Coronado: Stories. From Dennis Lehane, the award-winning author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, and the Kenzie-Gennaro series, comes a striking collection of. Coronado: Stories is a collection of five short stories and a play by the American author Dennis Lehane. “Until Gwen”, the collection’s fifth story, was published in. Dennis Lehane doesn’t need to learn much when it comes to writing exciting, electric crime novels. A couple of jokes now and then wouldn’t kill.

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I did like “ICU” — a man is being followed and hunted for some reason he doesn’t understand, and he seeks refuge in the hospital, hanging out in waiting rooms. Paperback Amazon Barnes and Noble.

View all 3 comments. Black kids or white kids? Story 3 “Gone Down to Corpus” is a tale of Texas redneck graduating kids. I’ll have to find a copy to finish it up.

Aug 13, RB rated it liked it. Other reviews indicate that the print version actually includes the play “Coronado,” which he wrote using “Until Gwen” as the template. The collection’s centerpiece is “Until Gwen,” which has also been adapted by Lehane into a two-act play, Coronado. Each of the short stories were precise in their humanity – brief glimpses which established character, setting and conflict, and ultimately were powerful enough to deliver real stakes. There was enough premise in these pages to fuel a half dozen full-length novels, and each story played with my emotions in a way that I found both unsettling and satisfying.

Oddly enough, the three separate conversations appear to progress at a different pace. Some I liked, some not so much.

A murderous thriller — “Coronado” by Dennis Lehane at The Holding Company – ArtsBeatLA

In fact, if I were to classify it in a new genre, I would call it “guy lit”. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Dennis Lehane born Aug 4th, is an American author. It is an unusual action on my part because I am fond of Lehane’s writing and characters and I try not to discard a book unread.


Hardcover Amazon Barnes and Noble. Lehane wrote several short stories with a variety of characters and then decided to write a play that summarized all of those stories into one piece.

Coronado: Stories by Dennis Lehane

I could read and re-read some of his books a number of times, even though they aren’t what you would ever call ‘great literature’ style fiction.

I wish Lehane had been a little more clear at least in that case. Truthfully, denni only reason I rated this as high as I did was because of ‘Until Gwen’ and how it was wonderfully revisited as Coronado. In a Kafka-esque way. Try it, you may like it. Do it was water or a train. It has a different impact than “Until Gwen” as a title.

This collection of Lehane’s short stories includes “Until Gwen,” which I loved the first time I read it, still liked the second time I read it, and enjoyed again here, although the thrill diminishes when the element of surprise is gone. His thriller compellingly races towards a dramatic and poignant finale. Books of the Week. Fortunately, Lehane has written several novels which I enjoyed, so it was not a complete loss for him.

Within three pages of the story “Running Out of Dog” I was hooked in horror. Again though, beautiful writing and well-crafted. There aren’t any cliches in his writing and it is typically full of vibrant prose and deep revelations into the human spirit. Story 2, “ICU”, is a short slice of life tale, altho not sure what the point was, actually. Leehane 16, J.

I just thought they weren’t as fleshed out as the other stories here, like Lehane was trying to finish the story before it was ready to be done.

An acclaimed author of crime-fiction Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter IslandDennis Lehane is certainly in his element when charting a page-turning thriller plot. Although I am loath to do so, I am retiring this book to the unappealing pile. Some, I didn’t need to know more.

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It’s like seeing the same story from a different angle. Dec 16, Trish rated it it was ok. I’m a big fan of Lehane and have been impressed time and time again by his ability to take well-worn genre fiction i.


Photo by Seth Miller. As we switch back and forth from the conversations between the three couples, gradually an elusive story of sorts begins to emerge. It’s all in the mix, I guess. I really enjoy Dennis LeHanes books however this was not one of my favorites. To ask other readers questions about Coronadoplease sign up. Nevertheless, with its tightly-constructed and intricate narrative, Coronado is an lehaen experiment and this critic recommends the experience.

A young girl, caught up in an inner-city gang war, crosses the line from victim to avenger. March 15, at 6: In his Kenzie-Genarro series, six books beginning with “A Drink Before the Coronaco he writes the characters, feelings, and overall aura of that city, and continues to do so in “The Lehnae Day,” probably his best novel yet.

Lehane has tried his hand at writing a play only once, with questionable results. Some look like a foreplay of what could’ve grown into something bigger. If you like Mr. Some great short stories here from one of my favorite crime writers, Dennis Lehane. Dennis Lehane is simply in dsnnis class of his own

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