They are based off the powers found in the Classic Hucksters & Hexes book from Deadlands: Classic or a re-print of ones from the player’s. Hucksters and Hexes – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Dedicated To: Joyce, who is all the magic | need, Deadlands created by. Hucksters and Hexes continues in the tradition of PEG’s “class” sourcebooks, each detailing a different type of character in Deadlands. Hucksters in Deadlands .

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Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

It can only be used to stop a Power as it is starting to be used nor after it is already in effect. No normal aniwal will attempt to cross the ward, however, controlled animals and abolimanions may make an opposed Spirit vs. Instant Phantom Fingers Telekinesis: Anyone that enters or moves in this area must move at half pace or make an Agility roll -2 if Running or take a level a fatigue from bumps and bruises and be Shaken. This spell can impersonate other faces, but only it the huckster has seen then person or has a photograph ready.

A caster of this hex lets out an unearthly scream affecting friend and foe in a Large Burst Template centered on the huckster. Converts Power Points into Fate Chips. Corners become darker, thickets deepen, plants appear to wilt. Even works on target using concealing magic such as Ghost Trail or simular. This bonus does not stack with disguise kits or other appearance altering powers. Within the fogs effect, vision if Obscured as per the Power and muffles sound and smell as well -2 to Notice rolls.


Huckster Hexes

Automatically stops target from bleeding out from their wounds. This trick allows the huckser to quickly write or sketch a rough copy of a single page of information. Occult roll realizes there is something not quite right about deadkands steed. Anyone in the area must make a Guts roll, -2 on a Raise. While the does allow for change of sex, drastic alterations in size and features are not possible.

This hex creates an illusionary double of the caster. The subject can be human or animal but not abominations.

Metal mages really enjoy this trick as keeps their gadgets from blowing up in their faces. Most want to go take a nap or sit for a spell. This dwadlands reveals information to the possible future a one person, place, or thing.

This hex hides the target behind a veil of magic that makes most folk ignore them. Coffin Varnish is slang for bad coffee bad that is sort of what this trick makes. Ace In the Hole Blast: The caster and target make opposed Hexslinging vs. Creates a swirling ball of destructive wind and energy about a yard in diameter that can typically only harm inanimate objects due to its slow buildup time which makes it easy to dodge. Works as per the Windstorm Power Timeslip Teleport: R Rapid Fire Quickness: Hex lasts until all d6s are used or hex is discharged by the caster soaking in water causing all unused damage to be dealt to the huckster.

Novice Power, 0 Power Points Range: Objects pass straigth through the double. The target must be within range of the hex to be cast upon them, but after that the range is unlimited for the duration of it. The Hex works like the Blast power except that instead of extra damage with a Raise, the victim is throw into the air and thrown as if it was a deviated projectile roll 1d12 for clock direction and 1d6″ moved.


Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes

Obviously of great use to any card player. The target is also distracted -4 to Notice while under the influence of this hex. Makes for a very dramic entrance. Ring of Fire Barrier: Other than that, this power works like the Environmental Protection Power. Creates a burst of boiling, sulfurous water to erupt even in places where there is no apparent water.

This power can be used to pin a victim against a wall or trap in a corner, huckxters cannot not harm them otherwise. It does make them invisible, just really hard to notice.

Huckster Hexes | Deadlands Reloaded: The Weird West | Obsidian Portal

Works as per the Stun Power. The bubble is normally invisible but can be readlands deflecting rain or smoke for the head of the target. The hex subtly warps the world around the huckster into a place straight from a bad dream. The Target must make a Guts roll with a -2 -4 with a Raise. Novice Power,; Power Points: This includes invisible or enchantments on items and people.