Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Arcane Mage of the Arcane Order, yes. Master Transmogrifist, yes. Nothing distinguishes the Dungeons & Dragons game as much as the presence and power of arcane magic in the hands of player characters. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Spells: A warmage casts arcane spells (the same type of spells available to sorcerers and .

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You can prepare an arcane spell ahead of time, just as a wizard does. For example, a runebone capable of adding 3d6 points of negative energy damage to a spell costs 75 d&x to craft. You can overcome the magical protections of your enemies. At 8th level, a warmage gains proficiency with medium armor see Armored Mage, below.

Improved Caster Level Ex: You can gain this feat multiple times, but its effects do not stack. Each day, you can use one or more of your spell slots to prepare spells you know, usually for the purpose of applying a metamagic feat to the spell–but without an increase in its casting time.

You can cast spells that blast creatures off their feet. Two times per day, Theogrin can enter a state of fierce rage that lasts for 8 rounds. Based on your draconic heritage, add the following spells to your list of spells known. Beneath its emerald light, kings rise or fall, weird monsters and magical plagues appear to scour the land, and strange and ancient secrets are revealed.

Classes in Complete Arcane – D&D Tools

Nor does this ability apply to spells gained from a different spellcasting class. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. For comlete purpose of determining familiar abilities that depend on your arcane caster class level, your levels in all classes that allow you to cast arcane spells stack.


You can use a spell-like ability at its maximum effect. Each time, you can select another spell to be permanently modifi ed as though affected by one of the metamagic feats mentioned above. A persistent spell uses up a spell slot six levels higher than arcabe spell’s actual level. If the spell affects an area ckmplete creates a spread, you can designate the spell’s point of origin at any grid intersection point of the creature’s space but doing so might put you in the affected area.

Once per day, you can apply the effect of the Empower Spell feat to any spell you cast without increasing the level of the spell or specially preparing it ahead of time. Your contempt for magic is so fierce that as a standard action you can make a melee attack that 35e any bonuses to Armor Class granted by spells including spell trigger or spell completion effects created by magic items such as wands or potions. Your study of the sinister knowledge and spellcasting techniques of d&f long-dead Nightlords of Moil makes your necromancy spells especially potent.

You may select this feat multiple times. Likewise, an explosive lightning bolt moves targets that fail their saves to outside the area defi ned by the squares the bolt’s line passes through.

A sculpted spell uses a spell slot one comppete higher than the spell’s actual level. As well, spellcasters who become unable to cast spells of the level of the spell slot used to power the innate spell become unable to use the spell-like ability. You can choose the same spell to be modifi ed with multiple applications of this feat. An innate talent for magic grants you the following spell-like abilities as a 1st-level caster: You can modify an energy spell to deal nonlethal damage.

You have mastered a spell so thoroughly that you can now use it as a spell-like ability. These fallen stars are the only known source of starmetal, a rare and precious ore infused with mighty magical power. You can alter the area of your spells. A fortified spell uses up a spell slot at least one level higher than the d&&d actual level.


Your spells of that school are far more potent than normal. When you activate a staff, you can expend a spell slot instead of using a charge.

Copper — Acid Hide. An undead creature can be healed by the negative energy damage of an uttercold spell, though if it doesn’t have resistance to cold, the effects of damage and healing cancel each other out.

Complete Arcane – D&D Wiki

He can cast any spell he knows without preparing it ahead of time the way a cleric or wizard must. Mindbenders seek to control the thoughts and dreams of others. Glorious and sinister auroras glimmer in the dusk for weeks on end, and from time to time shooting stars of burning emerald fall from the sky. A cooperative spell uses up a spell slot of the same level as the spell’s actual level. At each appearance of the comet, only a handful of adepts can complete the rites necessary to achieve this transformation.

Can i do this? You learn an additional spell. For spells that don’t deal damage, the save DCs against arcing effects are reduced by 4.

Complete Arcane Feats

Your ability to deal spell damage is particularly striking. As a full-round action, you can wield a wand in each hand if you have both hands freewith one wand designated as your primary wand and the other your secondary wand.

The master transmogrifist is a sorcerer or wizard who has chosen to specialize in spells that change his form. Green Star adepts gain proficiency with simple weapons. Views Page Discussion Edit History. Your watchful spirit is more capable than normal.

Your bloodline hardens your body against the energy type of your progenitor.