“De Rougemont introduces the “Tristan Myth” in the first book of Love in the Western World, a work that focuses upon the intellectual and. The author defines this as “”a kind of outline history of the cult of passion”” — and he carries this out on several planes, metaphysical, mystical, legendary, with its.

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This myth which De Rougemont calls the passion-myth magnifies and divinises unhappy, nonsensual love and is actually a love for nothingness, for death. While De Rougemont regards passion-literature to be the source to the phenomenon, Girard regards literature more as a mirroring of these phenomena. Christian love is obedience in the present. Pitam se da li je Ruzmon ozenjen? Learn how your comment data is processed.

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What Can We Care For? Rougemont then proceeds to bring to the table the concept of love as it has been portrayed in literature through Petrarch, plays by Corneille and Racine, the myths created by Don Juan and Sade and the movement of Romanticism. A very impressive and scholarly work.

It’s hard to put my finger on his exact meaning. He fears that she will be unfaithful to him, so he imprisons her in a tower and assigns his aged sister to watch over her. De Rougemont claims that Naturalistic sensuality is of the same nature as Romance-desires, only sublimated to fit into an animalistic ideal.

The paradox is, however, that Girard by and large dismisses originality and autonomy, while his theory is profoundly original. Girard does not emphasize the ideological representations of desire. Apr 23, Nate rated it really liked it. Packed with some killer one-liners. Why does that attitude inevitably make me feel like growling???

It is that which we collectively assume in our subconscious. This is, however, only true as regards to the great realistic writers. Wounded by a dragon in the process, Iseult again nurses him, this time discovering Tristan killed her uncle. Nov 02, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Philosophy of Love. In a highly daring sequence of the book De Rougemont claims that it is especially literature which has affected the European concept of passion, while he dismisses philosophy as a force which has changed European mentality.


“Love in the Western World” by Denis de Rougemont | Rosamond Press

Long ago I read that King Henry de Anjou of England built rooms at Woodstock that were connected by a man-made stream in which the occupants of enjoining rooms floated sticks upon which were written a message. De Rougemont goes further back in history to locate its roots in Iranian religion, Platonism, Orpheism and Manicheism.

And the same applies to Rougejont. I believe that the Gnostic Gospels have some useful clues about the true mystery assuming there is one, which I do. These animalistic ideals have according to De Rougemont been internalised in modern ideologies, in the mind of men and become a weshern of instinct of the here below. It is one of my favourite books.

A Theory of Love and Sexual Desire. Bringing together historical, religious, philosophical, and cultural dimensions, the author traces the evolution of Western romantic love from its literary beginnings as an awe-inspiring secret to its commercialization in the cinema.

Passion is not a deviation of agape, it is a by-product of Manicheism. The lord of Caerwent, a rich old man, marries a beautiful young woman. De Rougemont considers the development of the passion-myth as the source of decay in the realm of love. The Lack of Mediator.

Love in the Western World

This book offers one of the richest histories of conventional understandings and formulations of love throughout and across the Western tradition. Following his historical analysis, de Rougemon This book offers one of the richest histories of conventional understandings and formulations of love throughout and across the Western tradition.

He starts with the striking historical fact that t I got this because I have a soft llve for the medieval Provencal poets, This guy starts from an intriguing yet improbably hypothesis about them, and derives from it an explanation of the development of the notion of romantic love from their time until today.


Girard introduces the mediator without the help of De Rougemont, and he elaborates that which De Rougemont only mentions as the eternal triangle, in a more scientific and structural way. First a slight digression: The Model of Love: Nationalism and Desire De Rougemont claims that the passion myth generates violence, and he interprets the slaughter of the colonial wars and the world wars as consequences of this myth.

But naturalistic ideology operates, as romanticism, with the idea of a straightforward access to nature, not as something mediated.

LOVE IN THE WESTERN WORLD by Denis de Rougemont | Kirkus Reviews

The Dance of Love. De Rougemont claims that the passion myth generates violence, and he interprets the slaughter of the colonial wars and the world dfnis as consequences of this myth. A Vindication of Love: He also cleverly maps this deferred desire onto the Western propensity for war, colonization, and economic exploitation. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

Sep 25, Maddy rated it liked it. Sex and the Sacred in Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde. A great history of the riugemont of “love” in the West and its quasi-heretical connections. Took me over a year, and I must confess I was skimming toward the end. Of particular interest is the parallelism Rougemont draws between love and war, between the venis and the sexual instinct.

Lost to the outside world, as if dead to every other stimulus, they are not interested in possessing each other.