De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a ruleset for table-top miniatures wargames for the period BC to AD. It is the big battle development of De Bellis Antiquitatis. As its name implies, it is aimed primarily at simulating large battles. The rules allow armies to be chosen from published Army Lists (in 4 books, ( DBMM is Phil Barker’s intended successor to DBM). Phil started to develop DBMM which he intended to be the successor to DBM. DBA, our intent is to provide the simplest possible set of wargames rules that. Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle DBMM is a radical development of DBM, retaining many structures and procedures and much of the basic.

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De Bellis Magistrorum Militum Version 2.1

Interesting change — I’ve been advocating something like it for years. To be listed here, a general needs to have historically demonstrated inertia and ineptitude beyond the normal range of wargamers.

I also play DBA. If a primary shooter whose target cannot shoot back is shot at by a third party, this is resolved first as a separate combat. Elements still in the group but not yet in the column can move only sideways.

Micro-measurement has been reduced and geometrical constraints eased. The latest rules have differentiated the combat outcomes for irregular BwS and regular BwS. Primarily armed with bow but ready to charge home behind a storm of arrows with sword, javelin or lasso and rulss irregular exceptionally aggressive and persistent in close combatsuch as Huns, Alans or Turkomans; or armed with lance and willing to charge but primarily tasked with scouting, such as Macedonian Prodromoi Ordinary O: Guides An invading C-in-C searches for and finds a peasant who tells him of a route for a column, unknown to the defender, which can be used to pass an inconvenient terrain feature; such as a path over difficult hills or through marshes or woods, or an unmarked ford There are no historical instances of this being done by defenders.

  EN 13383-1 PDF

Hidden Obstacles Obstacles of which the enemy is unaware are constructed in advance; such as a road or ford blocked by pits and stakes, river passage obstructed by a boom, chain or underwater stakes, trees prepared for rapid felling to block a road through a wood, stakes or pits to hinder chariots or knights, or a trench dug for enemy mounted to fall in.

Rulez I believe some of the army lists had only been finished towards the end of ’15 so not ready to print.

I would never recommend DBMM to someone tules only intends to play dules handful of ancients games a year. Stand if in close combat unless in a BUAor if shot at by Artillery or naval. All elements of an allied command that has changed sides are lost to its original side until it is broken. Risk of dust storms in Dry if spring or summer if wind remains strong, ceasing if it reduces.

If reaching or ending move in: When a spontaneous advance or routing element passes through any troops except train, the following simultaneous events occur: F and X are regular, others irregular. Otherwise it is placed immediately beyond the first such element, other friends moving back to make room.

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De Bellis Multitudinis

Otherwise, such elements can only move directly to their own front or rear dbm any remaining move must be in the same direction. Otherwise, if his last raw dice score was odd he is facing due west.

Baggage can do so unless O not embarked on Ships I. If enemy on a bridge are facing in another direction, Boats can choose to fight them or pass under.


Until a contracting group is entirely in column, each of its elements must end facing the same direction as and in both edge and corner-to-corner contact with another element of the original group.

DBMM review from Battlegames magazine | De Bellis Magistrorum Militum | BoardGameGeek

It includes all collective shooting on command by formed bodies of archers or hand gunners, artillery or naval vessels at bodies of troops beyond the range at which shooting at individuals is possible.

Opponents use their CF against mounted troops if in close combat, that against train if not. Sorry – only verified members can post on the forums. Book 3, lists 3, 6, 7, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 28, 29, 33, 34, 35, 38, db,m, 45, 46, 51, 54, 56, 58, 62, 64, 71, 72, 74, 75, 76, Each element therefore has a Morale Equivalent ME used to derive the morale state of each command and the army.

A repulsed element first recoils.

A river or road between battlefield edges separated by a single corner must have each end 1,p from that corner. The allocation of a flank marching or delayed command takes effect when its general arrives on the battlefield.

They are most dangerous to troops offering a solid target that cannot dodge easily, so are often countered by Psiloi. An assaulting element that destroys a defender or forces it to recoil, or scores higher than an undefended fortification, must pursue into the space vacated, [either on to or along a PF or beyond a TF]. One area feature can be of 1 FE size. They are dhmm irregular.