Laurie Faria Stolarz is the author of Deadly Little Secret and Bleed, as well as the highly popular young adult novels Blue Is for Nightmares, White Is for Magic. Camelia Hammond thought her powers of psychometry gave her only the ability to sense the future through touch. But now she has started to hear voices. Book Cover: Deadly Little Secret. Buy Now: Amazon Buy Now: Barnes and Noble Buy Now: Kobo Buy Now: Indie Bound. Part of the The Touch Series series.

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Except for the ending, well it was good, but not the way Secrey hoped things would turn out. What I didn’t enjoy about this book was the lack of depth.

Bah, you amde me annoyed at you. Edadly 25, Kristy rated it liked it. The conflict in this book is one which scared the crap out of me.

I’ve already invested the time and money into llttle and reading all the other books in the series, but I really can’t see that I’m invested in the story enough to continue with the series. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He gave the book and air of sensuality, and danger. Anyway, can’t wait for Deadly Little Lessons!!! Quotes from Deadly Little Voices. I did find a cool photography book about abandoned insane asylums, and some cello CDs by Bach yeah, I still listen to CDs.

January 28, 41 32 Jan 31, It’s like you want her to figure it out. View a FREE sample.

You don’t get to know Camelia all that well, even though she narrates – there’s not much going on in her head aside from describing what she sees. Prides himself for being truthful when he’s lying to her face when she’s about to choose him- and she believes him! More tears sting my eyes. The only reason I gave it a 4-star is because it really scared me.


Deadly Little Voices – Laurie Stolarz

But once he hung up, he removed the gloves, took the girl’s hand, and placed it on the front of his leg- as if it were some magical hot spot that would make her better somehow. I mean, he has saved her life five times now, and he still doen’t think he deserves her. Love, love, love it! Aug 29, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Camelia and Ben’s relationship is hot, I’ll give you that much, but seems to be based on nothing more than his looks she describes him looking yummy and delicious and hot hot hot as often as Bella described Edward as a marble secrrt of a Greek god and her fascination with his bad boy reputation he reportedly killed his girlfriend back at his old school.

A guy named Be This is definitely a suspense novel and it totally delivers on that front. It’s pretty, but Ben and Alejandra just OK, this book doesn’t come out until December 6th, but I etolarz can’t wait to read it.

Deadly Little Voices

I’m glad that it’s out there in her family that they now know about her premonitions. With the line between reality and dream consistently blurred, Camelia turns to pottery to get a grip on her emotions. At the same time, Camelia begins to get odd things in the mail like pictures of herself with slightly creepy and foreboding messages scribbled on them. She was out in front of school this morning, looking for attention.

They’ve met before when Ben saved Camelia’s life. Either way, it’s nice to see that this author’s writing has improved over time. Hopefully everything will come together in Deadly Little Lessons.

So sixteen year old Camelia feels a little like an old lady. Stolarz found sales success with her first novel, Blue is for Nightmares, and followed it up with three more titles in the series, White is for Magic, Silver is for Secrets, and Red is for Remembrance, as well as a companion graphic novel, Black is for Beginnings. This makes it difficult for the readers hearts to go pitter-patter along with Camila when she spends time with Ben.


She calls him to drive her somewhere and when he tries to talk to her, she’s just like, ‘I need to be alone right now Strange things happen to Camelia, she is being stalked. Adam is a decent guy, but again, he’s just okay. It felt like a cheap trick to try and throw the reader off the trail, but it really just got annoying. But, I found it fascinating. He avoids her until on Camelia Hammond is starting her last year of school, but instead of looking forward she can’t help but look back, to three months ago at the end of the last school year when her life was saved by a beautiful boy who then disappeared.

Camelia, why are you still interested in Adam?

I was also annoyed with how long it seemed for everything to happen secrt this book. One of my favorite parts of the book was reading the stalkers journal entries.

Sixteen year old Camelia had a fairly ordinary life until an unexpected brush with death. I also don’t understand the bullying.

Deadly Little Secret Summary & Study Guide

This was a quick easy read and I don’t think that I’m going to read the next one. More torturing, ex-boyfriend Ben, who has similar psychometric abilities, has been spending more time with their classmate Alejandra, even as her own feelings for Adam grow stronger. The journal entries definitely brought the book to an even creepier level, and kept me turning the pages. She tells her best friend about it, and her BFF basically tells her ,aurie get a grip and focus who more important things like drooling sevret boring, unattainable guys.

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