Six sigma and mumbai dabbawala. 1. WELCOME TO SIX SIGMA PRESENTATION; 2. PRESENTED BYSandeep ManeAnkitSonam. The dabbawala are an extraordinary association of more than individuals in Mumbai. “Dabba” simply signifies “lunch box”; “walla” implies. abstract dabbawala are people in mumbai, india, whose job is carrying and delivering dabbawalas has achived six sigma with their commitment honesty and.

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BBC – Future – The unsurpassed year-old network that feeds Mumbai

Control Standardize and document the process and implement the plan. By using their own logistic methods they deliver lacks of tiffin boxes through many dadowalas hand: A colour-coding dabbawalz identifies the destination and recipient.

Known for incisive operating model strategy, holistic problem solving and collaborative change coaching, Sue has held progressive leadership positions at Seagate Technology, where she founded and led the Lean Enterprise practice, which redefined global supply chain disciplines and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, capacity and speed-to-market benefits for the company and its suppliers.

A group has 10, 20, or 25 dabbawallas, depending on the density of customers in your area, and their in-charge is the group leader. Digma are also used by meal suppliers in Mumbai, who pay them to ferry lunchboxes dabbawalw ready-cooked meals from central kitchens to customers and back. Homemade food is cheaper.

Remember me on siz computer. But their low-tech approach could be a strength. World class logistics operations: I asked the head of the organization how often they made a mistake.


Dabawala was started sjx by one Mr. Because, Dabbawala have to pick up tiffin boxes from various distant location in his area. Dabbaaala is done by looking at three key areas; learning, performance and fulfilment.

There is no any kind of basis happens related to recruitment process. The dabbawala then takes them to a sorting place, where he and other collecting dabbawalas sort the lunch boxes into groups.

Sixteen dabbawalas went to Delhi to collect the Six Sigma certification. They also need to demonstrate their ability not merely to solve problems, but to transform them and design ways through them. Pawan Agrawal is not so sure that the dabbawalas will be quick to adopt new tech, however. In Bombay, Mahadeo Havaji Bachche started a lunch delivery service with about a hundred men. All Dabbawala gets weekly leave on dabbawa,a Sunday. Everyone is the shareholder of the Association.

Six Sigma: A case study on Mumbai Dabbawala | Shubham Vashisht –

Homemade food keeps your doctors bill down and there are fewer absences from office due to poor health. At each station, boxes are handed over to a local dabbawala, who delivers them. Dabawala use carts for longer distances. Can you take pieces that are not digma the single customer need out of the chain? I did the math, which works out to one mistake in 8 million deliveries—or 16 million, since the tiffin carriers are returned home each day.

Future Now The new words for how we use our phones. The chief minister said that for every program he goes an hour late but for a dabbawala program he came 5 minutes early because he was scared that if he came late the Dabbawalas will go away.


4 Reasons the Dabbawala Supply Chain Succeeds While Corporate Giants Struggle

Not many of the topmost companies are even near to it. It all started about years back when a Parasi banker wanted to have home cooked food regularly in office and gave this responsibility to the first ever Dabbawala.

Also Team work is the key aspect of their inner self-satisfaction proved by research. Being a part of Dabbawallas, you are dabbaala nurturing Marathi culture. Views Read Edit View history. While fast food is booming as the only option for office workers in virtually every megacity in the world, in Mumbai it is the norm to have a fresh home cooked meal every day.

Shubham Vashisht Roll No.: Dabbawalas have marked its presence in the world this way, these guys are incredibly awesome, so much accuracy with almost no technology is incredible.

Mumbai Dabbawala: Customer Service Excellence of Six Sigma QualityWithout Technology

Log In Sign Up. There sjgma two reasons. And yet, a system based on barefoot men, public trains and simple, reusable containers in a city of some

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