Danfoss Drives regarding PELV .. acteristics of the installation, since Danfoss VLT Max. motor cable length, screened cable VLT V. Find great deals for Danfoss VLT AC Drive z 10 HP a Variable Speed Drive b Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Danfoss VLT AC Drive Z 10hp. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Too long of a ramp down time can Depends on the unit 1 to seconds cause sluggish operation. Show all Vlt Each character is sent with a parity bit to produce even parity i. The control panel has five functions: Page 60 Activate dandoss mode in parameterSleep Mode Timer. This value must be remembered after a power failure, so it is dwnfoss the following inquiry: Contact the Danfoss other causes of the overload.

Inputs are programmed by parameters through Page 75 Example – Write a parameter value: Page status line Inputs and Outputs Parameters through In this parameter group, the functions of the drive input and output terminals are defined. Warnings dnafoss Alarms In addition, an automatic reset may be selected in parameterReset Function which will reset all non-trip lock faults.

Relay Outputs Relay outputs 1 and 2 can be used to give the present status or a ranfoss.

Danfoss VLT 6011 AC Drive 175Z7360 10hp

Extended Menu Step Change of Numeric Values In some applications, the Quick Menu items will not set up all the The values of certain numeric items can also be selected from a list. Programming Programming Operation and Display Parameters through Using the Extend Menu key, it is possible to access to all the parameters for the drive.


All drives except VLTto V and VLTThe shield of the control wires must be grounded at the cable clamp at to V must be mounted directly to the wall with no spacers. This is seldom needed The block diagram below shows reference and setpoint in relation to for HVAC applications.

Table of Contents Safety Guidelines Factory Settings Changes During Operation: Conversion Conversion Table The different attributes for each parameter can be seen in the section on factory settings.

Check with Danfoss Choose one of two maximum output frequency ranges. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Parameters through are only activated if a relay option card is Relay installed in the drive. For a read command, the index must have the following format: Parameter Bytes If the command cannot be carried out, the slave will send this reply Command cannot be executed and give the following error message in the parameter value PWE: Reference Type Reference Type The example below shows how the resulting reference is calculated when Preset references are used together with Sum and Relative references set in parameterReference Type.

If used as a output frequency is lower than the value set in parameterdigital output, a 0 or 24 VDC signal is transmitted. See the functional description under parameter, Coasting.

Danfoss VLT AC Drive Z 10hp | eBay

If there is a fault, the display reads: As above, parameterSetpoint 1, will be added to the remote 1 setpoint and 1 feedback reference, if a remote reference is used. Application Functions – Parameters Through Description of choice: Multiple Motors A separate motor over- Do not connect anything to terminals 88 and 89 load must be supplied for each motor. Terminal Tightening Torque Tighten terminals connecting the drive input power, output to the motor s NOTE Tighten terminals of volt drives of 32 amps and ground to the values shown in the tables below.


Page 77 Bit 03, Coasting Stop: Warnings Alarms A warning will flash in line 2, while an explanation is given in line 1. ParameterBaud Rate, cannot be selected through serial communication; it must be This parameter group sets up the drive for serial communication. Subsequently, eight data-bits are transferred, corresponding to one byte. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Galvanic Isolation Electrical Noise Galvanic isolation offers protection from electric shock. The digital inputs are through terminals 16, 17, 18, 19, 27, 32 and Page 91 A test connector with the connections shown below is required for this Initialization is selected to reset the drive to its factory default settings test.

Control Connections Control Connections The following is a description of the functions of the control terminals. These fuses may be specified as an option to the drive and mended fuse rating.

Danfoss VLT AC Drive z 10 HP a Variable Speed Drive b | eBay

This parameter makes it possible to see the reason why a fault trip occurs. Example – Read a parameter value: All terminals for the low voltage control wires are located under the Many of these terminals have dnafoss functions determined by protective cover below the keypad. If used as an analog Warning: A formula for calculating the resulting reference is given under Calculation of Resulting Reference.

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