Seventeen-year-old Cassie Morgan lives with a time bomb (a.k.a. her stepfather, Dino Cavalli). To the public, Dino is a world-renowned violin player and. You would have never recognized the Dino I lived with in the books that had been written about him before the “incident.” No one had a clue. No one seemed to. Deb Caletti is the award-winning author of The Queen of Everything; Honey, Baby, Sweetheart; and The Nature of Jade, among others. In addition to being a.

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Copyright Reed Business Information. At times, the narrative seems to lose focus or drag, and the madness-genius connection fails to convince.

Wild Roses « Deb Caletti

Debb add structure to his life and help his creative process, Dino takes a student. I can tolerate a lot of roaes that could irritate a lot of people, but this is just too much. If you are looking for a really good contemporary with a guy that automatically sweeps you off your feet, and a couple that makes you ogle and ah over their relationship- this isn’t the book for you. Article first published as Book Review: Wild Roses is about Cassie Morgan, a high school student whose parents are divorced.

Want to Read saving…. My husband never expects this accommodation, and in fact, sometimes will cancel a gig for my convenience instead, but always to my disapproval.

This novel is populated by stereotypical characters, from the girl Nicole Hower at school that Cassie describes as “Nickname whore I liked it, though, ultimately.

I liked the time Cassie spent with her father, her mother was frustrating but understandable. Other claetti that I just didn’t care. I don’t recommend it to everyone.

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Wild Roses

Just don’t read the wold. All rights reserved The Olympian — The Bookmonger: We don’t want you convicted for condiment theft. Caletti tries hard to make Cassie ca,etti like a typical teen and make her world realistic, but it never really works. I’m not gonna say much but it makes people who suffer from depression look like paranoid assholes and I mean based on his behaviour and symptoms I think Dino had more than that. Her mother married Dino Cavalli, renowned Italian violinist- who happens to be mean, critical, and paranoid.

No one builds that kind calettl bond and behaves that way with someone they barely know. The characters were believable, the plot good, and the love story heartwarming, if initially a little hard to believe.

Dino is somewhat of a bully, saying harsh words to Cassie and her mother when he gets in a bad mood and slamming doors and throwing things.

She was both funny and insightful. People got hurt doing that.

You can find it by clicking this link: I didn’t care about this protaganist at all and I cared even less about what happened to her. Alright, you judge if this is realistic. She tries to hide his behavior from the outside world. Deb Caletti is just an amazing author, so it was really well written and all that.

I didn’t dive in to deep to the reviews to figure out exactly why that was, but after having read the book I feel like I got a good idea why some people might have mixed feelings in regards to Wild Roses. Deg it’s in every book. At first, he seems like only a bully and an egomaniac, but when he goes off his medication because it blocks his creativity, he becomes manic, paranoid, and destructive. I have never read a more perfect description of the life of a child in a divorce situation.


The Best Books of View all 17 comments. She lives with her mother and step father, Dino Cavalli, and periodically stays with her dad ddeb grandma, all according to the divorce decree. Their interactions were just so small and there were so few that actually seemed to mean anything. Favorite quotes If your life truths have to be protected like some people keep their couches in plastic then ciao… have a nice life The negative part of it all for me, is that there were a lot of scenes and situations in the books that just slowed it down and didn’t really add much to the story.

He stops sleeping, starts chain-smoking. To understand that the heart is as vast and as wide as the universe. This story was alot different to the first book of hers, but again had me amazed and sent a strong message. At first Ms Caletti surprised by by how good her books were. But then, pretty much the first time Cassie ever has a conversation with the boy, rooses kiss.

Wild Roses by Deb Caletti

And it’s like, what?! Both parents should have realized that their daughter was their main priority, above a step-father, above whatever the divorce decree states, above it all!! Wild Roses Deb Caletti, Author. A LOT of swearing! Each one of her novels surprises me with the theme and characters.