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This timeI tuned to WWV on the 19 meter band and compared the two receivers:. To tune across the 10MHz band you will need to input KHz and tune from there. I had to return two faulty units before getting one that worked as advertised incidentally, I had a similar problem with the Kaito KA The display is in two parts with a digital display of the frequency at the top and a slide-rule type electronic display underneath, which reminiscent of the linear dials on the old analog radios.

Basic frequency input can be accomplished by inputting a frequency using the row of buttons along the bottom of the display followed by one of the two BAND buttons.

Regarding the faux analog dial, I kinda like it and don’t mind the odd volume control either. Perfect if you are looking for a bedside radio.

As for selectivity, the old DX is still my favorite even better dgeen G’s. On the right side of the receiver there’s the multi-purpose jog dial, which is used for manual tuning, to set the volume, clock, battery charging hours, memory presets etc. General Coverage Degen DE But for weak stations specially those whose signal is not steady, it is annoying. The slide rule display only only covers specific sections of the HF spectrum and if you reach the end frequency on degeb sub-band you will automatically go back to the opposite end of that band.

The New Degen DE DSP: First impressions & review | The SWLing Post

dw1103 It comes with mains adaptor, 4 rechargeable batteries, soft pouch type case, longwire plug in aerial, headphones with volume control, carry strap and english manual. I think this is a great purchase and a keeper if you are looking for a great reciever in a small package. Very compact, small weight, sturdy, well built receiver.


My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. The manual is a joke its all about Alarms and sleep thingies. Freshly charged batteries will give out about hours of continuous play depends on the volume setting and their capacity.

Right now, it is my best portable and tabletop transistor receiver.

I like the pseudo Analogue display, takes me back to an old Philco receiver. A nightmare on AM Otherwise, the receiver is fully digital and has an exact frequency readout clearly visible on the display. Low cost was required as always with ease of operation and a good pedigree.

The radio is deten well built with a sturdy metal faceplate in the front. Amateur radio operators can be easily received as the radio has a BFO control xegen resolve SSB transmissions and excellent sensitivity.

I once owned an original DE and thought it was a pretty good performer. Most of what has been described about the DE on eham is accurate.

Degen 1103

I did find that the audio quality from music stations on AM was not as good as I would have liked for relaxed listening. Tuning past kHz will return you back to kHz and vice-versa, to overcome this barrier, you have to direct enter a frequency 1 kHz higher or lower than you want to go and tune forwards or backwards with the jog dgeen for example kHz or kHzyou can also save these “escape frequencies” to memory as I did. Consequently, I just don’t use the radio any more. Although more dgen, the DE has some advantages against the lower priced Tecsun PL which is another option for me at the moment.

Again, Thank you for the review. I tuned around the mediumwave band and picked up all of the local benchmark stations. FM reception is very good. Xe1103 that when I tune off-frequency, no imaging is heard.

I guess I was not very clear whether about the right DE version on my post.


The New Degen DE1103 DSP: First impressions & review

I guess its got beaten up on the way here. Just got my DE an hour ago and I’m very surprised at how much fun this small guy is.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. DSP chip radios are known for there hot FM receive capabilities. Otherwise, its been in the car with me all over the countryside, tossed in the overnight bag into a light aircraft, and never missed a beat for over two years. The DE sounds dull and in some occasions not clear. The only negitive is that the tuning knob doubles as the volume knob.

If your trying to make a purchasing decision regarding a portable shortwave radio, I would strongly recommend paying the extra bucks and getting the Sony ICF-SWGR instead of de11103.

The narrow AM bandwith filter does an excellent job at reducing adjacent channel interference. Thank you so much! Thinking Day on the Air. One thing I like about it is that you benfit of using the large tuning dial rather than a fiddly recessed control.

I really appreciate it.

Degen Portable AM/FM Radios | eBay

However, I already tuned some images on SW. I hate any form of hiss in the audio sections and this radio has non. I disliked its ergonomics, but it was quite an effective radio for the price. The reason is that its AGC is much better, it has lower floor noise, its sound is more natural, less processed and has the great FM reception. Frequency entry is easy, OK it’s not the traditional telphone type keypad but De11003 really like it.

I just put some eneloop pros in them and charge them in my NiteCore i4 charger instead of in the radio. I managed to get 8 in and then 9 didnt show but sonething like FE came up.

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