You can use WebBrowser to download, but do not know how to save to file. The real source code access WebBrowser, returns the original format code, the. uses ActiveX; function WB_SaveHTMLCode(WebBrowser: TWebBrowser; const FileName: TFileName): Boolean; var ps: IPersistStreamInit; fs: TFileStream;. uses UrlMon; function DownloadFile(SourceFile, DestFile: string): Boolean; begin try. Result:= UrlDownloadToFile(nil, PChar(SourceFile), PChar(DestFile), 0.

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Click and change html OnCreate: So there we have it, a class that makes TWebBrowser a lot more friendly to use when loading and saving documents. Note that, like in InternalLoadDocumentFromStreamwe again try to get the web browser document’s IPersistStreamInit interface and then use deplhi Save method to write the document to the stream. We safe this by navigating to the special about: You can pretty easily get original values that user entered even from masked input fields like passwords.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Here’s the list I drew up:. SaveToFile is very similar to the version that does not take an Encoding. Please feel free to take the core unit from the demo and modify, specialise or generalise it for your sabe purposes.

How to save the page displayed in a TWebBrowser to a single page .mht web archive file

They complement the three LoadXXX methods as follows:. When delphj discussed requirements we decided we needed to be able to specify an encoding when writing to files and streams and when reading from a string. I found on a newsgroup someone with a similar problem.

If you add anything really useful, please let me know. Licensed under a Creative Commons License. Once we have a reference to the current document in Doc we create a memory stream object and save the browser content into it by calling InternalSaveDocumentToStream. If you use the “view source” option in the browser the XML -file will open OK without any formatting twebbrowseer the browser.


This method essentially falls into two parts. TStream ; var PersistStreamInit: Note that even though the stream adapter class is freed, the underlying TStream object continues to exist, which is what we want.

The first thing to note is that, on non-Unicode compilers, the original version of LoadFromString is unchanged. TFileStream ; begin FileStream: It then writes any required byte order mark to the stream stored in the Preamble variable followed by the byte array.

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We will first look at the revised SaveToString method before discussing the new overloaded methods. If you’re wandering why we don’t free StreamAdapter and PersistStreamInit it’s because they are both interfaced objects and will be automatically destroyed at the end of the method by Delphi’s built in interface tewbbrowser counting.

: save all TWebbrowser Frame Sources?

I need this for reading this HTML document with all values next time when application will be used. We first record the default encoding to return if we can’t examine the document for any reason.

Thanks to Mauricio Julio for suggesting some of the ideas and code used in this section. I use the TWebBrowser control quite a lot.

So, I decided to create a wrapper class for TWebBrowser that makes navigating, loading and saving a whole lot easier and more intuitive. The second method is simply passed a module name as a string. We simply check the start of the URL string for some known local protocols etc. PChar ; const ResType: TObject ; var Doc: You can also do this with TWebBrowserbut its not straightforward — not very “Delphi” — you have to query and manipulate interfaces and all sorts of stuff.


However, the character set can also be specified in HTML code. Anyone knows how to save the real XML file savr by the Webbrowser? As can be seen this is all quite straightforward if you’re used to using TStream s. Free; end; finally sl. TStreamAdapter from Delphi’s Classes unit comes to the rescue dellphi — this object implements IStream and translates IStream ‘s method calls into equivalent calls onto the TStream object that it wraps.

How do I save the contents of TWebBrowser, including user-entered form values? See the source files for full twebbrowsfr. Create ms ; finally ms.

: save all images of a TWebbrowser?

The overloaded methods vary in the way the module is described. Here’s the new code:. Seek 0soFromBeginning ; Size: It creates a stream onto the file then passes the stream and the encoding to the overloaded version of SaveToStream. The public methods fall naturally into several groups and, rather than explaining the purpose of each method now, we will look at them in groups. In addition to providing new overloaded versions of SaveToStream and SaveToFile we must re-implement SaveToString when compiling with Unicode compilers to take account of the browser document’s encoding.

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