IACHR, Annual Report of the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Guardias del INPEC atropellan a periodistas en Decreto No. On July 30, , journalist David Ávila León was kidnapped for. Full Text Available El objetivo del estudio fue determinar los patrones de variación en los componentes de la productividad forrajera del pasto ovillo ( Dactylis. 20; “Gobierno Expedió Decreto , Reglamentario de la Ley de Justicia y Paz, ” Colombian Ministry of Defense, Decree , February 11, National Penitentiary and Jail Institute (INPEC), Ministry of Interior and Justice, of the reelection bill After the ruling, in a press conference with President Uribe.

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Los tratamientos correspondieron a: En Contadero los tratamientos de eucalipto, permetrina y alisin, con promedios entre 18,05 a 24,90 t ha -1presentaron diferencias significativas con respecto a ruda y el testigo absoluto, los cuales arrojaron promedios de 16,7 y 8,0 t ha -1respectivamente.

En Pastose encontraron diferencias altamente significativas de productividad entre los tratamientos: El uso de extractos vegetales puede ser una alternativa de manejo dentro de los programas de control de la plaga, puesto que mostr. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Los ingresos por venta de leche fueron mayores en la estrategia del sistema intensivo. Se encontraron cinco sustratos, dos especies de pastos marinos y tres de macroalgas. No se encontraron diferencias significativas en los valores de diversidad de dinoflagelados entre drift y praderas de pastos y macroalgas, no obstante, la abundancia fue mucho mayor en decreo drift.

En el presente estudio, se hicieron cultivos in vitro de B. Full Text Available Fundamento: Las vacas representaron el En el hato predominaron: Se utilizaron 4 dd las 8 vacunas recomendadas en el estado.

Full Text Available Few monitoring programs have simultaneously assessed the dynamics of linked marine ecosystems coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangroves to document their temporal and spatial variability.

Overall, the studied ecosystems showed a remarkable stability pattern over the monitoring period. While there were annual variations in coral reefs coral cover and mangroves litterfall caused by hurricane Lenny inparticular trends in seagrass leaf area index and leaf productivity appear to reflect the natural variability in this ecosystem. We suggest that monitoring sites at the three marine ecosystems had in general a healthy development in the last 16 years.

Our results are critical to locally improve the management strategies Tayrona Natural Park and to understand the long-term dynamics of closely associated marine ecosystems in the Caribbean. Epub October Tanzania-1, at different heights in grazing. The effect of different sward heights 24; 26; 43; 45; 52; 62; 73 and 78 cm on forage quality and profile structure Tanzania grass, Panicum maximum Jacq. Tanzania — 1 Poaceae is provided. Nelore steers were used in grazing at variable stocking rates with put and take technique.

The experimental design was completely randomized, with two replications.

Total dry matter bulk densitity TDMD increased during experimental period, while the leaf blade dry matter bulk density LDMD was not influenced by period on by sward height. Leaf blade mineral content was higher than that of stem, and remained unaltered in relation to the different layers. Full Text Available Obiettivi: Nel periodo B invece sono stati individuati n. The volcano is part of a large and complex volcanic center upon whichpeople live.

Historic activity has centered on a small-volume cone inside the youngest of several large amphitheaters that breach the west flank of the volcano, away from the city of Pasto populationLava flows SiO2 between Joint studies by volcanologists from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and the United States produced 24 new14C dscreto and more inppec stratigraphic sections to interpret the past 50 ka of activity at Galeras, including sector collapse events.

The youngest collapse event truncated Tephra-fall material rapidly thins and becomes finer away drcreto the vent area.

  ASTM D3421 PDF


The total area was 12 acres divided into paddocks of one hectare, with three replications. We used three animals, males, Nelore decrefo paddock, as more animals need additional adjustment to the height you want. The reduction in sward height allowed higher stocking rate, which, even with a reduction in individual performance, there was more beef production per area. The interest rate on capital given the property represented the largest share in the final cost of production.

The participation of fixed variables showed a positive linear function of the increase in height from grazing, showing significant reduction of the production scale.

A reduction in cost of production per hectare per year with increasing grazing height. No differences were found in certain economic indicators, and the four systems dw the capital invested. Three steroids spinasterol, spinasterone, and spinasterol glucopyranosyl were isolated from the stem of the Amazonian plant Moutabea guianensis. Their structures were determined on the basis of NMR analysis and by comparison with spectroscopic data found in the literature.

The allelopathic activities of the three substances were evaluated against two common weeds of the Amazon region, Mimosa pudica ‘malicia’ and Senna obtusifolia ‘mata- pasto ‘. The GPR profiles show that the water table appears as a strong horizontal reflector in March and August, ,and as a weak, discontinuous reflector during measurements in May and October Due to several laterite lenses in the soil, the water table can easily be mistaken in place of such lenses.

Soil moisture had an influence on these reflection signals, changing the dielectric constant of soil. The depth of the water table varied 1.

