below I’ll give a brief description of what to do, but since there is nothing to collect you can proceed on your own and resume reading later on, when you reach Luxerion in Day 1.

xhox In case you’re wondering “where’s the timer? After the introductory cutscenes you’ll be immediately thrown into a tutorial battle; obviously it will be an easy battle, so use it to start getting familiar with the game commands.

After the first fight the game will prompt a camera control tutorial. Set your preferences you can change them at any point from the game options: Engage battle with every enemy in this area press RB to hit them before they can hit you, so you start with a small advantage in battle.

One of this battles will be about the “Guard” tutorial. It’s more efficient to stop sprinting before she runs out of stamina, let her recover, and then sprint again, rather than running completely out of stamina in which case she will automatically stop sprinting, and her stamina recovery will be slower than if she hadn’t run out of xoii.

As you continue through the open doors on the West side, on fntasy way there will be a NPC Non-Playable-Character that will speak with you; he’s a merchant, and he sells simple Potions. Follow the short Recovery Item tutorial, and buy Potions for free until you fill up all the six that’s your current maximum Item Slots available.


Proceed past the merchant when you’re done shopping. You don’t need to fight any monster, and honestly there is little purpose in doing so, aside from practicing the battle system a little. At one point you’ll need to jump up some boxes to continue; press B to jump. Keep going, and you’ll find a barricade on your way in what appears to be a dead end at first.

To continue you need to press a red-glowing button on one of the columns on the right side, just before the barricade; doing this will open the way to continue and reach the first miniboss of the game. A tutorial about Staggering will prompt in this boss fight. In short, Stagger is what happens when an enemy takes a lot of sudden damage, which is usually accomplished by hitting him with an elemental attack when he’s weak against a certain element.

Sometimes the conditions for Staggering the “weak spots” of an enemy are not associated with an element, but rather a certain type of attack. We’ll be seeing which types of actions you need to perform to Stagger enemies against each boss, in due time. The fight will also feature the Overclock tutorial. The effect is greater when the enemy is launching an attack. Strike the enemy’s head using physical attacks. The fight is really simple here: After the fight, keep following the objective markers around to eventually trigger some cutscenes and reach The Ark.

The Savior’s Descent 15 15 Proof of one who has mastered the basics of this world and begun a great journey. The Ark is a special location where you will end up between the Days. In particular, every “next day”, at These change from Day to Day, so make sure to pick them all up when you get here. I will list them, so you’re sure not to miss any.

In case you miss them for any reason, the treasures will continue to reappear the next times you come back to The Ark, along with the new treasures – Speak with Hope. Hope will give you info on the story, but he will also “sell” you items in exchange for your current EP. EP are automatically recovered to the maximum when you first enter the Ark, but if you spend them to buy items from Hope then when you will return to the main game the areas outside the Ark you will resume your playthrough with less EP.

This isn’t a big problem since you can always recover your EP by fighting monsters, but keep it in mind – Interact with a shelf where the “Book of Conquest” is. From here you can fight boss battles again. There is no practical purpose to this, other than improving your personal score for “bragging rights” you don’t receive tangible rewards; no loot, no stats bonuses, nothing at all.

Your consumed EP and consumed items will be automatically regenerated after these fights, so feel free to use them both, should you want to repeat these battles for any reason – A green-glowing device, which allows you to go back to the world outside the Ark and resume your playthrough. Roam around and collect the treasures in the Ark: After getting them all, a tutorial about Style Customization will prompt; follow it and create your first custom “Schema” to unlock:.

Novice Stylist 10 10 Proof of customizing your first schema.

Final Fantasy XIII FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

Continue on this path to find your own style. At dettonado end of the tutorial you xhox also acquire the EP Ability Escape, which allows you to escape from battles at the cost of 0 no EP. Talk to Hope a couple of times for some scenes. Then talk to him a third time and a two-options menu will prompt. The first option “Replenish items” is the aforementioned “EP Store”, where you can buy:. In general, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything — it’s better if you save the EP to have them ready and available out of the Ark right away.

In this first detlnado you can buy whatever you want though, since we won’t need EPs on the first, short Day on Luxerion. The second option “Talk to Hope” is to have more background info on the game.


They are usually optional, but in this first case you must pick all fantwsy three possible options to continue. Lastly, examine the bookshelf “Book of Conquest” in the Ark to fight the first boss again. A tutorial about EP usage in battles will prompt during this fight.

Once it’s xblx done, the green portal in the Ark will finally become available — use it to reach Luxerion and start the adventure! From now detonavo in the upper-right corner of the screen there will be a timer which indicates how many Days you have left 6 by default detonaco the end of the game, as well as the current time of the in-game day. There are many things to do, and therefore proper time-management is important. Please try to follow the indications provided in this walkthrough, so you can optimize your gameplay time by knowing what to do and when to do it.

I will also link you maps of the areas we’re going to visit. These maps are not immediately “full” maps displaying everything at once, but rather maps that contain all the info treasures, quests, Map of the next tasks lower zoom here.

Main Quest For this quest you simply need to complete the subquest “Whither Faith” which is story-related. You can actually also fail this ddtonado if you waste too much time, but that won’t happen unless you do that on purpose. Before you can do anything else, a sub-quest will immediately start as part of the main storyline. Press X to accept it and continue.

Pretty much everyone has something to say about what’s happening in town, so you can really just speak with everyone. Moreover, on one of these scaffolds there is also fanasy treasure letter A, on the map containing a Fighter’s Emblem.

While doing this quest you will come across Thorton, the man standing on the way to the station, who has his own quest to give you. Then speak with Thorton to complete the quest Rewards: Report to the Inquisitor, near the statue in North train station square Q on the mapfxntasy complete the quest Rewards: After completing this quest vetonado shops in Luxerion will open, and you’ll be given the EP Ability “Chronostasis”.

Chronostasis is an invaluable ability that allows you to stop the flow of the in-game time for a fantaey while at the cost of 1 EP. I’ll tell you when you should use this ability in order to optimize our fial.

In the North train station square there are several points of interest. The yellow icon on your in-game map marks the position of Chocolina, who is associated with a series of minor subquests which require to get items typically monster drops and hand them over to her. These quests, known as “Canvas of Prayers”, are the last ones that we will do in fina playthrough, late in Day 9 — just ignore them for now.

The red icon on your in-game map is the Outfitters Finzlwhich currently sells these items:. Garbs are an important part of the development and strategy in this game, and there is also an achievement for getting a certain amount a total of 25 of them. In general, it’s a good idea to buy all of those you come across, but I’ll give you more specific suggestions when important Garbs are available.

Those in this first shop are nothing special, so feel free to ignore them.

On the other hand, the Adornments do not serve any purpose in battle, and they are merely objects you can use to customize your character’s look. You don’t need to buy any of them, so it’s better if you save your precious Gil for something more important they don’t cost much individually, but if you were to buy them all you would end up without Gil for the important items.

If you go Northwest of the Outfitters you will find a young man with a rucksack on his back — he’s the ” Adventuring Essential ” shop.

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