When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also. New electical cabinet with emergencystop. Safety hood with electrical switch. Collets with sleeve S20x2 Drill chuck. Some toolholders and tooling. Add to cart.

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Unfortunately, the head had exactly the same range of 16 speeds from 40 to rpm or 95 to r. If not, you will probably make money on what you invested as they seem to be going up in value.

This first models had its table feed driven by changewheels, with a longitudinal table travel of mm later mm and the direction fp engagement of the table power feed decke, and right and up operated not by the familiar Deckel “stickshift”, but a little lever under the table for the longitudinal direction – and by another on the left-hand side of the machine for the up travel; the feed in the down direction was by handwheel only.

The motor, mounted on the back of the machine on an exposed platform, can easily be changed.

I have now removed some messages to make room. To solve the problem of how to drive the spindle when its rp1 was moved forwards and backwards to provide lateral travel to the cuttera long fixed gear was mounted parallel to and beneath it on the final-drive shaft and the upper gear allowed to slide along it.

FP 1 Technical specs: Please click the link in the email we just sent you, to complete the subscription process. Average price Result is based on all current available offers for this product.

For sale: A used Deckel FP1 Dividing Head FVT with Handwheel

What do we check? Results 1 to 2 of 2. Not the most enjoyable work with the column on the garage floor during the coldest part of the winter! Because the head was able to be swivelled degrees about its longitudinal axis, and was mounted on a degree swivel vertical axis, the cutting tool could be set at any desired angle “in space” – not quite up to the ingenious flexibility of the much more heavily built French multi-swivel Hure system, but not far off.


I am curious how easy is it to dismantle the gearbox and get in to replace a gear. FP-2’s should be worth less in my opinion, but it seems that the owners of them think they should be worth more because of the higher model increment.

Rebuilding an old Deckel FP1 I am in the process edckel rebuilding the old Deckel FP1 shown in the following photos and it has been suggested that a write up may be of interest to others. Universal tool milling machine Deckel Maho FP1 – Send me your email and I’ll send you a link to get it.

Production continued until around when, due to a final catastrophic fall in demand, a halt was called. Universal tool milling machine Make: I do not propose to describe the detail of the work, but to provide an overview of ddeckel and sequence I am using.

Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP1

Alexander ” Master Toolmaker ” and the Ajax “00”, an import of uncertain origin. So from here on you will use the front face of the column dekel a reference plane?

The FP-1 is the do-it-all gadget slicer-dicer, get you out of or into trouble mill, and I suppose a lot of attachments were ordered with these whereas the larger and astronomically expensive Deckels were ordered by pro shops to do a single job thereby not needing additional expensive gizmo’s Most of the larger machines usually stick to tool holders and such, and occationally have a built in rotary f;1 of some sort.

A demonstration of the type of tapered cutter the Spiral Milling Attachment was able to produce. As noted in a previous post, the front face of my column is ground and as it is not a bearing surface could have provided a satisfactory datum surface.

Coarse settings of the head were made by decksl against a graduated scale whilst fine adjustments were through a worm gearing against gauge blocks and dial indicator ffp1.

Looking at the shafts that are located in the column the gearbox input shaft looked the like the most suitable. The in-and-out movement was around mm. In the end I have deleted the links and inserted the photos direct from my laptop. You are chatting with: The spindle ran in specially-made high-precision ball bearings and had 21 speeds and 6 rates of feed. Arno Martens indicated this machine was originally bought by Preci Tools in Montreal in November The shaft includes a shoulder to dwckel against the face of the column.


Drive System for Head and Table Cleverly arranged so that the table-feed rates were completely independent of spindle speeds, the drive system on the Deckel began with a two-speed, 3-phase motor mounted at the back of the machine on an easily reached, completely open and height-adjustable cast-iron platform. Does your mill have the same decmel controlled gearbox as deckle machine? The wear parts are replaced and the machine is checked and ready for use.

As I had yet to source replacement bearings and also I did not want to contaminate new bearings with cast iron fillings or should that be scrapings! Machineseeker and Thorsten Muschler GmbH is not liable for violations of the active Maschinensucher or Machineseeker buyer or seller.

Yrsrjc The spiral milling device was used in an Aussbildungslehrwerkstatt and comes from Erstbesitz.

Used DECKEL FP 1 for sale

However, unless one can find a suitably powerful and priced 2-speed single-phase unit, it would be far better to consider using a phase converter, and retaining the original electrics. Apologies for the delay in starting the description of scraping the front face of the deckfl, work; children and decorating have been getting in the way!

Also, because of the layout of the ways in this design of machine, you don’t have any horizontal ways for chips to land on and get ground in like on the Y axis ways of a BP, which is probably why I see tons of BP’s with record groove ways and haven’t seen the same on a single Deckel yet. You either want to find a camelback SE or a granite SE.