Os cultivares foram alocados nas parcelas e alturas de pasto nas subparcelas. Os cultivares de Cynodon spp. Napier, during the rainy season. The research was conducted in the experimental farm of the EPAMIG-Leopoldina, MG, to evaluate intake of elephantgrass, the effectiveness of limiting grazing time to four daily hours for keeping intake close to maintenance level, and the weight ve of thirty-six steers during five successive periods of thirty-six days, during the rainy season.

The availability of green dry matter varied from 4. The average daily weight gain of animals with free access to pasture was The estimated gain per hectare was Metabolizable energy intake, per. Cunningham y Megathyrsus maximus cv. Extract dde varied as functions of plant species, application dosage, and plant organ. Thus, geopropolis extracts from the Jandaira bee M.

Full Text Available This article presents the research process that led to the clinical characterization of cases of attempted suicide in the pediatric population treated at the Hospital Infantil Los Angeles in Pastobetween June and June The description of certain signs and symptoms characteristic of those who have attempted suicide was essential in contributing to identify some possible causes for further understanding this phenomenon, based on the study of 15 variables.

The results evidence a progressive increase in the cases of attempted suicide in the pedriatic population, particularly in females, and between 13 and 16 years of age. This situation has developed to a problem that is very difficult to treat; for this reason, it is essential to continue researching, as well as to establish interdisciplinary groups of professionals who can address the problem and create relevant and comprehensive treatments regarding this phenomenon.

Access to health services in six Colombian cities: Full Text Available Objective: To understand the characteristics of access to the General System of Social Security in health SGSS, from the perspective of doctors, nurses, administrators and users. The findings indicate that insurance has become an end in itself, and being affiliated to SGSSS does not guarantee effective access to services. The dominance of the market, the financial profitability of insurers, imposed cost-containment mechanisms over the right to health.


There are limitations from the rules, benefit plans that create geographical, economic and cultural barriers from the various actors involved in the chain of decisions. Additionally, display individual and institutional ethical shortcomings, clientelism and corruption in the management of resources, coupled with poverty and geographical dispersion of communities, mean that further limiting access to health services.

Es preciso distinguir las diferencias notorias debidas al influjo de la cal. Los cuyes machos presentaron el mayor P0. Influence of application time for P labelled triple superphosphate on the fertilizer use efficiency and productivity of potato.

Influencia da epoca de aplicacao de P superfosfato triplo na eficiencia da fertilizacao fosfatada e na produtividade da batata. A study was performed on a soil derived from volcanic ash Andic Humitropeptin Pasto NarinoColombia, to investigate the influence of additions of and Kg P[sub 2] O[sub 5] ha[sup -1], at two application times plating and 30 days after emergence – DAEon the fertilizer use efficiency and productivity of potato Solanum tuberosum L.

At planting the phosphorus was applied in a continuous row in the furrow, and at 30 DAE at one side of the plant row, and immediately covered with soil from both sides of the furrow. The fertilizer used was 32 P labelled triple superphosphate It was found that: Como resultado, durante 5. Akodon montensis, Bibimys labiosus, Brucepattersonius iheringi, Cryptonanus sp.


Se realizaron y evaluaron las siguientes acciones con el objetivo de obtener indicadores de sostenibilidad: Es que lo sucedido en Barbacoas no debe olvidarse y menos repetirse. Adotou-se o sistema de pastejo rotacionado, com oferta regulada de forragem.

Este modelo foi usado para analisar os atributos do pasto. Os sistemas de pastejo consistiram de pastejo ad libitum AL e restrito PR. Full Text Available Introduction. Coping, regarded as the set of responses to stressful situations, executed to handle and neutralize them, is part of the psychological deccreto of human beings and it is a personal trait evidenced as intervening in terms of perceived quality of life.

As for quality of life, it is evidenced that is favorable for 19944 population. The relationship between coping and 4077 of life is different for each stage of cancer.

Patients with better coping are those with higher quality of life. A greater effort inpecc the State and the institutions providing health services for the adoption of coping strategies 470 patients affected by cancer at all stages would significantly improve the quality of life of these people. Canine Degenerative Valve Disease: Full Text Available Degenerative valvular disease or endocardiosis is the most common cardiovascular pathology in dogs.

It is characterized by regurgitation of blood into the atria with decreased cardiac output, leading to volume overload with eccentric hypertrophy and congestive heart failure. This report describes the clinical and autopsy findings of a dog, suggestive of valvular endocardiosis. His owner said the dog was sick for two months, with signs of respiratory disease, weight loss, and decay.

decreto 407 de 1994 inpec pdf converter

Clinical examination showed very pale mucous membranes, inspiratory dyspnea, rale, split S2, grade 4 mid-systolic murmur of regurgitation, and abdominal dilatation with sign of positive shock wave. Necropsy evidenced plenty of translucent watery material in the abdominal, chest and pericardium cavity, severely enlarged and rounded heart with thickened se valves, moderate reduction in liver size and signs of lobulation, severely diminished and pale kidneys with irregular surface showing deccreto presence of multiple cystic areas in corticomedullary region.

This way, degenerative valvular disease was diagnosed.